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Today I took my girl to see a Specialist Doctor, this Doctor carried out a number of tests on her, which seemed very similar in nature to the type of play that one might do with a T.E.N.s Unit.

To sit there and watch the wires & electrodes be hooked up, then to watch her pull funny faces & start jumping around in the chair as the power was turned on started to have a reaction, These reactions were not on her ! Parts of me started to react, which I might say is the norm for me, she just looked over at me and laffed !!

A short time later, after these tests were completed, we met up with a Domme we know for Hot Choccy, on telling her this, she also laffed ! and for some reason I think she & my girl think I am a sicko !!!

I feel sure, that other Dom's get off on seeing their other in positions like this, so I can't be a sicko, can I ?

Besides, it wasn't me that brought up about being tied up etc and the Doctor saying we better leave it there !


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2 years ago
she should be punished for laughing at you
3 years ago
WTF????????????????? wehat r u on about?