Pain and a Woman's Pleasure (cont'd)

It had been some months since I had seen her. Of course, I had had other women including the lovely J whose smooth, silky skin and pert breats are more like those of a woman half her age. But as much as I enjoy the pleasure of holding her naked body in my arms (and even just gazing on her body), I always long to be the dominant male with a truly submissive woman ready to obey me entirely.

So, it was a few days before Christmas when I at last was able to get to see her. By this time she had moved from her house into a small block of flats in the next town. I rang the bell at the outer door and she slipped out of her front door which opens on to the hallway to let me in. To my surprise, she was clad in a full length black negligee - unusual for a December afternoon and the more unusual to be wearing it in the hallway where neighbours might suddenly appear. It was a good sign, though, it showed that she was eagerly awaiting me.

Her eagerness was even more evident when we passed swiftly into the flat, closed the front door, and she let the black robe fall to the floor and revealed herself to be totally naked. So, there was I in my outdoor clothing, needed for a cold December day, and before me a naked, fully shaved woman wanting sex. Not a word had been spoken. By way of silent greeting we kissed passionately and my hands wandered and I found her nipples. Those lovely, biteable nipples, were erect and rock hard like my cock. I pinched them between my fingers (she gave a little shudder) and led her by them into the bedroom.

I removed my outer coat. Then I found her swiftly unbuttoning and removing my shirt. As I stood before her stripped to the waist, she dropped to her knees, unzipped me and started to suck me. As she sucked and after the first flush of mutual pleasure, and without letting her mouth leave my cock, she began to complete her undressing of me: right shoe, left shoe (both cast aside), trousers dropped so I could step out of them, pants also. There I was naked apart from my socks. And I have always said that there is nothing less sexy than a man naked apart from his socks. So I told her to remove these too.

By now, she had got me almost to the point of climax and I knew that however pleasurable it was for both of us with my cock deep in her mouth, it was too early for me to cum. I withdrew and lifted her to her feet and threw her back on the bed. She parted her legs and was on the point of masturbating when I stopped her. If I was to command and she to obey for the precious time ahead of us, I would decide what this slave for the afternoon would enjoy and when and how she would enjoy it. She knew that she was in the presence of her Master and would willingly obey.

(More to follow)
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