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I'm:MasterKing XXX, 41
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Kids:Yes, we do not live together
Occupation:truck driver
Education:Some college
Star sign:Leo
Drugs:Recreational drugs sometimes
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Body type:Average
Height:6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
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HEY! I been here a min and think its time to update. I'm a Dom and I'm looking at what turns me on love to talk to beautiful women so if i ask to be your friend then i think that you are a very Beautiful woman and i love to talk to you about anything you like to talk about. Yes I'm single looking for Subs,Slaves,Sluts,and women that think they want to be for a strong minded and willed Black man. I'm not all about sex or being a Dom just here watching good porn and maybe meet a coulpe friends to boot. Ok not that serious.

Ok here some more about me
open honest laidback and not afraid to show you who I'm and what I'm about or where I come from and where I'm going so if u really what to know Ask me. And I will tell you all about me I have nothing to hide cuase if you don't like me for who I'm then we won't waste each others time, and that a Beautiful thing. I do know that most on here are just pics and words on the screen and are on here for a laugh or whatever, alot ppl say they real or their straight up but they not so if you not willing to meet and get to know me for real then pass me by and I hope you find what you looking for, Peace,Love & Happiness to u and yours. My name is Keith. And if you Don't know a real man when you see one then you will when you see me, if you don't know a real man when you talk to one then you will when you talk to me. I have a old school up being with a Hip Hop feel to it, oh if you can't tell by now I have a real dominate side but I'm still a southern Gentleman its the way I was rasied so no I don't hit women and u not going hit me. into light BDSM

about you
Lets see caring, outgoing,laidback,a lady in the streets and a real kinkyass Freak in the sheets,got a lil tomboy in her not afraid to get dirty and laugh at herself, very good sense of humor, can be a girlygirl when need to be but more comfortable in t-shirt and jeans,is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside knows what she wants how to get it and keep it when she gets it. All the above and more with a little spice mix in and for extra flavor. A woman that know who she is and can tell a man all about her with out being to shy to say whats on her mind and how she feels about any and everything. And I don't have to read it, as if I could anyway. a woman that wants her man to be a real man. Subs are welcome to message me anytime. A real woman that can follow her mans lead and want to.

I not all about sex or watching porn not even trying to hookup with ppl on here but I do like to talk and it don't matter what we talk about. Sure I know alots of guys hit up don't don't put us all in the same boat not all of us are jerks or morons, at least not all the time.Haha anyway im MasterKing and I'd love to be you friend and hope we can chat sometime and be good friends if not thanks for stoping by and read this I got a cramp in my hand typing it I hope some1 read it damn.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
No = NO
1 year ago
What is wrong with you ??
1 year ago
What part of NO don't you not understand ??
1 year ago
No = NO
1 year ago
No, sorry no !
……… (¯¯.:.¯¯)
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.¯(_.•´' ╱/|\\(¯' '(♥ّۣۜ'♥)\'~'.•´¯)
……(_: : : : : : (_.•´'╱/|\\╲\'`•. _)
………(__.:.__)\\\\.(_: : : : : : : _)
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..s$$$$$$$s ...// ... s$$$$$$$$$s
…s$$$$s ………||.….….s$$$$$$$s
….s$$s…(¯ `•.\\/.•´¯)….s$$$$$s
……$$..(¯ `•._|||_.•´¯).…s$$s
2 years ago
Yes to you!

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2 years ago
Wish we had more like you out here...cuz trust me, We DON'T !!
3 years ago
ah welcome and thx for the add :)
3 years ago
Leo Hi, thanks for the ADD! xxx
3 years ago
It's important to do your part and recycle, MasterKingLeo :) and... yes, yes I am a tease :)
3 years ago
How's my official bbc today? :)
3 years ago
Well, who doesn't need a BBC? :) thank you for the kind offer, sir - I do appreciate it.
3 years ago
Friendly greetings from Sarah ;-)
3 years ago
*raises right hand, left tied to collar* I read it Sir. Blessed Be.
3 years ago
Too bad that i don't live closer to you or i would come down there and be one of your slaves
3 years ago
Thanks for your comment
3 years ago
thanks for the invite :)
3 years ago
thanks for the invite! you are very sexy!
3 years ago
Thank you for the invitation.
3 years ago
thank you master. ;)
3 years ago
thanx for the invite, Sir
3 years ago
Ty for the friendship


4 years ago
miss you
4 years ago
Mmmmm, thank you Master...
4 years ago
Thanks for the invite babe :)
4 years ago
good morning.......if you'd like to talk on the phone today sometime please contact us, ok? talk soon.
4 years ago
please consider adding us kbm xxx.....happy new year to you and your family.
4 years ago
you very welcome

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