Some Fantasy

Blinding light burn through my eyelids closing them is worthless their heat causing my naked body to sweat light beads fall down the sides of my stomach she creeps in the room only noticed from the draft the open door produced crawling along my legs her breath on my chest hair draging lightly tickling skin every hair sending chills goosebumps form she tastes my sweat when licking my lips her mouth opens to speak "your pleasure means nothing to me, feel luck to be apart of my fantasy" pushing off my chest her nails dig deep reaching down out of sight a bright shine appears her hand grips tight five inches of steel she runs the tip of the blade along the right side of my face then lays it flat against my left cheek the blade so cold refreashing from the heat her long nails drag the profile of my shoulder leaving a red line she grasps the knife licks the edge then places the tip increasing the f***e the first drop of bl**d shows face the pain has yet to hit my breath held she pulls the knife along still nothing
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