when in the jungle....

( This is Real fantasy and soon to be a video...,,I recokn readers check out some of pics relating to this story in picture gallery on same website)
I was chatting on f'book when my dad came back from work.It was summer time .'honey we need to move ,I got transferred to Neyport, a remote village in west manchester',he said to mom. I don't know how their further conversation unfolded,but after a while mom came to me and said,'matt ,we need to move to new place ,you might have heard your dad,since you are having holidays,both ( dad and mom)of us wish to come with us.'No mom ', i nodded,'i am sorry but i can't'."look dear,that place is greenyort,a territory in neyport covered with thick forest , your dad's got a enviornment project there,we won't get this opportunity again,belive me its magnificent place",mom said." But mom, there will be no T.V,no mobiles, no Internet,Iwould be bored ". " Don't care about that , we will have two families waiting for us there since 4-5days or so'',she said.I finally said yes, we were about to stay there there for a week or so.I remember I was around 19 that time , I was studying Law,we use to have holidays for 40 days in a year. There was no problem spending a week fo thier satisfaction. Also,I was cricket commetrator on a nearby radio channel,since there were no big matches going on ,i was free, and use to hang up chatting with friends on f'book at home.

It was saturday morning ,when started,our journey.Rileys and Clarkes were only two families residing there.The only thing i knew was ,they were dad's associates and would help him in his project,i certainly don't know about there families.As we entered Neyport,my dad stopped car and asked me to come and sit in front, it felt quite unsual to hold a mini bag with condoms packet comming out from one of its pocket,to hold and sit in front ,i tugged it inside , but dad noticed me smiled and said ,'' pull it out and keep a couple with you'' , i was quite embaressed,not because of condoms ,but because of my dad's comment and the fact that it were from dad." honey, you may relax now,its lonely here'', dad said while he drove,and then mom pulled out her top and jeans she was on bikini, i did' nt had courage to look back i had never seen her like that before so i was just fixed at mirror , she then slowly took off that as well, dad was smiling looking at my innocent face and my horny mom,she then wore a almost transperent hot nightie ,i was not only hard but also some what wet,i was just about to say let it be when she wore nighie.Looking at me she said , "change your expression son,its no one living in this area, lets feel free,also there is quite hot and sweaty to wear jeans ,don't worry we are here to enjoy.I smiled ,Iwas still hard as that picture kept comming my mind , I knew its nothing on her body except that nigtie ,that thought trrigers me to go wild.Her playing with tits was adding fuel to fire.

We reached greenport and stared,looking where the other two families were staying,we heard it that there is some old bunglow there. I caught sight of bikinis drying on rope , ' hey dad there, i find some bikinis drying, there must be some people over there'." spot-on , son you found it I looked back at mom, she smiled and said ," i know what you are thinking but this is Dress code over here you will find Rileys and Clakes the same way"."Dress code",uh, it felt like everything was preplanned. As we slowed down dad stopped before few yards and put out his T- shirt,came on boxers ,i was staring at his hard dick that came out of his boxers, i was never nerveous so much before. " what are you waiting for, did'nt you hear what your mom said , just uncover yourself", dad said. It felt more of No-Dress - code than dress code as i took off my jeans and T -shirt.I was just on a underwear."oh shit , are you a mimosa shy, wait'', and he pulled out that last remaing piece off me ,then said ," one of clause of rule states that boys and girls below 20 should completly nude".Dad started car again as we heade towards that old bunglow , I was quite excited to see if there is any teen in that house it was first time i would see others half-full nude.
We reached at bunglow,actualy it does'nt seemed such to me, it just looked like an old house damaged with top floors.We parked our car under a tree where other two were already standing.Welcome,Welcome Mr. Rogers, Mr. Riley greeted , he was in underwears, sitting with Mr.clarke , both were drinking wine,come Mr.rogers join us."Mrs.Rogers, Linda and Sera are in living room,you may go and join them,they' r busy making some more rules...ha ha ..ha.Meanwhile I was still inside car,quite shy to get out nude, I noticed ,look on Mr.Clarke's face he was staring at my mom's pussy,I felt like hitting him,but then it was mom's choice of No - Dress- code. By the way Linda is Riley's wife,and Sera that of Mr.clarke.And as the rule goes they must be dressed up the same way,and my dad will look at them the same way so i calmed down.''Hey, whose inside that car, Bill(my dad)?'', asked Daniel(mr. clarke). He is my son bit shy to come out ,'' he is quite shocked with these rules its seems'',dad said.Don't worry I have remedy for it as well,said Nathan(Mr. Riley),''lily dear come out look who's here'',he shouted. Out came a charming ,beautiful and seductive teen Lily,she was completly naked , i saw her through mirror."yes dad , she said in her pleasing voice walking towards dad", meet Mr.Rogers, " hello Uncle",she said and shaked her hand with dad,at this point,i just wanted to get out and hug her. " she turned 18 today,its her birthday today",Nathan shouted, I knew it was probably signal for me to get out , I was alrady hard looking at her via mirror , i took a deep breath and opend the car's door , I stood down and shut car's door affimatively and started walking towards the wine table with a ninty-degree cock clerly,visible it was my first outdoor nude walk. While rest smiled more than laughter ,her eyes were right on my muscular cock,as if she needed that from years, i looked around confidently ,still managing to see complete sight of her boobs. I thought this is real porn story of my life ,where my queen is already nude,and ready to get fucked.With full confidence,'' hello uncle Daniel,hello uncle Nathan and ...uh... you miss beautiful(I started to act as if..I was not aware when Nathan called her and ...I am out of car of my own not because being pampered)....,,,."I am Lily Riley ,she said,moving her right hand in front while left was busy touching nipple on right boob,with atilted head and eyes on my cock. Hi lily , I am Matt, now she looked at me.So its your birthday today right,Happy birthday ,lily, i said.

