Truck Land

This is the story of a girl I met during my last trip through US. I gave her a ride and during the hours on the road she told me her story.
We ended up in a cheap motel but that's another story.

I took what she told me and brought it into story format, added some things here and there but overall it is true.

My name is Alice, I am 17 years old and I am earning my life as a whore in Iowa. What makes my life special is that I made the largest truck stop in the US my home.
Iowa 80 serves up to a hundred trucks per day and night, makes a nice number of potential customers for me.

I am a typical American teenager, blond curly hairs, medium tall. I am proud of my long sunburned legs and my large boobs. My butt is maybe a bit to round nowadays, but food is not good, a price I have to pay. Well, my clients seem to love my odd figure, the large tits and big butt in combination with my narrow waist and slim legs.
In summer I usually wear hot pants, sneakers and a tank top.

My mum died when I was twelve, my father disappeared when I was 2. My mum is an alcoholic, men appeared and disappeared, I lost track. I only have vague memories of those who abused me in all possible ways. I can’t remember when I gave my first blow job. I never had the idea of being a virgin so I never really lost virginity. My ass was ****d on the sofa next to my sl**ping and d***k mum by a fat trucker when I was 15.

Serving the truckers is easy for me. I am cheap, at the low end of the girl’s hierarchy. I do blow jobs for 10 bucks, fucking for 20. Anal is special service for 30. Most truckers take full package for 40. Many takea blow job only. I try to talk them into anal because I like it and make good money. In winter I make it cheaper for the right to stay in their heated cabins for the night.

My earnings sum up for a living but not more. I drink water from the service station, burger and fries are 3 bucks a day, the truckers fill me up with beer which ends up right in my butt and makes it chubby. I see myself in 10 years as fat slut providing even cheaper service...

I will tell you a typical day of mine during hot summer in Iowa at the Truck Stop.

I wake up with a headache. The night I spent on a bench behind the coffee shop. It is hot enough to sl**p outside which is nice. The head ache is from the cheap drinks I got from my latest customer. My mouth smells shitty and I make my way to the wash room. Tony, the old service guy who is maintaining the toilets and showers allows me to use the wash room for free. I serve him from time to time, but he is a gently old guy who simply wants to be nice.

I take a long shower and get ready for the day. I urgently need some cash, business has not been good recently. There are quite few new chicks on the lot taking away some business. Having been here for 2 years now I know some of the trucks and drivers passing by frequently. With burning eyes under my sun glasses I am scanning the parking lot. Keith, the fat driver of a pork transporter... Guido, the German fuel trucker, ... Robert, a handsome but kind of evil and scary guy in his luxury Mercedes truck.. all customers, all awake and always greedy. I go through their preferences... No, Robert will not work, too difficult prior to breakfast. I decide for the German. Guido is friendly, gentle, always has a lot of food and I have to do nothing but giving a nice blow job. Yes, I will try him for a breakfast.

I slender towards his truck's side. His windows are still covered and I gently knock at the door. "A second" I hear a muffled voice. Than the door opens and Guido's friendly round face with the round glasses that make him look like a boy appears. "Oh, Alice, good morning.. err.. I am not dressed yet..err ..." . I give him a bright smile and tell him that this really does not matter at all.. and quickly climb up the cabin ladder and on his driver seat. His truck is spacey, clean, with a nice cozy sl**ping cabin behind the front seats. Guido is a nerd. I see a mix of pin ups and star trek pictures and his lap top and game devises, cables everywhere.
His is wearing a white t-shirt covering his round belly and a Bart Simpson short that can hardly hold back his huge erection.
Guido is very well hung.. very well... and he seems to enjoy to see me.
I give him a grin and ask if he wants to invite me for breakfast, looking greedy at the fresh coffee in his machine and the donuts.

"Sure", he says, and turns into my direction, leaning back at the side door. Guido like me to be naked but seldom wants more than a BJ. I am always amused to see this boy in his wired shorts in combination with his huge dick.
I quickly slide out of my pants, slip and shirt, leaving on just my sneakers. Then I kneel down on the driver seat, stretching across the narrow space between the seats and rest my arms left and right from his lap. I don't care that my ass would be a nice view for anyone watching through the side window. In fact, it is another driver peaking at us from the neighbor truck, but the guy seems to jerk off himself, maybe no biz for me.
Gudio likes it quick and straight forward. I pull down his pants and release his stiff pole. What a long and fat prick. I wonder what they fed him in Germany. I can hardly close my fingers around this monster. I learned to collect a lot of saliva before I suck. Most drivers don't shower that often, usually smell pretty bad. So does Guido.. his prick smells from urin and I quickly spit on his tip before I take it in my mouth. It fills my mouth complete and I enjoy this fat piece of meat a lot. I suck and rub as good as I can despite my bad head ache. Guido enjoys in silence but short time later his hips start shaking, his hands on my head push me down on his pulsing dick and he releases an enormous amount of cum in my mouth. I am prepared and I swallow like the pro I am.

