Honeymoon with my cousin 2

We then finished our dinner and sat out inthe porch. I hope my lil b*o won't mind much ,ijust came here in hurry ,he ( her dad) was so excited about second honeymoon that he did'nt even allow me to pack so i brought just this much, she said.Its ok ,I said.Matt,do u have a girlfriend ?Its weekend and i was supoose to party with my friends , ichanged the topic. lets have some fun at home itself she came towards me sat on lap and said follw me dear.
By this time i got her signal,we headed towrds my bedroom she smiled and we kissed for the very fist time.she was really hot and her touch was tempting ,I was sweatingat that time, but she was just relaxed. lil b*o iam feeling sl**py bit,if u don't mind can u leave me alone for a some time ,she said.O ,sure i said iwill sl**p somewhere else,i said.U can definetly come here any time without knocking,she said.
I went to my dad's bedroom and to my surprise i saw packet of condom , porn movie cd covers and bikinis of my mom, icouldn't hold it anymore so i ran down i saw jenny she just finished her shower and was rubbing her body with my towel,SHE WAS COMPLETLY NAKED ,she saw me standing at door and to my surprise welomed me inside.we kissed. I took off lights ,as she took off my clothes ,jenny should we?????,,,,, i said,sssssssssshhhh,she said,itsok!!!!!!!!
WE were on the bed .She sucked my dick as i was touching herheavenly smooth breasts.ithen whispered in her ears,DOGGYSTYLE,she nooded. It was dim light,but one could feel her IDEAL pink pussy hot andeager for the action,U can imagine i started first blow slowly and i enjoyed it.Instead of ooo,aah, we both were laughingand within 5 stokes i started wanking!!,she immediatley turned arround held my dick and rubbed it in between her breasts ,she held my neck and we kissed and whispered 69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SUNDAY is still there,comment u r views here....
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its a interesting story but I feel that it needs more detail!