"hey lily,take matt with you , show him this antique crap bunglow,and also take to meet bella and others inthe house",daniel(mr.clarke),said.Sure come matt, lets go, she said holding my hand . We climed a couple of stairs to get in that bunglow ,while i harder and harder each time i touched her curves , clearly her moves while were intentional as she first took me to, BIGBOARD,a notice board that displays rules decided by horny houswives to stay here.On the top of it it was written," when in rome do as romans do". Well lily, i think we must write instead,"when in jungle do as horny do'', she laughed.I don't know wether it was her seductive body or nature of thes horny rules that made my handaround her waist slipped to her bumps and i stared pressinng them."ooo la la she screamed'',iqucikly removed my hand ," no do it it feels good'',she said. "these fucking rules ,allow us to press each others sexual organs,bath together even sl**p together nude,but not fuck,adults do it, they get nude by evening eat quickly,go to bed and fuck,I and isabella watch them every night, all those four horny, on one double bed,they fuck these horny ladies as hard they could ,now from today your parents will join them,while we would just look at them and masturbate like hungry dog.",she narrated as we went to Isabella's room.
"Oh crap, whom have you brought you in , lily , don't you know its girls room and i am just on bikini", bella shouted." relax,he is matt , and he is Mr.roger's son he is here to stay with us, and by the way miss bikini , i am also nude and so is he, so please don't be shy, it should be we two who must be shy and not you", Lily said. Isabella(bella) was 21 so she was just saved from that naughty rule. she was as well a charming beauty,had long legs as compared to lily and small tits she had nice little round ass half of which was already comming out of her tight panties . she calmed down and to prove lily wrong that she was shy , threw away her bikinis in the air,and said this is for you choclate boy i am ready common give me a hug.While I gave her that, I rolled my arms pressed her arse, then her boobs , she bent down and licked my cock. .We then sat down on bed which had typical girly smell.there were a couple of sanitary napkins and a poster of a nude male model, I asked who is having peroids amongst you,' no one napikins are just to soak our jucies that happen to come out every night looking at our parents fuck',bella said.she was playing with my cock and unknowingly stoking it,while lily was on my lap,busy playing with my balls .It was awesome feeling two girls nude playing with your dick,at same time stating how eager were they to fuck someone.

Can we kiss girls ?, i asked in pleasing voice. " i think we should its no wrong in that", bella said ."we two are not lesbo ,but we did kissing,fingering every night,watching them",said lily.We then kissed each other until extaordinary happened,lily started wanking her ,jucies from her pussy and her thighs got wet.We are not, 'Nudist Pro',if we get nude in front of opposites sex, we tend to attract each other ,this is why such things happen, they must allow me to fuck you beauties, i said.Yeah matt we are with you, these parents fuck each other even roam about naked in jungle ,they are going to submit a fake -pre- prepared enviornment report to thier boss , worst part is watching our mothers fucked not by our dad but by our uncles, we are with you , lets protest against this,bella said. Yeah but before that i wanna rest, I am tierd after that journey, let me sl**p girls.But,no sooner I lied down on bed they slept beside me, I was a bit shy at that point, I just gave both of them ahug and kissed them.

