Shes sitting there in the corner of my eye asking why I have to make a mess she knows my cakes take time to prepare bake and set. Whisking the eggs fluffing my batter she waits my forearms tighten cute bakers hat shaking my good mood to much to resist. Come here for a second she calls out to me. Hold on is my reply. Set my pans in the oven turn around her body pins up mine. Gimme a kiss. So I do slip to the side and be rude let me go take a shower. I wash the flour out my hair take a moment and stare then brush my teeth. Wrapped in a towel stright to the kitchen gotta save my creation from burning. She calls once again I walk over to our bed striped of her clothes calling me near my towel drops to the floor I make my way over to the dresser pullout some draws ask her to hang on I got something special finishing my cake her passion got to great rushing me from behind her hands grab my frosting smear it on my chest sucking and licks me clean her sugar high running fast she gets down on her knees pulls down those draws proceeds to make herself a yummy treat the bl**d starts pumping my body throbing I pull her up from that position sit her on the counter then grab a handful of cake smashing it alover her body I spread open her legs to clean the mess Ive made having my cake eatting her too. Licking and sucking tenderizing her clit hearing her beg for me to slip it in her body tightens legs begin shaking she gasps for air the pleasure too intense to take grabs somemore cake smashing that handful into my face I stand up and poke in working my hips she pulls me close kissing my lips cleaning my face her moans and quivers tell the story our bodys sticky with cake and sweat her climax makes me cum quick I pull out and walk to the shower before closing the bathroom door I yell out Dont forget to clean your mess.
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