Train Gang Bang

Train Gang ****
Let me explain my proposition to you. You get on the underground train, traveling from one part of London to the other. Now this carriage is filled only with men, no woman and the other carriages seemed to be blocked up. You stand up against the door and simply there. You feel as the train moves away, someone rubbing against you. You feel someone groping you, but you let it slide. I breathe down your neck and press myself against you. Your breasts against the glass. The train keeps going not stopping at all. You feel my hands around your breasts, but you notice another set. By this time, you have been turned around and are facing the whole carriage, who are gazing at your body in lust. And I with a simply hand movement lift up your top and pull your bra down to expose your breasts. This makes every man in the carriage, hard and horny. I keep feeling your breasts, playing with your nipples, to arouse your whole body. I move to your pants and push my hand underneath them and touch your, knowing this situation will get you wet. Would you like me to explain more?

You are now, half naked in front of lustful men. You cannot imagine what they will do to you. I ran my hand down your leg and pussy and push my fingers in. You would move and feel the excitement. I kiss and gently lick your neck. I look at the first man who seems to be stepping closer and nod to him. He moves forward, and places his cold hands on your breasts. You can see the bulge of his pants, he is excited by your breasts. He grabs them and pinches your nipples. I tell him, gently, and he responds. He begins to lick your breasts and nipples. But he only stays on one side, your left. It turns out he gives place to another man who begins licking your right breast. You have to men licking your breasts. My finger in pushing deep inside your pussy and more and more. You know the excitement will engulf you soon. I tell the men to stop and lead you to a chair. I sit down and you sit down on me. You can feel my own bulge rubbing behind you. I have space of seating on my left and right as two men drop their pants and you can see their cocks. The scent and the sight of them, makes you hornier as my hand and fingers are already pushing inside your wet pussy. I lick your neck and whisper in your ear gently." These men are in pain because of you, relieve them of their pain" I say. They stand and step forward pushing their cocks against you. You take one and lick it. With the other hand you massage and rub the other man's cock. You can feel both of them pulsing. You feel my own hands pushing my fingers in. You have the same two men licking your breasts and massaging them. You push one cock in your mouth and twirl your tongue around it. You switch to the other man's cock and lick it and suck his cock to, pushing it deeper. This goes on, of you sucking each cock, two men licking and massaging your breasts and myself with you sitting on my bulge and me pushing my fingers in. I see that some men have taken their cameras out and are taking pictures, but you are just enticed by the three men pleasuring you and the two you are relieving of pain.
Suddenly, both of the men who you were socking cock, push both their cocks into your mouth and both cum, filling your mouth with double the load. It is too much to swallow and it leaks from your mouth. Your nipples are hard and you have noticed both men who had been licking your breasts and nipples had taken their own cocks out and pushed them against your nipples, exciting you even more. They both cum and you have on your breasts and on your face four times the cum load you expected and you yourself had an orgasm from me pushing four fingers in. You slump to the floor on your knees. You do not know what is going to happen? Would you like to know more?

I lift you up and tell you to take of your jeans/skirt, depending on your taste. Now you are standing naked, while wearing underwear. I tell you to take your underwear, and gently help you, massaging your sides and breasts. I am the Dominant Master and I have control against the men who if it were not for me, you would of been brutalized and completely ripped. Your panties are off and I take them and look towards the men who do not want to use your body. I take your bra, clothes and panties and throw it towards them. They take a piece of your clothing each and you use it as a cloak to masturbate their cock on. The other men who had their share, have relieved themselves and walk to the sides to allow other men. I look at the men and ask, who wants her mouth, pussy and ass. I am still clothed and allow the men. You lower yourself on one cock, with your pussy onto the man who is sitting on the chair. His cock is around 7 inches in length. You are amazed by the size and feel it as it slides inside you, pushing against the walls of your pussy. You begin moving up and down, sliding in and out of you. It is extremely orgasmic for you. You hear breathing behind you and with no excuse, you feel something larger slide into your asshole. It feels bigger, 8 inches to be exact. A man behind has pushed inside your ass. He grabs your tits and pushes himself into you. Your nipples are hard and he plays with them. You push down and up with your hips onto the cock in your pussy in sync with the man thrusting his cock into you. You sense a familiar smell and look to one side as there is a cock waiting to be sucked and another one the other side. Both these cocks are 6 inches in length. You are already sex and horny crazed, your mind can only think of cocks and cum. You begin sucking the first cock and then in turn sucking the other cock, while being penetrated by the cock in your pussy and another cock in your ass. This does not take long as each thrust gets harder and first the ass cock erupts with cum inside your ass hole. Its so much as it spills out. The two who you were, one f***es it down your throat, forcing you to deep throat and his cum pours down into your mouth and neck. You gag and the second one cums all over your face. The cock in your pussy cums last and pushes in one last time and the cum explodes within you. All four step down and begin dressing as there are three more left and myself. Do you wish to know more?

