Three BBWS and a guy ( chpt. 4 )

" As you know I'm Nancy." said the blonde as she walk over to Brian.
Where she rubbed her breasts on Brian's chest as she hugged and kissed him.
" I'm Lynn." said the burnette as she did the same as Nancy.
" And I'm Teri." replied the reddish-brown " How are your arms?"
" Nothing broken." he answered
" Now as for what's going on. We heard you B-B-Q a mean steak and we have
some in thr frig. We can talk over diner." said Teri
" Let me wash my face and put on some pants."
Lynn handed Brian his pants as she took out his shorts with a cheeky smile.
He put on his pants commando style. Then he went out to start the grill.
Nancy brought out the steaks and look at Brian's face.
" you ok?" she asked
" Well when I got here. I didn't think I would be doing porno while hand
cuffed." he said while waiting for the grill to heat. He then wrapped his arms
around her hugging her tightly." Thank you for freeing me." he whispered in her ear.
" I'll take a god fucking tonight as a thank you. But me and the others
are a team. We all are here to help free you. Ok."
" Ok." he smiled
They all sat for dinner out on the deck. The girls wanted to know why he
had let what happen go for three years. He explained that he loved his wife.
How he through out their relationship he did alot to please. He also was thinking it was just a phase of some kind.
His question to them was why him. He thoght there would be loads of guys here in Alaska. Why import ? Nancy provided the answer by saying. She found a
Clone-A-Willy mold in his some of his stuff. How they made a dildo from it.
That it managed to hit all three of their G-spots. So his cock should be able to
do the same.
Besides every guy they were dating tried cheating on them with one or the other.
So getting one boyfriend for the three of them was the best answer.
" We would like for you to be our house husband." asked Teri
" What is your definition of house husband and house bitch. Because I was
my wife's house bitch, not fun." he said
" No cock cage for one. We'll treat you like a man. If you act like one.
You take care of the house duties, our website, and take care of us at night.
We can give you a allowance if you need something like clothes, books, movies.
What do you say." explained Teri
" There's no need for an allowance. I've kept a few secrets from my wife.
Like my thirty five hundred a month from day trading or the money from my two
apartments buildings. I stopped using three years ago sitting in a bank earning
" I think my room is going to be very busy." said Brian
" You don't have your own room." said Lynn. Brian gave her a funny look.
" You'll be sl**ping in our beds with us on a rotating basis." she continued
" Can I ask one little question." he asked
" If your asking. If we sometimes play together. The answer is yes. But
we don't go overboard with it." said Nancy. Answering his possible question
" No. More like. When it gets hell freezing cold. Where do you want to go.
So I can see you all in some skimpy bikini or nothing at all on a beach." he
After diner Brian took a shower. The girls wanted to join him but he beg-
ged them off. Besides he told them that he needed his strength for Nancy to
help unload his stuff. He also reminded them he was now living there. He'll
just add shower buddy to his duty list.

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3 years ago
sounds like alot of fun is on the way for this guy!!