Public Fuck

Groped in public

My name is Cathy. I’m very proud of my breasts. They are not enormous, but large enough to attract attention, especially because my nipples are very prominent. I never wear a bra, but I’m not an exhibitionist. I’ve never gone topless, even on holiday. Roland would like me to. He likes to show me off. He encourages me to wear T-shirts that make my big nipples obvious. I like to dress sexy for him. I have several pairs of really tiny tanga briefs. My pubic hair always shows over the top of them. My soft hairy little bush does nothing to hide my cunt lips, which are just as obvious as my nipples. If I wear the white thongs, then my lips show through. Roland likes that. Viewed from behind, it looks like I am not wearing any. I have a couple of very short skirts that he likes me to wear. I know that one of them in particular, the denim one with a slit up the back, shows some of my bum when I bend over. I admit that sometimes I enjoy it when I notice some guy has obviously just witnessed my arse.

Not nearly as much as Roland does. I wish that I could relax more and let him enjoy showing me off, but I am too shy. That’s why it’s hard to believe what happened this day. It was an unusually hot Sunday towards the end of the summer. There was a bike rally being held in a nearby park. Roland suggested that we should go. Roland’s not really interested in motor bikes, so I knew that he wanted to show me off. I asked him what I should wear, and agreed to wear the denims. I didn’t mind about the skirt, but the white T-shirt is virtually see-thru. I wanted to wear it for Roland, but I covered my nipples with a denim waistcoat which I often wear to do just that. I was expecting Roland to ask me to remove it, as usual, and as usual I was going to refuse, but instead he asked me to remove the T-shirt. The sun was so hot that I agreed.

We drove to the park. There were lots of people, lots of stands with very impressive bikes, and a beer tent. We started with a beer, then went to look at some of the bikes. I noticed several guys giving me admiring glances. So did Roland. He seemed very happy about it. I was attracting far more attention than usual. I knew that I would sometimes flash my bum when I leaned forward to examine one of the bikes, but some of the guys were really staring. When I noticed a second guy walk straight into one of the exhibition stands because he was staring at me, I asked Roland, “Am I showing too much ? What’s different ?”

My denim waistcoat has no sleeves. Roland told me that when I leaned forward you could see my tits through the arm holes. He was laughing, feeling very pleased about it. I instantly held my arms close to my body. We went for another beer. Outside the beer tent was a roped off area in which several small bars had been erected, which were no more than a couple of stakes with a plank across, but served to hold the glasses whilst enjoying a drink in the sunshine. I spied a vacant one and went to reserve it whilst Roland went inside to buy us drinks. I folded my arms and rested my elbows on the bar for support. There were no chairs.

“God, you look sexy”. It was the voice of a big hairy biker who was pressing his crotch against my bum. Each of his hands were holding my tits, squeezing them. My nipples had pushed through the gap in his fingers and he was applying pressure on them too. I was both scared and excited at the same time. It was bright daylight. I was stood in the middle of the park, surrounded by people and a total stranger was playing with my naked breasts. I looked around. No-one else was shocked. I realised that because his hands were inside my shirt, no-one could see. I decided to brave it out and wait for Roland to save me.

I always enjoy having my nipples pinched, and this guy was doing it just right. I felt quite disappointed when it stopped. I guessed that having not heard the squeal he had expected, he had lost interest and was going to walk away. Wrong. I felt his cock between my thighs. Instantly I pulled my legs together, squeezing his hard cock with my thighs. He was pushing it between them, fucking my legs, and I was gripping it as tight as I could. I wondered if he thought that I was without knickers. I was very aware that I was wearing them. My cunt lips had swollen up and my knickers were cutting into me. Suddenly they weren’t. With one snap of his fingers he snapped the string that was causing me pain. His strong hand ripped my knickers completely off. The sensation was so unexpected that my legs quivered. My thighs were no longer clamped together. His cock had found my slit and was pushing inside.

He didn’t ram it in. He leaned on me, applying constant pressure, allowing my cunt to open up and invite it in. Slowly, inch by inch, I felt my cunt being filled by this big biker’s very hard cock until I felt his denim against the cheeks of my arse. I had it all inside me. I don’t think I could have taken any more. My eyes closed and then opened again. We were still surrounded by people. I was being fucked by a stranger. He wasn’t thrusting in and out, that might have been too obvious, he was holding all of his big hard cock all the way inside of me, just rubbing his lap against my bum. I could feel his cock moving gently inside me. I could feel his fingers, pressing against my clit. My legs were quivering, adding to the enjoyment. I knew that I was going to cum.

