My name is Cath. I'm 38 years old and married with
two almost grown c***dren, a 14 year old boy and a 16
year old girl. My husband, Roland, treats me very well and
understands my problems and needs. No one man is
capable of satisfying my need for sex and I wouldn't
want someone I love to see me humiliated and degraded.

Roland's only stipulations are that I not get pregnant to
anyone but him, I always insist on my men wearing
condoms and that I'm always available to him for sex.
The first condition is no problem because after the
birth of my son I had my tubes tied. The second
condition is impossible to comply with as I crave the
feeling of sperm pumping into my body. The third
condition is irrelevant as I want sex all the time,
whether I have my period or even when I'm unwell with
the 'flu or a cold.

Only last month when the last of our furniture was
delivered from storage I had sex with the three
drivers. The company phoned me to say the delivery
would be made between 9am and 10am. I'd dressed in my
shortest miniskirt and a tube top that emphasized my
breasts. I wore no underwear but plenty of
makeup. I wanted the guys to think I was a whore and
maybe help them to make advances. The truck finally
arrived at 10-30 and I was getting very frustrated.

I'd almost got to the point where I needed to
masturbate when the doorman buzzed me to say they were
on the way up. My nipples were very obvious through my
bright yellow top and the two guys stared at them when
I opened the door. I didn't ask their names, just
pointed to where I wanted the two chairs. The bigger
guy, black and about 45, looked me up and down before
putting the chair where I wanted it. The other guy was
Hispanic and about 60 or so.

They left to go and get the two-seater love seat with
out a word but as they were waiting for the elevator, I
heard the black guy say that I must be a hooker or
call-girl. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. When
I heard them returning with the love seat I made sure I
was bending over adjusting the chair cushions. This
afforded them a perfect view of my uncovered ass and

I could feel them staring at my crack before the older
guy asked where would I like it. I stood up and turned
around to answer. They'd brought a third guy up; he was
only about 17 or 18, obviously to show him the whore
upstairs. I brazenly replied that I liked it anywhere.
The black guy passed his end of the love seat to the
young guy and closed my apartment door.

While the other two just stood there and stared, still
holding the seat, the black guy walked over and undid
my skirt. He let it drop to the floor and I stepped out
of it. He then pushed my tube top down around my waist,
exposing my tits to everyone.

The other two finally put the seat down and moved
closer. The young guy 's eyes were focused on my shaved
cunt while the Hispanic just stared at my tits. The
black guy lifted me onto the dining room table and
spread my legs. He unclipped the front of his
coveralls, revealing his enormous, uncircumcised cock.
In one shove his cock disappeared into my willing cunt.
He grunted over me for fifteen minutes before emptying
his seed deep inside.

The Hispanic said he wanted my ass and the black guy
turned me over and lifted me onto the arm of the newly
delivered love seat. I felt the older guy's smaller
cock pushing against my sphincter before I relaxed and
felt it slide all the way in. For a guy his age he had
quite a bit of stamina. I was almost delirious with
pleasure but I'm sure he lasted about twenty minutes
before climaxing.

The feeling of a pulsing cock in my ass and the warm
cum flooding me is indescribable. The young guy was
next and he wanted a blowjob. As I took his lovely cock
in my mouth I couldn't help but think of my own son.
The boy could only last for about five minutes before
his copious amount of sperm filled my mouth. I managed
to swallow most of it but some spilled from my mouth
onto my tits,

They all fucked me again before leaving and every hole
was filled to overflowing. I had cum in my hair and on
my face, tits and belly. They left me spread-eagled in
the middle of the living room, covered in their cum
like a used tissue. I was in heaven. The young guy
deliberately propped my front door open exposing me to
the possible ridicule of a passing neighbor.

I lay there for fifteen minutes before I regained
enough strength to close the door. Luckily none of my
neighbors had passed my door. I sat in the love seat
and relived the whole experience in my mind. Three men
had treated me like a common whore and I hadn't even
asked their names! I put a tight pair of panties on to
hold the cum in my ass and pussy and rang my husband. I
told him what had happened with the deliverymen and his
only concern was that they wore condoms. I assured him
that they had and told him I would tell him the whole
story when he got home. I said goodbye and checked the
clock. I still had three hours before my k**s got home
from school.

I slipped a light summer dress on and headed for the
elevator. The doorman gave me a knowing look so I was
sure the deliverymen had told him about the whore in
56b. I couldn't have cared less. My ass and pussy were
full of strangers' cum and I was happy. I walked to the
corner and hailed a taxi and directed him to the
seediest bar area in the Bronx. I knew what I wanted
and I knew I'd have no problem getting it.

The taxi dropped me outside ANDY'S BAR & SPORTS CLUB. I
walked inside and there were about eight guys drinking
at the bar and four guys playing pool. As I'd hoped, I
was the only woman in there. I sat at the fourth
barstool and the bartender asked what I wanted. I told
him I wanted to be fucked, hard and often. You could
have heard a pin drop. The guys playing pool stopped
and walked towards the bar.

The bartender asked me to repeat my order.

I said it again, only much louder. 'I WANT TO BE

The bartender asked me if I was an undercover cop and
warned me against entrapment. I stood up and undid my
dress and let it fall to the filthy floor. I stood
there in my cum soaked panties and asked if I looked
like an undercover cop. The bartender said if anyone
wants to leave now is the time. No one moved so the
bartender locked the door and closed the blinds on the
street front window. Two guys lifted me onto the bar
and removed my panties and through them to the
bartender. He casually hung them over the corner of the

'The slut's already full of cum, guys', said the guy
who'd removed my panties. One guy was pinching and
squeezing my nipples while the other stuck four fingers
in my sloppy cunt. The nipple pinching was very painful
but I enjoyed being treated rough. Two other guys
grabbed me and half carried half dragged me onto the
carpeted area near the pool table.

