Fucking my mums friend on holiday .

Hi I'm Kyle 19 m uk .

This is a true story about how I fucked my mums friend on holiday , hope you enjoy ;)


Not too long ago my Mum and her boyfriend James had planned to go on holiday with her friend Karen and her husband Mike.
They was also taking Their son michael with them , he was 2 years younger than me and they had to persuade me to come with them just so I could keep michael company .
I had met michael before he was very quiet and a bit of a nerd to be honest . I wasn't really looking forward to the holiday but I wasn't going to turn down 10 days in the sun for nothing .

My Mum is 50 and her boyfriend is 32 they have been together for over a year now and we don't really get on that much .
My mums friend Karen is 51 and her husband is 53 , they are pretty rich ,well I think mike is and they are very well spoken

Karen is pretty tall around 5 ft 10 , quite slim , pale complexion , she has light red hair , green eyes and decent sized natural drooping tits , all in all she looks good for a 50 year old as does my mum.
Karens husband mike is only around 5 ft 7 , he is a little chubby but has a huge bloated belly and balding grey hair .

Anyway back to the story ....

We were staying in a 5 star resort in Italy , it was probably the best hotel I had been to , the rooms were fantastic and so was everything to be honest , it was only a half mile walk from a private beach which was also amazing .

I was glad I had come , the only downfall was I had to share a room with their son michael , he barely spoke a word to me he was so timid and shy but I tried to get along with him the best I could .
We spent the first couple of days by the pool or at the private beach sunbathing and relaxing .
Our mums would just lie down and read Their books sometimes even topless which I couldn't help but have a good look at Karens saggy tits .

Michael would just constantly complain about the heat amongst other things , his dad was just as bad he would try and tell jokes which were about as funny as cancer !
I even resorted to speaking to my mums boyfriend .

Atleast he could chat about man stuff and have a few beers and check the ladies out .

The amount of hot women on the beach was unreal most of them were foreign and the heat was driving me wild I needed to fuck someone badly .
For the first few days I had to resort to wanking off in the bathroom to release some steam .
I could even hear my mum an her boyfriend shagging at night and she was 50 for god sake I needed sex like never before .

On about the 5 th day , first thing in the morning my mum and her boyfriend knocked on and said they were going down to breakfast , so me and michael started getting dressed . Micheal got in the shower first so I just sorted my clothes out for the day and waited on the balcony for him to finish .

I was leaning over the balcony admiring the view when I heard a door close next door so I popped my head around and I saw Karen walk out of her bathroom with a towel around her .
I instantly hid away wondering if she saw me , after a few seconds I carefully peeped round the corner and she was stood next to her bed drying off with the towel , I could basically see everything , her saggy tits were so hot and i could see her hairy bush ,after she had dried her self she slipped on her bikini and put a White bathing dress over it , she then started to walk towards the balcony ,I jumped back knocking a glass off the table which smashed i then ran straight in my room FUCK !

I then heard Karens voice shout over , what's just smashed ? Are you both alright
Which I replied yh it's fine I just dropped my drink thats all ,
She then said , oh right Ok are you both nearly ready breakfast finishes soon ?
Yh we won't be long .

Soon after me and Michael walked down and met them at the table , it was so akward not knowing if she saw me peeping at her or not I couldn't give her eye contact .

Later that day we went down to the beach and were all relaxing , I just had my shades on and my earphones in ,
Karen and my mum were both sunbathing topless again , I couldn't help but glance over at Karens sexy tits , she began rubbing suncream into her body and eventually her tits .
I was getting hard in my shorts thinking about her , shortly after i managed to calm myself down before I got caught .
After a couple of hours Micheal was moaning about the heat once again , in the end him and his dad went back up to the hotel Just to shit him up .

