"Just a moment I would like to have a smoke before bed." Walking past the screen door I stop it before it slams but she heard the creeks I hear her steps down the white carpet stairs such a woman makes noise with every movement of her light frame that old screen door opens without a peep I know that darn thing doesnt like me. "Babe can you roll me one." my reply "yes" the cream paper already in my fingers I fold in half pinch the tabbacco then roll her fag hand her my flame she lites the glow set back stands far from the night sky a quick shine in her big blue eyes. "It may storm tonight, could you make sure the windows are closed." She always worries of the things I forget so I reply "yes". We take our seats the wooden chairs I made a few months ago seem more confortable than before I guess she was right saying they would wear in. Most our time spent on this patio her slience fades. "Are you very sl**py?" My feelings could go either way, I say "no, not really did you have something in mind?" "I was thinking you could help me change the bed linens." Her innocence still amazes me so again my reply "yes, I thought you wanted to do something else a tad more exciting." being as cool as I could but couldnt help it my big smile from ear to ear that deep sound of laughter makes her giggle. "You can have me if you must." Sharp her answer then takes a drag off her smoke she lifts her feet lays them in my lap "my toes are cold, warm me please." I place my smoke in between my lips hands cover her feet. "What no, Yes this time." Her comment makes me smile dropped my cig her gasp followed by "your lucky that didnt burn me mister." The smile retreats "I cant help it but lose my senses with your clever lips, give me a kiss." We lean in her eye lids fall as do mine lips lightly meet pucker pull away her hand reaches up behind my head pull me back near "your not going anywhere." Forcing my affection she bites my lower lip to say sorry a quick lick. I freeze in place she pulls back my eyes still closed she pops my forehead I sit back she drops her feet stands up "lets go do the bed." I pick up my dropped smoke tap it out into the ashtray rise to my feet she wraps her arms around me whispers "I love you. Dont forget the windows." I kiss the top of her head then say "yes". She proceeds opens the door and walks in I follow behind we walk toward the stairs "your forgetting the windows." I say " I wanna do the bed and bring the old linens back down here then the window." she says again "dont forget." We climb the stairs mid way up she turns around "carry me" jumps wraps her arms around my neck into my arm away we go light kisses on my neck tingle walking to the bed she lets go and I toss her onto the blankets we tear the bed down and replace the sheets "I'm gonna jump in the shower your gonna take these down so take my clothes too." She quickly drops her clothes and walks into the bathroom I gather the laundry and hear the water run. The pile of clothes in my arms I walk to the bathroom door to take a peek.Her body perfect in every way a tight toned leg I see slip behind the curtin I drop the lundry and shed off my clothes tip toe to the shower but she catches me "are you coming in your neck tasted a bit sweaty." my invitation opening the curtin her body spectacular to see the water run from her shoulders down her chest flowing along her stomach down the legs I step in the hot water showers me washing away the days stink tilting back my hair soaks in my eye open shes covered in soap I pull her to me slippery my hands glide her cute face stares at me water rushing over me I kiss her lips neck her soapy hands begin to wash my body I pin her to the wall but she ducks under me I take my wash cloth as she rinses her body she scrubs my back clean pinches my butt cheek stepping out the shower first she wraps around a towel I turn off the water and walk into the room where shes waiting for me her naked body laying on the bed "come here" I drop my towel on the floor walk to the bed she sits up I bend down we embrace. Engage in slow love making our bodies ready for sl**p she lays on my body exhausted my breathing heavy tired to move we fall asl**p. The night moves quick and the loud thunder awakes me I run down stairs nakedly closing the windows to the kitchen and livingroom our office and guest room nothing soaked or damaged by the rain walking back up the stairs shes there at the landing waiting for me I lift her off her feet and walk back to sl**p our bodies warm from our love our home nothing left but sl**p and wait for morning. Lucky me.
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very nice
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very good but details needed