Three BBWs and a guy (chpt.5)

It was getting late so Nancy took Brian off to her room. It was a girlie room with pinks and stuff a****ls. Her bed was a queen size canopy with lots
of pillows.
Brian started helping nancy out of her clothes. For her part Nancy did the same with Brian. She licked and sucked on his neck working her way down his
chest. Brian reached around and started rubbing her large ass . He was enjoying
the long overdue intimate passion with just one on one with a woman. After a
while of fondling each other they got into bed. Nancy turned off the lights
making the whole room pitch black.
" Are you one of those girls. Who can only have sex with the lights off?"
he asked
" I thought you'd like this instead of a blindfold." she replied
" I can't see my hand before my face." He then started feeling out for her.
Brian relaxed and felt for Nancy was laying on the bed. He knelt were her head was .Brian then guided his cock to her mouth leaning over her. He twisted
his torse to get Nancy's left breast to his mouth. Brian then moved his right hand down over her tummyto finger her pussy. he slowly started rubbing her clit.
Slowly adding his fingers to help get her wetter.
When Brian heartd the wet sounds from his fingering. He stuck his fingers
in his mouth and suck on her juices. Her taste was sweet and delicious. He then
maneuvered myself into the 69 position. His tongue went straight to her clit.
Brian used the tip of his tongue to write THANK YOU over and over again. He also tried to get his tongue deep inside her pussy.
Nancy took his cock out of her mouth." Fuck me. Fuck me Pleeease. Fuck mee
hard. Pleease." she begged
At her request Brian moved to grip nancy by the backs of her knees to spr-
ead her legs apart for him. Brian slid his cock into her to the hilt. Brian started with slow deep strokes. He then varied his thrusts from short and shallow strokes to deep and long. Brian then used is favorite trick on Nancy.
One he hasn't used in a long time. He did Morse code with his cock. Brian spel-
led 'THANK YOU FOR FREEING ME.' He only managed to get to 'THANK YOU FOR' before Nancy climaxed hard squeesing on his cock. Brian pulled out of her pussy.
He turned Nancy on her side. Bringing her leg to his chest. He selled out 'PHAT
FUCK SLUT' Nancy came again hard and loud. ( in case you're wondering PHAT:Pre-
tty Hot And Tempting )
Ther was a loud bang on the door. Followed by someone yellling " Hey".
Brian reconised it as Teri's voice. she paused
" Brian. Me and Lynn expect to be making as much noise as you two are. When
it's our turns."
Brian's face was bright red, lucky Nancy couldn't see it. " Yes dear." he
" Remind me not to play Twister with you." Nancy whispered as they were
" Hopely we'll be naked if we do. But why not." he asked
" You can stick your dick in my mouth, suck on one of my tits , and finger
my pussy at the same time. And your wife decided black dick was better?"
"sweet dreams." he said
" Ohh yea."
The next morning Brian and Nancy had a quick round of sex. Then a shower together. As he was coming out. Lynn was going in. She reached out and grabbed Brian by his crotch and guided him back into the bathroom.
" You up for another shower?" asked Lynn
" Reporting for shower buddy duty."
They both got in the shower. brian soapped down Lynn's body and washed her hair. She got down in front of him. Lynn started sucking his cock slowly. When
he was really enjoing it Lynn worked two of her fingers up into his ass. She poked around for a few strokes. Then removed her fingers and washed them.
" How did you like your prostate exam?" she asked
She then kissed him and patted him on the ass.
" Prostate exam ??" he looked at her questionly
" Yes, once a month. We'll also teach you how yo do a breast exam."
" That's going to be a lot of breasts to take care of."
" Honey, you have a choice now as what goes up your ass. But my fingers are once a month mandatory thing. Your cock is allowed in our asses anytime you
want. Just be gentle at first."
They then took another shower.
After his second shower Brian used Lynn's Jeep to take her and Nancy to
their jobs. It felt good to him to kiss the girls as he dropped them off. He made a mental note to find a truck with a bench seat.
Teri came into the kitchen with a half awake shuffle. She saw Brian leaning against the kitchen island staring out the window. He had a thoughtful look on his face.
" you look deep in thought. Do you miss Portland already?" she asked
before he answered brian took a sip from the cup he was holding.
" Not really. I had morning sex with Nancy, a prostate exam blowjob combo
after my two showers.
As far as me missing Portland. I'm not missing getting up early for work.
I'm not missing my ex and all the stuff she put me through or make me wonder about. I am going to miss the girls at Bikini Brew a coffee cart just a couple of blocks from work.
And taking lynn and Nancy to work. Felt like the most husband thing to do. The kind of thing I haven't done in a long time and it felt really good this
morning." Brian answered
" You mean there is a coffee cart where girls serve you coffee wearing
a bikini." asked Teri
( Authors note: Yes in Portland there are coffee carts where the girls wear
bikinis. I pass by one everyday on my way to work.)
" Yes. but I only got hot chocolate. I'm not a coffee drinker."
" You thinking about a second cup?" asked Teri
" Maybe, Why?"
" Hold on a sec." she remarked

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