I stayed with my mum , James and Karen soaking in the sun as best we could .
My mum had fallen asl**p and James was reading away at his book .
Karen said to me " Kyle do you fancy a walk down the beach See if we can see anything ?
I felt abit akward being alone with her and I was abit hesitant at first but she said
Come on I need to talk to you about something anyway

She stood up and put her bikini top back on and put on her sandals , come on she said

I stood up and put my sandals on , Karen tapped James and said we won't be long just going for a little walk down the beach .

So off we went .

We walked down the beach for a good 30 minutes chatting away about college and other boring stuff ,
She began asking me stuff about girlfriends

" so kyle have you not got a girlfriend back home then ?"

No unfortunately not I said "

What ? A good looking guy like you can't find a nice girl I bet you can't fight them off she laughed

I wish it was as easy as that I laughed

So then have you not seen any girls over here you like ?"

I said well yh a a few but most Of them are foreign and it's abit tricky chatting to them

Ahh right I see , there loss then ,she smiled

So I take it you're not a virgin then Kyle ?

I laughed a little well no of course not I'm 19

She said I think our Michael is , maybe you could teach him a thing or 2 she said

I smiled yh why not I'll have a chat with him .

The beach was narrowing down a bit and became alot more rocky and there was alot of cliffs .

Karen stopped near some rocks , let's sit down for a minute , so we did

Out of nowhere she said , so Kyle how long was you watching me for this morning then ?

I went abit red , what you talking about I said

She put her hand on my thigh and started laughing , I'm not daft she said I saw you peeping in the morning when I got out of the shower .

I didn't I sware to you ,

She smiled , dont worry I'm not bothered , guess its our little secret " as she moved her hand up my thigh cupping my cock .

I didnt know what to say I just let her carry on ,
She began squeezing my cock and balls as she looked at me lustfully
I bit my lip as my cock began to grow in her hand

She stood up and took my hand , we walked behind some bigger rocks out of sight
She pushed me up against the rock and we began kissing passionately ,

The sun was beaming down on us I was so hot n horny I was amazing , Karen began kissing and sucking my neck moving down to my nipples and abs before getting on her knees before me .

She pulled my shorts down slowly and out popped my 8.5 uncut cock
bl**dy he'll Kyle she said before kissing up my leg before licking and finally putting my rock hard cock in her mouth .

Omg it was amazing , she was taking my cock nearly half way down sucking and slurping it was immense , the thrill of being outdoors and getting caught added to the pleasure

She sucked me well for around a further 5 minutes , I couldn't take it no more , I pulled out and stood her up , I told her to sit on a rock about 3 ft high , I pulled her tits out of her bra and began sucking them before making her lie back ,
I pulled her bikini bottoms to the side of her pussy and began eating her soaking wet hairy pussy ,
Her pussy Tasted great , she grabbed my head as I carried on pleasing her , her moans were driving me wild ,
I stood up and drove my cock into her dripping pussy her face clinched in joy as I entered her

Her saggy tits were bouncing all over as I thrusted my cock deep inside her , I was dripping with sweat as was she .
She seemed to be loving it and that made me more enthusiastic , I began giving her everything I had for a good few minutes before finally pulling out and blowing my huge load all over her wet hairy pussy . I think we both bummed and we were both exhausted afterwards .

We began the long walk back to our beach , Karen said no one atall can find out about this Kyle and I mean that . If you keep you're mouth shut then Maybe we can do it again sometime .

We got back and Karen didn't even seem fazed that she's just fucked her friends 19 year old son , me on the other hand was feeling abit nervous and guilty

Anyway that night ...................

Thanks for reading hope you all enjoyed it ;) part 2 to come soon

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1 year ago
my mums 1/2 sister was my first....i used to love going to the beach with her
1 year ago
where is part 2
1 year ago
love it , sounds like every young guys dream
1 year ago
wow, very hot read. wanting more and maybe pics?
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great start
1 year ago
great first story. love her saggy tits too! part 2?
1 year ago
Cool. Where is part two?
1 year ago
Nice one!!!