BDSM Playtime

Master you take my breath away,
I love you more than I can say,
Words cannot describe my joy,
As you develop new ways to use each 'toy'.

You take me gently by the hand,
And tie each knot, as it is planned,
Knowingly you smile at me,
I pull and tug but can't get free.

Your breathing comes in raspy gasps,
Each nipple of mine caught in your clasps,
I sharply intake my breath as they're secured,
Knowing the pain that must be endured.

'Playtime' has started and you mean business,
You tie and gag me with your Dominant finesse,
On goes the blindfold now all senses alert,
Only a matter of moments before I 'squirt'.

I listen intently to claim a clue,
As to what on earth you're going to do,
A match is struck, I know what comes next,
Candle treats on white smooth breast.

A flash of intense burning ecstasy,
I feel your excited body next to me,
Neither of us can contain ourselves,
Into orgasmic pleasure we shall delve.

I am yours for the taking, bound and inert,
"Fuck" I shout as I squirm and squirt,
I sense your pleasure in my scream,
And know it for sure, as you share your cream.

Playtime is finished, the toys go away,
You release your slave once more that day,
We share a bath and curl up in bed,
Until I feel you pushing down on my head!

I take a dive under the covers,
BDSM night time play for lovers,
I'm on my leash and in our bed,
We go to sl**p now that I've been fed.

by Master Jim slave
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3 years ago
That's so sweet, thank you for sharing Kajira.