For the next two hours I was subjected to the roughest
sex I'd ever experienced. I was double and triple
penetrated and assfucked repeatedly. Luckily the cum
from the deliverymen helped to keep me well lubricated.
Every man in the bar including the bartender fucked me
at least once. I had pool cues shoved in my ass and
pussy and really got off on it.

When all the men were sexually exhausted, they had me
act as their nude bargirl. While I was walking around
serving their drinks they were slapping my ass and
pinching my nipples. My ass was red raw from the hard
slaps and the nipple pinching made me cry out in pain.
The bartender went through my pocketbook and got my
name and address.

'Guys, I'd like you to meet Cath Hayes from Queens.
I'm sure Cath would like to by all her lovers a
drink.' With that he removed $50 from my purse and
bought a round of drinks for everyone. He also wrote my
name address and phone number on his 'Specials'
chalkboard behind the bar.

'I'm sure Cath will be a regular here and keep
providing us with her sexual favors. Won't you,

All I could do was nod my head. I hadn't planned on
them knowing my name and address.

'You'll be here every Wednesday between 12noon and 2pm
for our sexual use and abuse or we'll inform your
husband and neighbors of what a slut you are. Agreed?'

Again, I nodded my agreement. Telling my husband wasn't
a problem because he wanted to hear about my sexual
exploits. My neighbors were a different matter. My
c***dren needed to be kept in the dark about my sexual
deviations and I'd do anything to protect them.

That was a month ago and every Wednesday since then for
two hours I'm Andy's whore. I've been fucked by guys
from every nationality in the US. The youngest guy was
the barman's son who was only fifteen. The oldest was a
seventy six-year-old black man. The keep finding more
and more degrading and humiliating things to do to me
but they're doing exactly what I need.

My husband took a day off last Wednesday and joined the
gangbang with Andy's customers. He told me afterwards
he was very proud of how I handled the degradation and
multiple sex partners, He said he was hoping to bring
one of his junior partners next week to fuck me at the
bar. I am looking forward to that but what happens down
the track when I meet him as Roland's wife. I'll worry
about that when it happens!

My husband now knows I don't make my men use condoms
but hasn't said anything. I think he really gets off on
watching the cum streaming from my ass and cunt when I
get home, I still go out occasionally and let strangers
fuck me and deliverymen are always sure to get more
then a tip. The Wednesdays at Andy's bar satisfies most
of my needs for humiliation.

Two nights ago after dropping my k**s at Roland's parents
I had an experience I probably won't do again. I was
driving past one of the parks where homeless men
hangout. I saw a guy about fifty pushing a shopping
trolley full of his belongings along the footpath. The
area was very badly lit so I turned of my lights and
stopped beside him. He appeared to be quite good-
looking but very dirty and scruffy. I asked him for
directions to the street next to mine and he shuffled
over to my car window. I'd deliberately pulled my dress
up exposing the damp crotch of my panties.

My pushup bra allowed most of my breasts to be seen in
my low cut dress. He took a long hard look at my crotch
and then shifted his gaze to my tits. He said he could
draw me a map but didn't know the street names. I tore
a page from my notebook and grabbed a pen. I climbed
out of my car and joined him sitting on the stone

The smell of his unwashed body actually turned me on
instead of repulsing me. As he drew the map I let my
dress ride up exposing more of my crotch. He was having
trouble concentrating on the map and staring at my
increasingly damp panties. He finally finished the map
and I asked how I could thank him.

'You could give me a quick look at your cunt', was his
quick reply. I stood up and checked there were no
police or anyone else nearby. I slid them down and hung
them on the handle of his trolley. I raised my hem up
to my waist exposing my well-trimmed pussy. I always
keep the lips completely bald with just a small
triangle of blondish hair above. The look of sheer
enjoyment prompted me task if he wanted to see my tits.
Obviously the answer was yes. I used my remote to lock
my car and headed into the trees with the homeless guy.

When we were out of sight from the street I undid my
dress and d****d it over a bush. I quickly unclipped my
bra and stood naked in front of the disheveled man. I
told him he could touch my tits and pussy if he wanted
and his hands were all over me. I could feel my juices
running down my legs and knew I was going to let him
fuck me. I pushed his hands away and lay on my back and
spread my legs, inviting him to take me.

His baggy trousers were off in a flash and he quickly
mounted me. I felt so beautifully degraded as this
filthy unkempt man ravaged my cunt. For someone who
probably hadn't fucked a woman for some time, he was a
very good lover. I orgasmed several times both from his
lovemaking and the humiliation. When I felt his seed
pouring into my willing pussy I orgasmed again.

We lay there for several minutes until my heart rate
returned to normal. My homeless lover helped me to my
feet and I slipped my dress back on. I didn't bother to
put my bra back on for the short trip home. Passing his
trolley on the way back to my car I handed him my
panties as a souvenir. He thanked me for the fuck and
the panties.

I drove past the park yesterday and I saw him pushing
his trolley towards the spot where we made love. My
panties were hanging like a trophy from the handle.
Maybe I'd visit him and his friends another night...
96% (37/1)
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Loved these stories. Thank you!!!
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