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Okay, this is the first of many real stories to come. I always think honesty about sex is hot, so I promise to share nothing but 1) What actually happened and 2) What my honest perceptions were at the time. I'm 27, but this story happened right after i turned 26.

So, this one time I was visiting my friend down in central Illinois. He's a pretty good friend of mine, not really as smart as I was, but he is unbelievable with the ladies, a great wing man. I've always felt like I could use a bit of push when it comes to meeting girls at a bar.

So anyway, his other friends come over and there are 4 of us when my buddy says, "Hey, guess what? I got some Adderall!"

We ended up taking it. After 45 minutes, I was feeling good, but strangely dirty. I took like a 25 minute, very hot shower; I was definitely feeling the effects of the adderall. This was the first time I had ever taken it, and I liked the feeling. It was a strange, focused-high hybrid feeling that weed doesn't give me. Sometimes I get paranoid when smoking weed; adderall made me feel cool, confident, and ready to PARRRRTTTTTYYYY!

Anyway, we drove into town to see this band play.

So, we are packed into this tiny bar to see this band. At that point, you are just trying to keep your arms out a little bit so that you can make some space for yourself and at the same time be able to keep your arms up in case you get pushed. I'm pretty evenly spaced between the people in front of me, yet once in awhile the crowd would kinda sway and I'd get bumped into people.

These two girls, one had brown hair and the other, red, were infront of me. When I got pushed a bit, the bun of the girls hair got brushed into my chin. After I brushed the strands outta my beard, I said, "Your hair and I aren't friends."

Both of them smiled, and the girl on my right, the redhead, laughed.

So, the band starts playing, and the actual tension between bodies just increases with the movement. Swaying bodies are knocking into each other, and I keep getting pushed into the girls ahead of me.

The thing is, she likes it. When I'm able to stand up straight again, she is kinda half dancing/half thrusting her ass into my crotch. I notice the caerful distinction she is trying to make: She is just dancing, but she is wanting me to "accidentally" grind...

And thats exactly what we did. The strange thing was, her ass stuck out so much, I didn't have to be right up on her for her ass to be up in my business. She just kept swaying back and froth across my now erect penis.

After a few minutes of this, while the band is playing, she says, "do you want to go outside." Of course, I say "yes" and we head out the back exit and into the alley.

Remember, I'm on adderall for the first time, and I've had a couple of beers. The strange this is, I felt really really confident. I've jokingly described that taking adderall is like when Harry Potter takes his "liquid luck." You just "feel excellent, really excellent!"

So we are walking toward the back of the alley. We get to the end that opens into the street and we start making out. I'm lightly running my hands over both of her tits, and she is moaning lightly, too.

I pull away from her and tell her she is hot. She says that she is a movie buff. Then she pushes me up against the wooden fence that surrounds a dumpster, reaches down and touches my balls, and says (while tracing her finger up my cock) "This will be our little secret. Ooh, maybe not so!" It was cool for her to acknowledge it, and it was really hot.

I can't remember what happened next. I know that she did not get me off or anything like that. Later that night, when I was back at my friends apartment, I started texting her. I wanted to come over, and she said that would be okay, but that we didn't have "anywhere to go," meaning we wouldn't have any privacy. I trusted my gut and went over anyway.

So, there we were. My redhead, the girl she was staying with, and me, drinking beer in here garage. I asked to use the bathroom, and the redhead said she would show me where it was. I took a piss and came out. She was sitting on the arm of the couch, and I went right up to her and started making out with her. We slid of the arm and on to the couch. After making out and rubbing her tits through her shit, I pulled down my pants. I could feel her eyes on my cock, and without a word I sat back down and she starting sucking it.

She was good at it. She had a lot of stamina. At times it sounded like she had trouble breathing, and I honestly think it was somewhat to do with the size, but mostly due to her obesity. She was really sucking it fast, so I get why she was sucking air.

But anyway, I reached over put my hand on her crotch. She was so wet, she was soaked through her jeans. I was impressed with myself, she was unbelievable wet from so little. I think she really liked what she was doing!

After about 10 mintues I came and she swallowed. It was nuts because like a split second after that, her cousin came in the house and into the living room. She was just passing through and said as much, but when she was being talked to, she was still swallowing my cum.

After that, we cuddled on the couch. We was laying up on me, but I didn't mind. With one hand she caressed my chest and with the other she was lightly rubbing my cock. I was spent, I didn't get hard or anything. We chatted about our lives, about the teachers we had together (it turned out we went to the same university in the same program, a few years apart).

We still text to this day occassionally. I would let her suck me off again. I never went down on her, I think the first time ever that I received oral but didn't return the favor.

Looking forward to reading comments. :)

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