The turning of a Married white slut

about a year or so back I was experimenting with a married white slut in Fairfax VA, she doesn't get any at home and believes her husband is not interested in her that way anymore. I met her on another online social site about 3 years ago, she knows of my preference for black women and still wanted me to be her Master and dominate her. She wasn't too keen on black men or women she thouight all colours should stay apart...I just laughed, we chatted about her hubby who I guessed was only one step away from being in the KKK LOL.

I had several sessions with her, restrained, f***ed orgasms, slapping, spanking, paddles and flogging. She was a little unsure about anal but in time came to love it. She bacame obedient and very sexual......

We again talked about interracial sex over dinner and she told me she thinks its horrible and disgusts her..again I smiled, when I told her about a friend I had who only services married white women, she just grimaced and said the thought of that made her sick....

After a few months it was her birthday and i told her to expect a surprise from me, she became very excited when i said I have a friend loves three somes LOL

Anyway a few days later I had her on all 4s, I was laying down with my legs spread she was bound with rope her hands behind her, ankle spacers, blind folded and ball gagged, i removed the ball gag after I had finnished slapping her ass to a red glow, she was now slurping over my cock...she began to maon as she always does enjoying her masters cock in her mouth, my hands on her head holding her there to gag now and then....when suddenly the door opened and I winked at Shaugn my good buddy........he quickly took off his jeans and shorts and t shirt and knelt behind Betty who by this time knew he was there as she could hear him, I just whispered in her ear "here's your reward for being a such a good white married slut" at which point Shaugn lashed her pussy and ass from the back and she let out a long moan, I slapped her face and told her to continue sucking me....she did like the good slut she is, after she came all over Shaughns mouth 2 or 3 times she concentrated on me and swallowed my load, by now she was almost insane with her arousal, I sat back and watched as Shaugn, legs either side of her crouched and slid his thick black cock all the way in and betty gasped.....and started to groan....Shaugn started to fuck her slowly but deeply, gradually she started to back up and grind her ass into him....Shaugn speeded up and she started to cum moaning louder and louded and started shouting fuck me fuck me this point I pulled off her blindfold and she immediatedly looked back at a smiling Shaugn, balls deep in her white pussy, she gasped with disbelief but continued to back up and moaned even louder, she looked back at me in shock...then closed her eyes and had an orgasm that can only be described as thunderous........

When Shaugn finally pulled out after cumming in her she didn't hesitate to offer he mouth to clean his cock, it was a very erotic moment to witness a white woman who was racist become a black cock whore inside a few minutes...

Afterwards she said it was amazing she had the biggest climax she could remember. I organised several black friends for her to learn from after that and now she is hooked, I think actually she only seeks black men now LOL...

It was an amazing experience witnessing the moment she was cumming and a black man was making her cum, the intensity for her must have been very very high at that point when she reached the point of no return....and realised she was actually enjoying this sensation with a black man.

I felt I had done a good deed that day LOL

I also had a deep feeling of joy imagining her husband being f***ed to watch her he he he

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2 years ago
Only way to improve that is had you made her verbally tell Shaugn, "I want your black cum inside me, cum in my white pussy, PLEASE"