I saw Roland walking towards us, carrying two large plastic glasses full of beer. It happened. My orgasm was so intense that I would have collapsed into a heap on the floor if I wasn’t being held up by the strong cock still buried deep inside me. I was still leaning heavily against the bar. Roland put the glasses down and smiled at the stranger. I saw my big biker’s hand in front of my face, fortunately not the one holding my knickers, as he gave Roland a high five salute. Even he couldn’t see that we were fucking.

“Jake”, he said. At last I knew my biker’s name. I wanted to say, “Jake’s got his cock inside me”, but I couldn’t speak, instead I was listening to him telling Roland that he had a very sexy wife. Suddenly he pulled out. My cunt was wide open, sucking in air as if gasping for breath. So was my mouth. Roland didn’t notice. Jake was giving him a card. He had a stand at the exhibition. He told Roland to come and find him so that he could take his sexy wife for a ride on his sexy Harley. Roland smiled and said we would.

“You’re showing your tits”, Roland said. Jake had gone. I was still relying on the bar to support me, leaving the armholes in my waistcoat uncovered.

“I don’t care”, I replied. Roland was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. “Jake said he liked them”, I told him, he hadn’t, but he must have liked them enough to be tempted to fondle them. This pleased Roland very much. It became obvious that other people had also noticed. There were far more people staring at me now than when we had been fucking. Roland asked if I wanted to go for a ride on a sexy Harley. I wondered what kind of ride Jake had in mind, having realised that he had not cum yet. Of course I did. I didn’t tell Roland why. We finished our beer and went to find his stand.

Jake had several Harleys on show, but one really big shiny monster was obviously the star. That was the one he ordered me to sit on. I straddled the big fat black leather seat. I remembered that I was without knickers when I saw the lips of my cunt reflected in the shiny chrome bit in front of it. They were still swollen. Roland didn’t notice. Jake quickly sat himself between my thighs and coaxed the mechanical monster into life. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight. He rode me slowly along the tarmac footpath through the park, proudly waiving at people as we f***ed them to make way.

I decided it was time for revenge. I was wearing a helmet, so no-one would know me. I unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. It very quickly grew hard in my hand. I wasn’t wanking it, just holding it up so that people might see it as we rode through them. Jake didn’t care. He rode me all the way through the park and into the roped off area where spectators had parked their bikes. I was hoping that he was going to take me into the woods for a fuck. Instead he pulled up next to a small group of guys all dressed like him, and me, in blue denim. He obviously knew them. He climbed off and gave one of them a hug.

“Look lads - Isn’t she sexy ?” He wasn’t talking about the bike. He was showing them my cunt. My thighs were stretched astride this massive cushioned seat and my tiny little skirt had pulled right up. The big bike was purring gently between my legs. One of the guys dropped to his knees to watch Jake’s powerful fat fingers push into my slit. Jake was finger fucking me, with all of his mates watching. His arm wasn’t moving; I was gripping onto it as hard as I could. Only his strong fingers were hammering against my clit as I was rushing towards yet another powerful orgasm. I came so strong that I gushed onto the black leather. Jake just laughed and wiped the seat with his sleeve before sitting on it and driving me slowly back.

I just hugged him tightly all the way, afraid that I might fall off. Most of my body was quivering, and the inside of my helmet had fogged up. I needed more time to recover before being able to walk. Fortunately Roland wanted a ride. I moved to one of the smaller bikes and rested against it. They drove away. I still had my helmet on. I straddled one of the bikes and allowed the warm breeze to soothe my throbbing cunt. Occasionally someone would wander into the stand for a look. I let them look. I sat astride my Harley like a true bikers Moll with my skirt up high, showing my cunt. At least I kept my face covered; quite a few guys came to inspect it. I hopped off when I heard Jake and Roland return.

Roland did get to find out that my knickers had gone. I let him fuck me in the car, in the car park, before we drove home. He still doesn’t know the rest of the story, which is a pity, because I know that he would love it.

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3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Nice story girl!
Love it
3 years ago
Great story ,,lady,I lived it,,keep them cummin
3 years ago
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