We then went downstairs to the living room,by this time I felt nothing unusual being naked with these naked girls to roam about. We entered the living area ,it was late afternoon time,men had finished drinking wine.They were playing cards, men on one couch while the ladies on other. Hey,look their Danny, your daughter is naked before time today,said Nathan(lily's dad/Mr.Riley), while we were comming downstairs heading to them. Yeah!, she looks stunning in daylight, said her own dad.What is this dear how dare you to break the rule,her mom said.Shut up , mom i have that right to show my body to anyone i want at anytime,said bella.We all were stunned by that response it was the damn truth that shut her mom up.Its ok come here all of you , lets eat something,said my mom.Not now Mrs.Rogers said lily's mom first lets do today's main event and then head ourselves for a delicious dinner.Lily whispered in my ears , '' lets get of here, main event means fucking''. No sooner she heard lily whispering in my ears, Bella got up said , aunties we are going for walk.O sure said her dad, but return before it gets dark and matt mind you no fucking alright. Yes uncle i will take care of that,I said and we set out.

Being nude means no hidden, neither your emotions nor the things , lily picked up two lollipops and gave one to bella. I had better ideas though,girls move ahead i said , and i took out a condom packet from our car,I was sure they did'nt see me. I held that firmly i my fist and ran to cach up with girls, that was my first " NUDE RUN''.hhhhh..., girls you got me crazy , i said. No matt our parents got us , said bella. I was walking between them bella one side while lily on the other.I was just losing my erection , so were they, so i rolled my arms over their shoulders ,No sooner I did that, Bella's breasts back to its shape , seeing that I and lily laughed. Wow, naughty You too are hard , said Bella and rubbed her hand my cock , looking that, a bit of choclate from loolipop felt between lily's breast,we all noticed that. Hold on I think we are that long that no one would find us from bunglow .There was some grass nearby, which i looked them as our bed."on those grasses everyone ",i said. As lily lied down ,I started licking that lollipop jucies between her berasts these now rolled down to her pinkish pussy.While I was busy licking her, Bella was smart enough to pick the condom packet which i brought and open it. She kept her hand on turned me around, i saw that in her hand, i stood up immediately and '' fuck you ! would complain to your dad?''.Bella replied,"fuck you assehole, and stand still , she then held my cock and wore me that choclate flavoured condom,Meanwhile,lily also stood and rolled her arms around me,her breasts were pressing my back, she kept rubbing her hand sfrom my nipples to my arse, my bumps were sensing her wet pussy.I wanna give you a blowjob , bella said.O la la, my turn after you said lily.She(bella) took my dick in her mouth i was rock hard,she sallowed it completly , WOW! its nice,this lollipop is much better than one you gave me lily, she said. Now, it was lily's turn to swallow it, she took out condom, threw it , and said, I wanna swallow it raw, and took it in her mouth , she was warmer than bella,but was'nt that good at licking.I asked lily to stop as i slept and she started again .Bella was a No-Silent -Spectator, she pulled , lily's arseup and started inserting her two fingers in lily's pussy.She then stopped started grrining, uh....ah....uh..uh.Happy birthday Lily its birthday present from both of us., rightbella, I said.
I pressed boobs of lily and asked her to turn around and sit doggystyle.Meanwhile,I slapped on bella's ass turned her around and spread her legs, I inserted my dick in a pussy for the first time,and she was Isabella, I couldn't go deep inside her as I saw lily got ready .But I stared my to and fro movements till i saw tears of satisfaction in Bella's eyes.Wow matt it feels great ,she said . These words opened up lily more . I started,inserting my cock into her vagina, she wanted me to get more inside.Faster Matt Faster, Bella encouraged,She posed like a dog on her knees,and started licking her toungue,asif she wanted to eat my cum. OOO..matt... its ok for today, you are my hero, said lily and then i slowly pulld my cock back. Looking at bella, lily as well posed the same , i then stroked myself and the girls ate my cum with relish.

After we were finished ,it felt really good, I don't know what happened but we had complete transformation.We started our return walk, by this time it was dark.In forest areas it gets dark early.The best part was, may it be bright or may it be dark, we were all alone there was no other person other than our families in about 15 miles radius and since it was restricted area only enviornmentalists were allowed.Our fathers have taken special permission to bring in our families , its other thing that thier motive was to be horny and naughty.I guess that old bunglow we live in was of hunters who came here years ago and now property of forest department.

