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[Story] The Master and his Pixies

The sun is setting...

I groan softly.

As it often does these days my mind wanders. My life has become so different from what it used to be that I still sometimes find it hard to believe. We are taught many things as we are growing up. Humanity has learned so much about the universe we have deluded ourselves into thinking we understand far more than we do.

Humans have progressed steadily from the beginning.


There is no magic.


The truth is that humanit... Continue»
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[Story] A Change of Attitude

My husband told me I wasn't spontaneous. He said our sex was getting routine. I couldn't believe he would say that to me, but after I was done being pissed off, I began to think that maybe he had a point. I've never been very bold sexually, and I've always thought sex belongs in the bedroom at night. Steve made sense, I was being ridiculous, and I could see how I was becoming boring. I decided to show my husband a new me.
I spent the next few days surfing the Internet for porn while he was at work. Boy, did I learn a lot. I read a lot of stories, and watched a lot of videos until I felt I was... Continue»
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Naked Stepdaughter Ch. 01byaznaked©
My name is Kacie. I know. It is a curtsey way of spelling but my mother came up with it.

My "situation" started when I was 17 years old. My mother died in a car accident. Ironically for a heavy drinker, she was sober but was a passenger in a car driven by a d***k friend. The friend survived but my mother did not.

I had never known my real father and I'm not sure mother really did either. It could have been a casual encounter or a swinging party. Mike had been my stepfather for at least ten years and had been around longer than that. He was very much... Continue»
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