Blind date

Well we had swapped messages and I got the impression she was a genuine girl and seemed fun and approachable.
What the hell, I decided to suggest a meet, local supermarket coffee shop should be best.
Walking in I was greeted by a attractive lady flashing a nice if a little shy and nervous smile.
Over coffee her eyes w. ere darting down to my chest, and mine were doing the same to hers, a flash of generous clevage always gets me going and she had a nice portion on view
I suggested a drive somewhere quieter, and we took her car to a local quiet lane,
I leaned over offering a kiss and she responded eagerly, our tongues and lips searching each other out. My hands instinctively went to her warm chest and I could feel the swell of her tits, and the firmness of her nipple.. A stroke of her neck and my hand eased gently into the bra, caressing her tit and pinching the firm cherry nipple. Her hands were on my chest opening my shirt, she was kissing my chest biting my nipple firmly, so I stroked my hand up her inner thigh. She shifted her bum to allow me easier access to her inner thigh, my hand stroked up then found the thin strap of her thing, the wariness of her pussy was evident, and I pulled at the thin material, my fingers deftly slipping underneath to the wetness of her pussy. She sighed and eye closed she lay back onto the car seat. Then pushing me down she expertly undid my pants and released my cock , her hand grabbing it firm at first them making long slow strokes getting my 9inches harder, the precum oozing out of the tip. Her thumb caressed my thick helmet smearing the prelim over the tip of my cock, the with a smile she lowered her head and licked the shiny knob before slowly taking the hard cock into her wet willing mouth. I lay back watching her gobble greedily, , but I wanted pussy and made a move . Pushing her back , releasing the seat o give more room, I pushed her skirt up pulled the thing aside and lowered my mouth to her warm, wet and eager pussy. I licked greedily up and down her pussy lips, eventually locating the firm throbbing clit. I take it between my teeth, draw in breath, and the firmly tug on her clit. Her moan tells me she loves it, and then she begs , ... I need a fuck, it's been soon long.

She pusher me back on the seat, opens her blouse further to show off the fab tits, straddles me me then I'm deep inside her . She looks alive and aroused, and starts riding me grinding her clit against my hard cock, before long her pussy is gushing, her face tells me she is on the verge of dimming, Together I say , she smiles pushes back and then rides hazarded till I can't hold no more and fill her pussy with hot spunk which is soon mixed with her thick cum.

We drive back, ... " next time somewhere more private and we can take our time " she says, .. Sure I say , and next time it's naked raunchy all positions fun, if your up for it.? ,,,

I wonder if she will be.... Who knows
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1 year ago
I'm ready for part 2............. good start...