Bird watching

I had always been fascinated by birds, feathers not boobs I hasten to add. I was one of those c***dren that used to day dream about being able to fly and so passions grew and I became a wildlife photographer. I was able to make enough money to get by but that wasn’t the point, I was just happy to be out in the woods whenever possible with camera in hand. That might be why I never married, my wife would always have had to play second fiddle to my camera and I don’t think that is fair to put on anyone. So I am now in my forties, I have a few lady friends but nothing serious.

Anyway I was out in the forest in looking to get some pictures of a firecrest for some promotional work for a local pub. They are tricky buggers to shoot because by the time you’ve heard them they’ve flown off. I got off the beaten track a little so I stood more chance of them not being disturbed by passing cyclists or dog-walkers, when I saw movement up ahead. I moved forward and saw a man and woman up ahead with a camera, he was taking pictures of her. I wondered if they would like one of them together so I approached through the trees.

As I got through the final clump of bushes to the slight clearing they were stood in to my utter embarrassment I saw that she had pulled her skirt up a little and was bent over. He was taking a picture of panty covered (although those pants barely covered anything) bottom. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. I tried retreating before they saw me and thought me some perv when I stepped on a twig.

He spun round and she immediately stood up letting her skirt fall back into place. I am so sorry I started, I can explain. Although actually I thought I didn’t stand a chance of explaining, here I was sneaking up on a couple and I had a camera in my hand, I wanted the ground to swallow me up. They turned out to be really nice about it and said no worries, no harm done. I laughed nervously and said I had come to see if they needed any help. To which a dirty grin spread across her face and I realised how that sounded. No I cried I meant if you needed a picture with both of you in, her grin just kept getting bigger. How about a picture with you and me in, she said.

I was a little take aback and then he encouraged me on and said yeah go on, stand next to her. I didn’t really know what to do so I went and stood next to her. She looped her arm through mine and he started snapping away. She d****d a hand across my chest, snap he went, she kept laughing and stroking my chest. Then her hand slipped lower and she grabbed at the crotch of my trousers, snap. I cant say that I was unaroused by the situation and soon my cock began to stir.

He is liking this she said and giggled, I am not surprised he said. Are you sure you don’t want me taking the pictures I said, realising by this time that the rings on fingers meant they were probably husband and wife. No you carry on mate he said, enjoy her, she is amazing. And with that she dropped to her knees.

Pulling at my zip she tugged it down and reached inside my fly. There wasn’t a lot of room in there by now and gradually she pulled my extremely hard cock out of my pants. The feeling of the cool air was quiet exhilarating, as were here hands pumping up and down. She flicked a tongue out and dabbed at the head, already leaking a little precum. She pulled my foreskin back and licked round and under the skin, then up and down the shaft. The once more and this time when her mouth reached the tip of my cock she eased it into her mouth. An inch at a time and out again, each time a little deeper. All the while she was tonguing my sensitive head like a cat licking milk. She really was an amazing cock-sucker. With one hand she undid my belt and button and soon had my trousers around my ankle. She released my tool from her mouth momentarily while removed my boxers and then clamped back on again. She brought her right hand back up my leg scr****g her fingernails along my thigh until it found my swelling ball sack. She lightly squeezed my balls as her head bobbed up and down in slick quick motions.

I heard the click of the camera again and realised her husband was still happily snapping away. I didn’t care, in fact I found it all the hotter.

She took my saliva soaked cock out of her mouth and wiped it around her face, looking up at me and grinning and she did so. Her squeezing continued and occasionally she slid a finger under my scrotum and scratched at my hole. She engulfed me again and sucked this time a little harder. Her left hand pumped faster and again her finger slipped between my cheeks and this time pushed in a little way. Fuck, I found that exciting. I could feel myself building as my cock slid over her tongue, back and forth. She felt my balls tighten and pushed her finger deeper, she moved her head back so just my cock head was in her mouth, sealed in there tight by lips locking down. She pumped harder and looked directly up at me as I came in several short powerful spurts. The first couple went clean down her throat and I saw her eyes widen, the next couple oozed out on her tongue and at this point she pulled my dick from her mouth and let the next two land on her chin.

I was drained and my legs wobbled a little as I took several deep breath. Fucking amazing I heard her husband say, these pics will looks amazing. I was coming down from the best blow job I had ever got and became a little more conscious of my surroundings, I wondered at what I should do next, thinking on how to get out of here. She must have sensed my thoughts and said “my turn now”.

She turned and lent against a tree pushing her bum out toward me. That pale, perfectly round and shapely bum I had seen just ten minutes earlier. I didn’t need a second invite and dropped to me knees behind her. I lifted her skirt and rolled it up over her back and planted my lips on that gorgeous milky coloured cheek. He skimpy briefs had ridden right into the crack of her ass and I buried my face between those buttocks and licked at the fabric. Gripping each side of her pants I pulled them down to her ankles and put my nose against her asshole as my tongue probed under to get at the fleshy, wet, salty pussy that sat there clean shaven and glistening. I slid my tongue the length of her lips pushing my face as deep into her ass to give me full access. I was vaguely aware of the camera getting closer so I eased back and let him get a couple of shots then pushed in again. I licked up to ass, probing at the outside of the hole for while, I had never done anything like this before and desperately hoped I wasn’t mucking it up too much; her groaning meant I was either doing okay or she was really polite.

I pushed my tongue into that ass as I brought a couple of fingers up to play with her lips and explore into her flesh. I was an ass-licker for all of ten seconds in my life and I loved it. The feel of her cool buttocks clamping on my face got me up and hard again and I stood up and slid straight into that wet inviting pussy. I thrust like an a****l and she groaned all the louder, it seemed she liked it a bit firmer. I leant backwards allowing a few pictures of my clock sliding into her cunt, the sun catching on the soaked prick as it slid in an out, I thought how good that would look and hoped they would email me the pics.

I wasn’t going to last long but thought this is my best chance of tasting the delights of anal so I pulled out and knelt down again licking and soaking her ass with as much saliva as possible. I slid a finger in and then a second and stood up and pushed my cock back in her pussy to moisten it up some more. Then sliding it out I put against the entrance of her ass, heaven. I pushed and watched with joy as my head disappeared inside her tight brown hole, I felt her body tense and pushed a little harder. Slowly I inched in a bit more then pulled back slightly and in again. At the third attempt I slid all the way in and felt my balls reach her skin. She moaned. I withdrew a bit and started pounding. Snap, snap, snap went her husband who I could see was hard as hell in his trousers.

The sight of my cock sliding in her arse was the most amazing thing I had seen in a forest. Her pale white cheeks spread wide my meat. I gripped her hips and thrust in increasing hard movements, I wasn’t going to last long. It built and built as I rode that bum for all I was worth, my cock straining to spew its contents deep inside her. And right near the end I thought of the cameraman and realised there was only one way to finish. I pulled out just as the first surge went from my balls and up and my shaft – my contents flew onto her back. I came so hard, the second spurt reached her hair and gradually I left a trail down her back leading to her beautifully bum where a river of semen was running between those pale white buttocks and pooling in her asshole. It overflowed and run down where it met her pussy and dripped slowly to the floor.

I fell over backwards and admired my work. She stood there unable to move. The photographer just said ‘fuck me’. The forest seemed so quiet and I startled to laugh a little and thought how I doubt I would get a picture of the firecrest now.

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