Guido is happy and relaxed. I get 10 bucks, a nice cup of coffee and 3 donuts which I swallow greedily, slumped naked on his driver seat. I am in good mood when I leave his truck. But business is not always that nice. The guy next who watched us opens his door and waves me close to him. "Hey girl, I want that ass I just saw. Down to business, how much?" He is a unfriendly, unshaved guy, short but with heavy shoulders and thick arms. His shirt and shorts are more yellow than white. I take my professional, distanced attitude. With stiff voice I answer "50 bucks for my ass", aiming high, maybe hoping he backs off, I am not in the mood for a guy like him, but on the other side I can’t afford. "30, he replies. That's the price the others told me"

"OK, let's get started. Money first" I say and climb up into his truck. The truck is dirty, full of beer cans, waste, porn magazines and a half eaten pizza on the driver seat. The ceiling is pretty high so the guy can stand upright in the cabin. I grab the 30 dollars and pull down my pants. Then I take the lube from my hand bag and climb into the back of the cabin. He grabs my hips half way. I rest with my upper body on his dirty bed, my knees on the hard ground, it is aching and uncomfortable but I do my best to get into a good doggy position. The guy already pushes his dick at my ass but I yell at him to wait. I hardly manage to get the lube tube open and apply enough on my asshole. I quickly run my finger inside but he the bastard is grabbing my hand and holds it tight on my back. Now my weight lasts on my other arm. Than his prick pushes against my hole. I am a pro, I am used to this and I relax. His dick slides into my ass and I am glad that it is not too big. It fills my asshole quite nicely and the lube does its work... the guy is far from gentle but I am able to enjoy the fuck. Deep in my heart I am a slut that enjoys being treated like one. While he fucks my ass I am able to release my hand and I touch myself and rub my clit to make the best out of it. He takes quite long, guess he already jerked off and now has more stamina. My asshole starts to get hot like an oven, hope he comes soon before I get sore. It's no fun to serve my guys with a sore asshole.. Then he grunts loud and I feel his load shooting up my ass. I make myself come too and he lets me go. From the back I can hear him taking a seat and opening a beer can. He does not offer one to me, the bastard. I grab my clothes and while I get dressed, I decide to take revenge. Before I pull up my pants I secretly fart his cum on his bed. Then I am ready to go. I talk him into giving me a beer, than I leave the truck with no good bye.

50 dollars, a breakfast, a beer. Not bad for a morning. I go for a shit and drink my beer on the toilet. Then I walk over to the coffee shop for a drink. The shop is half filled. Most of the guys I know. Ellen, the waitress has a big heart and greets me friendly. Bob, her boss is a bastard. I let him fuck me for a bargain because I use his shop as day shelter.

Next to the flipper I spot Betty. Betty is my friend. She is a strange and perverted girl. She is a middle class college girl and spends her summer vacation in truck land. She fucks the truckers just for fun. She takes the money so she does not ruin our business here but she does it for her own satisfaction. The truckers love her. There is no more perverted chick on the place than her. She's got very long red curly hair, a pale white skin and green eyes in a sharp face. Her body is average but the guys get crazy for her. She dresses like a real slut with high heels, a short jeans with holes revealing her buttocks and a tiny shirt hardly covering her C size tits.
Just now she's trying her luck on a guy dressing like a cowboy. Dump average red neck face, cowboy boots and a huge belt buckle. Surely his name is John...

Betty turns away from the guy to greet me. "How was your morning, darling?" and she gives me a big hug. "well, a blow job for Guido and a monkey fucking my ass.. but I got 40 bucks in my pocket". "You are sooo lucky, I had a fatty who wanted me to slap his fat butt while he jerked off. Left him alone half way, was too boring for me".