The three who are left all drop their pants and what you see amazes you. Each one has a different sized cock. The first one who steps forward has a ten inch cock and its hard and pulsing as you can see the veins. He steps forward and points to your ass. I help him lift you up and he pushes his cock into your ass. You cannot take his cock and actually scream. I stop him and tell him to wait. I take from my own bag, lube and squeeze some on my fingers. I place you on the seat with your ass facing towards me. I tell the other three men to put lube on their cock, except the other who is still rubbing his own. The other who is not putting lube on his, has a 5 inch wide and 4 inch long cock. You hope its not in the pussy or ass. I calm you saying he wants a blow job. I begin to lick your pussy and massage your asshole with my fingers and in the time span of five minutes I am able to spread your ass, with massaging and spread your pussy the same way. I present you to the first guy who lifts you up and he slides himself into your ass hole with his ten inch cock. It penetrated straight away, and you can feel the whole length within your self. He lifts you up and presents your pussy to the rest of us. You are raised up and on his cock. The second man steps up. His own cock is 11 inches in length and 2 inches in width. He gently massages your pussy and then pushes in and out gently, before getting faster and rougher inside of you. You feel two cocks in you, both 10 and 11 inches long. You cannot take it, as your stamina soon will run out. You feel the f***e of their cocks and you feel them being tightened by your asshole and pussy muscles as they squeeze their cocks. You feel a pulse and feel both of them cum inside you. The load they cum is massive that you hope they finished, but the one who had his cock in your ass takes himself out and begins to put lube on his cock. The one with his cock in your pussy lays down on the ground and you begin moving up and down using your hips on his cock. You feel the movement of him sliding in and out. You scream in pleasure and then feel the one behind push his cock inside your asshole, with more roughness and power. You feel both of them push in and out. You look forward as their is one left with his 5 inch width and 4 width long cock. You see it and have the urge. You wrap your hands around it and feel its slippery and wide size. You open your mouth and he pushes it in. You feel the whole thing in your mouth pulsing. You know just from licking the cock inside your mouth and gagging for air, you will soon have the most orgasmic feeling of three large cocks inside of you cum at the same time. And on cue, you feel yourself tighten around the cocks on you and as you suck more, all three cum at the same time. You feel your asshole and pussy explode with cum and your mouth filled with cum, that the man pulls out and cums on your face, hair and tits. You are just covered in semen that you lay there. I thank all the men for coming as they all dress and get off on the last station. No one is in the station and the train just stops. I sit on a chair and look down at you. I myself have gotten hard, but did not really masturbate. I take out a batch of new clothes, as your old ones have been taken away. I put new panties on you, a skirt, a top and jacket. And shoes. I help you up and take your bags and put them in my own. I lift you up, on my back as i give you a piggy back ride. I walk up and out of the station and outside. I walk from the station to your house, finding about your address from your belongings. I open your front door with your key and take you to the bedroom. As I lay you down, I run you a warm bath. I place a pillow for your head in the bath. I undress you and place you gently in the bath and sit down. I leave a note on your mirror in the bathroom, saying "relax, and when you need excitement, call me"

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