Freeze frame.

Watching her in the shower is a thrill, the slow fall of water flowing down her caramel skin legs, wr****g around those perfectly toned thighs long lean, graceful every move of the wash cloth over her flat stomach, bubbles gathering in her belly button praying to call it home, with her quick spin on the heels of her feet they are whipped away, shoulders elegantly dropped feeling the water rush over her short light brown hair, with soap on her face I make my move, open the door and slip right in, standing from behind my hands firmly grasp her arms and slide down to her hands fingers interlock, my kiss goes to the back of her neck dragging my lips to the top of her shoulder, light kisses to the side of her neck she tilts back, brings my arms aound her wishpering she loves me, she spins around letting my hands go, with her eyes closed putting her hands to my cheeks licks my lips and kisses gently, opens her eyes looks down, asks babe your still dressed what are we supposed to do now.
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