We chat a while and suddenly I feel a hard grip on my shoulder. Bob, the owner, joins us and grunts at me: " You still owe me 60 bucks, baby, it's pay day". Uh, I forgot, I had to lend money from him recently for a visit at the dentist. Before I can take the money from my hand bag and finding excuses why I can't pay the full amount, Betty moves between him and me. Bob looks at her greedily. He is crazy for her but she kept him on a long leash so far. "I pay for her" she smiles at him and her slim white fingers play with the buttons of his shirt. Bob is a huge guy. More than 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, hairy like a monkey on his body but bald head. He's got a long mustache that makes him look like an angry walrus. "You don't have to do this" I whisper to Betty but she is up to it.
"Well, alright, but I want her to watch" he says and points at me. "Fine with me" Betty says and I am too confused by the situation to say anything. I just follow them upstairs into Bob's room.
Bob’s bed room is dominated by a huge wooden bed. The wall is covered with the American flag, a bear’s fur, deer heads and guns. I take a seat in a huge and heavy black leather arm chair and watch the scene. On the opposite wall he has a huge mirror which gives a nice additional perspective.
I can’t believe how Betty is behaving. She is doing a show just for me. Bob is just an actor but has no clue what is going on. In no time, she is out of her pants and kneels on the bed, grabbing for Bob’s belt to pull him closer. The huge man is moving towards the side of the bed like an ox on a leash. She acts like I would have a camera in my hands. Her white hips and butt shine against the dark colors of the room. She lets her tits dangle out of her shirt while she moves like a cat and unzips Bob’s pants. His huge prick is popping out of his pants and kind of jumps into Betty’s mouth. She makes sure that I have good sight of her face while she is sucking him. He’s got huge hairy balls and Betty’s slim white hands are working on them gently. It turns me on to see his hairy dick. He looks like an a****l.
Then she holds her weight with one arm and starts fingering herself with her arm across her back. In the mirror I can see her slim fingers wandering across her pink pussy and asshole. So does Bob and his eyes seem to pop out of their holes. I am sure he never fucked a hotty like Betty. Whenever I allowed him to fuck me, for food or money, I just turned my back to him and he had is quick go. Never sucked him or offered my butt.
Betty drives him crazy. The moment he tries to turn her around to fuck her, she keeps him on a distant. Smiling she demands him to be patient and to be gentle with her. Then she turns around, again with the grace of a cat, asking him to lick her nicely. She turns on her back, with her head towards me, so Bob jumps out of his clothes and bends over her, his huge dick in her mouth, his bald head between her slim legs, licking her pussy. His hairy asshole in my direct view is far from sex, but watching his thick prick pushing into Betty’s mouth and the sight of his huge balls make me mad. My hand moves into my pants and I start rubbing myself.
Betty’s hands either rub his dick or massage his balls. Then she places a finger in his butt. Bob moans like a grizzly but keeps on licking her. With all her strength she moves him around, he understands and they change position. Now Betty is sitting on him, sucking him while he is stuck between her thighs.
She moves into upright position and while Bob is licking her butthole, she gracefully slips out of her shirt. “Lick my asshole, Bob” she demands him, and while he does, she is giving me a bright smile, making monkey faces on him and making me laugh. She points on his dick with thumps up. His dick is standing upright like a flag pole and his balls make me want to lick them. She spends a while sitting on his face, her arms resting on his huge hairy chest. Then she gets up and turns around to sit on his dick. She makes sure that I can see every detail while she slowly inserts his fat dick into her fine pink pussy. Slowly she rides him deep, on arm reaching behind to grab his balls.
I have slipped out of my pants and I am masturbating wildly while watching her.
Betty moves upwards and his dick pops out of her pussy. It’s dripping wet and looks so massive.
Bob complains, wants her to continue. And she does. She reaches back to his dick and navigates it towards her butthole. She takes a moment to gently insert the tip into her anus, than with a firm move she impales herself on his pole. The moment she takes his whole dick into her ass I am coming. But I am still horny and can’t stop touching myself while she is riding his dick with her ass.
From time to time she moves forward and his dick is popping out of her ass, leaving her pink hole gaping. Before Bob is coming to a point of no return, she hits the breaks. She is jumping on his chest, tickling his face with her red curls, than moving back to ride him again.
Suddenly she jumps up, down from the bed. Bob is confused, raising his upper body, searching for her. But she just moves to the carpet at the end of the bed and into doggy position right in front of me. “Bobby… please… fuck me like an a****l…”. And Bob does.. he jumps from the bed, rushes towards her, squatting on top of her butt, and his dick starts hammering her asshole from above. Betty grabs my foot and sucks my toes while he is fucking her ass and I am rubbing myself like crazy. “I am gonna cum, bitch” he yells and without thinking I am jumping from my seat, pushing him against his chest. He slips out of Betty’s ass, his dick hot and swollen. He manages to turn into my direction and within a second his dick is in my mouth. One second later he floods my mouth with his hot loads. He graps my head tight while load after load is shooting down my throat. I swallow as much as I can but can’t keep it all, It drips down my chin. Betty wiggled herself on her knees and demands the rest, sucking his dick clean.
