Willy gets laid

Willy gets Laid

Talk about the right place and the right time! I had waited so long to lose my virginity I had almost given up hope. I joined a dating site and went on a few dates but at 33 I guess my insecurity told and the dates went no further. I had always been so shy, too afraid to really talk to women or if I did I immediately adopted the ‘friend’ position. As such I have long been a shoulder to cry on and nothing more.

I had met a woman online, she seemed really lovely and we had gone out a couple of times, amazingly she said yes whenever I had plucked up the courage to ask her out again. Well we had kissed a few times and I briefly brushed her breast through her jumper on one occasion. My love life was definitely on the way up! Things had progressed to where I was getting out of my depth and she asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner. Now all the crappy US sitcoms I had ever seen told me that was a good sign. I was getting nervous.

I needed to take something so I though flowers, my mum and nan always liked them so why wouldn’t Mel. I went to the florist just after lunchtime, it was privately owned, not one of those chains, I like to support the little person. I went in and saw nobody around. I called out hello and still nothing. I was going to leave when I heard a muffled voice out the back, I walked up to the doorway and called hello. I got a sobbed hello back and poked my head round the corner.

I saw the florist sat on a chair next to the phone and she had been crying. I said are you ok and she looked up a little startled but said yeah. I immediately went into ‘friend’ mode and asked what was wrong can I help etc. She seemed to respond to the kindness and she said she had found out that her ‘cheap lousy wanker of a husband’ hadn’t stopped seeing the tart from the card shop down the road. I didn’t think I was going to get my flowers here so I gave a brief he’s an idiot comment and tried to leave. She asked if I meant it. I looked at her, she was pretty, about 55 and a proper shaped womanly body and large breast that were, to be honest, struggling to break free from the shirt that imprisoned them. So I repeated the yeah, I don’t know what your husband is like but that is no way to treat someone and you’re gorgeous I said, his loss, or something like that.

She half laughed and half cried and hugged me tight saying thank you, you sweet young man. I put my arm round her said it was the truth. We squeezed each other tight and suddenly the atmosphere changed, we looked at each other and just kissed there in the room where they put those overpriced bouquets together. My cock went hard instantly, I was so sexually overcharged at the thought of my dinner with Mel and the possibility of finally doing it that no matter how much I jacked off the erection just came back. The florist felt it and moved a hand down and squeezed my nob through my trousers. I felt the crush of her breast against my body and squeezed her bum and gave a little thrust of my hips.

We fell to the floor, ripping clothes and flinging them in all directions. I loosened her bra, with a great deal of help from her, and her breasts fell into my hands. They were gorgeous, so big and soft and milky with dark red nipples, I was in heaven. I kissed each nipple and flicked them with my tongue all the while massaging those big beauts with my hand. She was fumbling with my zip and freed my straining cock from my trousers. Instantly she moved down my body and with one lick up the shaft engulfed my cock in her mouth. Jees how did I not cum then! She cupped my balls and gave me the best blow job of my life, albeit the first blow job of my life.

She eased off for a second and stood up over me and slid her pants down, her skirt had long been thrown across the room to land in a bucket of water and a couple of sorry looking tulips. As the pants slid down I caught sight of the most gorgeous, and already moist, thick bush, though not so thick that I could still see the outline trace of two puffed up lips; my cock twitched. She turned round and started to descend; I realised I was going to taste my first cunt. She knelt down and her perfect mound was just an inch from my mouth, I felt her breasts land on my legs and soon her mouth was wrapped around my special friend again. Her tongue swirling momentarily distracted me from what was just above my face and I felt the thrill of an expert tongue working its magic. A hair tickled my nose and I opened my eyes remembering the pleasure before me.

I pushed my tongue up and tasted lady flesh for the first time in my life, instantly I was an addict. I gave, what must have been the worst tonguing she had ever received but I certainly enjoyed it. In a short space of time my face was soaking as I get moving my mouth all around her love area, I wanted to climb in and live there forever. My nose went in and briefly she stopped her attentions as I obviously lucked upon a good spot and she started to grind my nose into her pussy. It triggered the urge in her and she crawled down my body and slid my cock into her in one motion and started bucking like a rodeo horse.

I was in someone for the first time, the feeling was indescribable, you could wet your hand all you want, to be inside someone and have a moist clamp on every part of your cock is like nothing else on the planet. I opened my eyes and saw her big white bum bouncing up and down like one of those oil drilling donkey things. I reached out and grabbed a cheek in each hand and she started to moan louder. She sat upright and spun round, a strange sensation a little like a wet Chinese burn but I loved it. Leaning forward so her tits swung in my face she resumed her riding as if she planned to win the Derby on me. I was getting so close now and started bucking upwards. I actually wanted my whole body inside her with each push. I could feel her dampness running down over my hips, my cock was soaked the slurping noises were so loud, her moaning becoming deafening. And from the down motion of one big push I landed my bare arse on a discarded rose stem, a thorn bit deep into my bare flesh and I screeched in pain and thrust back up so fiercely, my head came up and got slapped by a swinging boob and I came for all I was worth.

The years of frustration were so built up, the moment was so erotic and primal and the pain from the thorn was so intense I shot load after load into her wet hole. And from that first violent, rose-inspired thrust and spurt she came with the loudest ‘fuck me’ that must have echoed up and down the village high street. Seven or eight gushes later my cock eased off and I could feel the semen sliding out of her pussy and down my shaft to collect in a nice cooling puddle in among my pubes. She collapsed on top of me, large sweating breasts pushed against my chest. My hand clasped her moist buttocks and we held each other close, both trembling from such intensity. I felt my todger soften and slide out of her. It was done, my virginity was lost and crikey it was so worth the wait.

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3 years ago
Good story. Better late than never. Nice twist. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Yep, a different twist. And good. Sometimes a guy gets laid when he least expects it.
3 years ago
well fuck that was tops
3 years ago
I enjoyed this as it is so real.
3 years ago
it just happens that way sometimes lucky guy
3 years ago
Nice, well written. What a twist, from mel to the florist! Bravo