I walked with girls hand in hand ,both of them were had smell of my cum.We reached at old bunglow safely.We were about to go inside.''They would be worried about us",said lily.I kissed her,it was quite often that we kiss every now and then to be alright."I think she is right,we must go from back door directly to our bedroom and matt you would sl**p with us tonight,the room in front of us got lekage and other side of us is occupied by our parents for group sex, while the verandah and living room are not good place to sl**p'',said bella."Yeah she is right we would first bath before its cold andthen sl**p together'',lily added.Ok...Ok..I got it, by the also I was'nt leaving you,we will sl**p together.We entered Bunglow from back door,and when we were about to pass living area we saw the unthinkable,our moms were performing dance in front of our dad by this time they all were nude.There was lots of cum lying on the carpet.Music was on, Uncle Nathan then got up started licking my mom's breasts,seeing that dad got up ,held up lily's mom pulled her on the couch and started fucking her .And then the Clarke couple kissed each other. Meanwhile we exchanged" I -HAVE'NT- SEEN- THEM- LIKE- THIS- BEFORE"looks. Bella's mom saw us,she shouted Hey look they are back, all 9 of us were hard.My dad was still not done he was busy fucking.Mr.riley swichted of music and then Mr.clarke shouted stop it Rogers look they are back.
We looked at each other there was stun silence followed by outbrust of laughter,I don't know why, probably we all were standing nude looking each other was quite uncomman.So thats what we all are.... uh Junglees......,said Mr.Riley.I guess you 3 must have enjoyed your sex walk , my dad said .We all smiled looking at each other.Then what are this fuck'n rules for?,asked bella.Well bella they just create fantasies for us and to you they teachHow much do we bind ourselves in cities and hence its needy to get out junglee hidden in us and go wild,said her mom.Also these kind of trips allows to be pure and happy though its seems obnoxious.So what are we waiting for lets continue the party,I said.

And we all danced nude. It was complete darkness around we though had electricity at our bunglow. I took bath with my lovely girls we rubbed each otherwith towels. That night we all had a Naked- dinner party. I sat between my mom and dad , watching my mom's breasts even rubbing them ocassionaly. Bella was just stunning as she took one sip of choclate and other of her dad's cum repeatedly. Lily looked even more gorgeous as she poured ice cream on her breasts and asked my dad to eat that.

The next day, all men went out to survey that areaon thier shorts on.They went out early in morning itself after the last night's party everyone was still naked , I woke up and found myself the only male amongst all the fat, sexy and naked women. I got hard, I woke up Bella and fucked her doggystyle, while she was rubbing lily's pussy.Men came back in late afternoon , by that time most of us were back on innerwears, mom was in bikinis, Fat Mrs.Riley wore nightie that showed her chubby skin.While bella's mom wore just a top and no panties(she was just 30 and was second wife of Mr.clarke). I was naked and so were bella and lily. It was all going right, i was enjoying playing with bella's tits and lily's pussy. We use to play, naked sl**p naked together, eat naked, and wear clothes only to strip them off in front of other members.

It was last day of our stay now , We all were a bit sad but promised each other to stay in touch physically even when we are in cities. eveyone gathered in that living room for the one last time ,no one felt like leaving that place, everyone was dressed up and was ready to go.One by One each one came in the center of living area and narrated their experience.My dad said , "besides fucking my own wife twice,i fucked Mrs. clarke thrice and Mrs. Riley twice''.Mr.clake said, " it was awesome experience , i fucked, Mrs rogers four times and Mrs. Riley thrice, i also licked my wife daily it was unforgetable. Mrs. Riley said , " i posses biggest hole amongst all lady , i just remember that night when daniel and nathanere both inside me''. Clouds started to gather around,today it became dark earlier than usual.Weather was detoriating ,winds were blowing heavily.Lily was done narrating her experience,It was my turn now. I was shy , back again having wearing those clothes , I muttered.... I .. uh.. fucked Bella 35 timesss..and lily 31 times in these 7 days! All of them grew their eyes to wide open, there were also also that typical exclamation oooooooooooo...... No sooner they said that there was a spalking sound, the electric supply was cut off, and it was dark again. Everyone shouted Hurray...!, emergency phone with Mr. clarke rang ,he said ssshhh..., its forest officer , he (officer) says that we would have to stay here tonight as conditions do not favour our travelling.Yeepy!!, everyone shouted again , we again threw away our clothes and stared fucking to whiever man or woman we got. No one asked who is she fucking, I could sense who it was my mom caught me while i was kissing bella and gave me a blowjob,lily was fucked by her dad,Ieven fucked my mom, this was ocassion to be rembered where i becme motherfucker, lily and bella became a fatherfuckers, in that process i caught sight of Mrs.Clarke,left my mom, in slightest possible light, held her hand and went inside her she was really wild, oh matt is that you... thanks ...I wanted it from day I saw you., she morned,thus ended a fantasy, truly I belive when in jungle do as junglees do

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3 years ago
you need to go back & sue your school district for your piss poor education a spell check would have caught most of your errors
3 years ago
also grammed needs fixing... it was pretty bad at parts
3 years ago
GREAT STORY and nice alvin and the chipmunks avater... I loled.
3 years ago
yeah i love it just fix the grammar
3 years ago
its a good story, just needs some grammer corrections, plz fix and post new story with the grammer fixed
3 years ago
It got me hard,sexy story