Bob slumps in the leather seat, breathing hard, his face red. Betty and I grab our clothes and leave the room. “We are quit” we hear him grumbling while we jump into our clothes and rush down to the bar. We need a beer now. As much as I like the taste of sperm the very moment I swallow it, I absolutely dislike the aftertaste.
We both look heated. I have stains of sperm on my shirt, Betty’s usually pale face is red and heated.
While I go to the bar to get two cold beers, Betty disappears towards the corner with the flipper where the Cowboy guy is still hanging around. She is unbelievable. Everybody else would need a break after a fuck like this, but not Betty. She is already back to business.
For the rest of the day I hang around at the bar. It is a hot day, I have a burger, then a lot of coffee. While I hang around bored with a sour stomach I feel lousy. I am wasting my life.
Afternoon passes while I watch some quiz shows on the Bar’s TV. It’s still not cooling down, I am too lazy to look for business. Betty disappeared with the Cowboy hours ago, wonder where they are.
A guy takes the seat next to me. It’s Robert. I saw him leaving in the morning, looks like he is on his way back from his tour. “Hey Alice, I came for you”. He explains that he should be back home already but came back to Iowa 80 to see me. He offers me 50 bucks for some special treatment. I am scared of him. His face is handsome but his eyes are evil. But 50 bucks are 50 bucks.. I decide to come with him.
He has a nice Truck, very comfortable, but he guides me to the back of it. He opens the door of the trailer and helps me to climb inside. Then he climbs inside and closes the door. The moment the door closes we are in complete darkness. Now I am scared to death. It was stupid to go with him without telling someone. I usually do, so Robert knows that he can’t do my harm. This time I can only hope that Ellie watched us leaving.
Suddenly he is next to me and grabs my arms. I want to yell but his hand covers my mouth. He is strong, we wrestle a moment but I have no chance. A minute later I lay on the ground, my arms tied behind my back, a piece of textile in my mouth, my eyes blindfolded.
I hear the buzz of a neon lamp. Than Roberts pulls me up half way, hauling me across a pile of mattresses, my but up, my face on the dusty and smelly matt. Oil is dripping on my butt, down my legs and my spine. It smells like salad oil. I am glad he is not using machine oil on me. Then his hand starts working on my pussy. His fingers slide into my oiled hole, he pushes hard, stretching me. The guy plans to fist me. Bastard!
His hand squeezes inside, he pushes and pushes, turns, pushes, squeezes until I can feel his entire hand inside. He fist fucks me hard. But that does not seem to please him enough. His hand slips out of my pussy and his fingers push against my asshole. Oh no… I am clenching my anus but he pushes his fingers inside. Like with my pussy he works on it with strength and endurance. Pushing, turning, pushing, more and more fingers find their way in my ass.
Suddenly his fingers disappear, but a hard, round thing pushes into my hole. The bastard put a butt plug into my ass to keep it open. While I lay there complaining through my gagged mouth, I can hear him opening a beer can and the clicks of a camera.
Moments later the plug is pulled out with f***e and his hand is back in. My ass hurts but I try to relax and let it come in. There is no way to work against it, so I rather try to support. It takes quite a while of stretching, but then his hand seems to slide inside. Robert starts to fuck my ass with his hand, than making a fist to stretch me even further. I start to enjoy it at least a little. Robert is groaning next to me, surly jerking off while is Hand is in my bowels up to his wrist. Suddenly his hand slips out my gaping ass. I feel hot drops splashing on my back. Robert is shooting his load all over me.
Again I hear a beer can, clicking of the camera. Finally he releases me from my gag, arm ties and blindfold. I am getting up confused and ashamed. Robert hands me the 50 bucks with a big grin, than asks me to leave the truck. I am covered with oil and sperm and I feel lousy. I make my way to the shower room and spend close to an hour under the hot water. I try to wash my clothes, I do not have much spare shirts and pants. Tony gives me a sad look. Then he helps me with the laundry.
Weeks later I saw some guys looking at Photos in the bar. Obviously pornographic as I can hear them commenting. I peeked over their shoulders and could not believe what I saw. Robert copied the pictures from the session and handed it out to some friends. I see a arm up a round ass, a gaping asshole, a slut on the ground.. My face is not visible and the guys don’t seem to know it is me. Well, at the end it meant business for me since one of the guys got horny and I made him my client.
In the evening I end up at the bench again. It is still hot, but I am tired. My ass hurts, still stretched and makes me feel wanting to shit. I doze off quickly, kind of happy about my 90 bucks. Maybe I can make my way out of here some day.

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2 years ago
It is interesting....thanks for posting that I did enjoy reading it...Kim
3 years ago
interesting story