Three BBWs and a guy ( chpt6)

Teri left the kitchen and returned a couple of minutes later. She was came back in doing a combination hooker strut and a runway cat walk. Wearing a pair of sexy black 3 inch heels and nothing else. Brian watched with keen interest.
As she went over to the frig and opened the door. She then bent at the waist
taking her time looking for something. She kept shifting her weight on the balls of her feet. Causing her meaty ass to do a sexy wiggle. Teri got out a
can of whip cream, chocolate syrup and milk. She got some cocoa powder from the
Then Teri went over to the mircowave to heat up the milk. As the mircowave was
was going Teri gave brian a sexy smile over her sholuder. While she did this
giving Brian a sxey booty shake show. She was holding on to the counter as she was bent forward. Looking she was stomping out a cigarette with both feet. On
the balls of her feet each going in opposite directions. She turned around to face him. Teri took the can of whip cream and shook it. She then shot some of
the whip cream on her nipples. Teri made a sexy show as she licked and sucked
the cream off her nipples.
Teri mixed the milk, syrup and cocoa powder together, then handed the mug to Brian. " Don't spill it." she said. As she squatted down in front of him
while pulling down his pants. She squirted some whip cream on his soft dick and then his dick into her mouth. AS his cock grew erect in her mouth. She started sucking his cock. When he washard she ran some cream along the length of his shaft with some of the chocolate syrup. She then started enjoying the sweet morning treat.
Brian set his cup asided. So as not to burn Teri. He then started cumm-
ing adding to the sweet mix.
" How was that?" she asked. As she came up to kiss him.
" Beats the $2.25 and the buck tip. I'm used to." he answered
" Come on let's take a nap."
" Is that what you're calling it. Ahhh husbandly duties I've missed them
Just remember you girls get one boyfriend. I have three different girlfriends
and I'll treat you all as such." Brian said as they walked to Teri's bedroom.


Brian's wife Karen answered her front door. The person standing on her doorstep was Brian's mother Joan.
" Come in." invited Karen. As Joan stepped in
Karen then shut the door loudly. " Where's that little bitch you call a son." Karen shouted
" If anyone turned him into a so-called bitch it was you." answered Joan
" Answer the lady you old bitch just like you sissy bitch son." ranted a
tall large black man. As he entered the room.
" Young man stay out of this. This is between me and her." warned Joan
" I'll whip you're tired old winkley ass and then **** it til you scream
. Just like your faggot sissy son." he yelled
Before another word was said. The door exploded open. Three very large in
police S.W.A.T gear came barreling in with big weapons drawn. They tackled the black man like a bug.
" Young man piece of advise." said Joan " One never threaten a old lady.
Two never threaten a old lady with nephews. Who all three are the S.W.A.T team.
Martin could you please stay. I need a notary."
One of the cops just nodded as the others hauled Karen's bull away. Karen
was in shock
" Now let's get down to business, slut." Joan addressed Karen. " What my
son left is what you're going to get and that's it period." she continued. As
Joan pulled out some papers from her bag.
" Look we can work this out. Can't we?" begged Karen
" My son tried. You didn't want to and this is what you now get. Now sign.
Black cock slut. That's what you've called youslf." said Joan
Karen knew from years of being around Joan she was beaten. So she signed the papers.
" Hope you're happy. You never liked me." said Karen
" I'm now very happy. You won't be. My son will E-mail you a good-bye."
said Joan. As she went out what was left of the door with her bodyguard.
The next day there was a E-mail from Brian. It read: WATCH THIS and
there was an attachment. She click on the attachment. The screen went to full size.
On the screen there was Brian flanked by two women. They were large size
with large breasts. One had reddish-brown hair the other was a brunette. They
were rubbing their nipples from their large breasts to his nipples. One from a right tit to his right nipple on from a left tit to his left nipple. They kept
doing this as Brian spoke. There was a large screen TV behind them replaying.
Nancy freeing Brian and what happen after wered.
" Hello Karen I want you see this first." Brian said. As he took off his wedding ring and placed in a bag with his old pink cock cage. "I was hoping our
lives our marriage would return to normal. But it didn't.
So all you get is half of our bank accounts. I've already took my half.
I left you the house, the cars, the full stock portfolio. You can sell whatever
of mine I left.
So I hope your black cock was worth it. And by the way. Your f****y is
getting copies of everything about this. All the photos, texts, E-mail. I made
copies of it all. Enjoy. Bye."
" Oh Karen. We love your now Ex-husband." said the brunette.
" And your never going to get him back. Ever." finished the reddish-
brown hair.
The camera moved back showing a full body shot.There was a large size
blonde sucking his cock. It showed this scene til he came in her mouth then stopped.

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