Three BBWs and a guy ( chpt.3)

" You think you can get hard again sweetie?" asked Teri. Before giving him
a kiss.
" I'll try Mistress." he replied
Teri kissed him again then looked him square in th eye." We are not your
Mistresses. We are your friends and lovers. We can play games every now and
then. We don't want you to think you got rid of one bitch just to get three.
We want you as our man not our bitch boy." she said in a soft commanding voice.
Kissing him again.
" You up for eating my pussy?" asked Teri
Brian just just nodded. Teri then placed her large ass on his chest. She was
kneeling with her thighs between his head. Her pussy was shaved clean and bald.
His tongue went to work on her pussy while Lynn worked on his cock.
The only pussy Brian ever ate was his wife's. Teri's pussy was tastey with
a mild womanly musk. To Brian's thinking if the other two tasted like this he
was going to be in heaven. As long as it didn't have another mans cum in it.
He kiss her inner thighs thenlicked his way around her pussy. Varying from lightly sucking to hard broad strokes with his tongue. He then started working her clit by sealing his lips around her clit shaft then wiggling the tip of his tongue on the tip of her clit.
As Brian was going to town on Teri's pussy. Lynn was going to town on Brian's
cock with the same gusto. She started by using her tongue in circles around his
cock's head. Then up and down his shaft. She also deep throated his cock as much
as she was able to without gagging. Lynn made sure his balls were getting as
much attention. Brian was enjoying Lynn's mouth.
Lynn stopped her mouth work to get four black rubber cock rings from her pants pocket. Both her and Teri had gotten Brian's cock harder than before. She
put the first one at the base of his shaft. She then placed one behind his balls
next to Brian's pelvis. The third one was placed over his balls just under the
start of his cock shaft. The last was placed behind the head of his cock. When
the last ring was in place she gave his cock head somemore tongue flicking and
" Now let's give him a test ride." said Teri enthusiasticly as she got off
Brian's pussy glazed face.
Teri and Lynn traded places. Lynn straddled her bald pussy on Brian's face.
Teri lower herself on Brian's cock in reverse cowgirl slowly. She started out
slowly getting Brian's cock deep in her pussy. Teri then switched to a faster shorter pace.
Brian was doing his best matching his pace to Teri's thrusting on his cock.
He took and stuck out his tongue as far as he could in Lynn's pussy. Then ran it
from deep inside along the roof of her pussy to her clit. He circled her clit a few times then back along the of her pussy. He also sucked on and licked her outer lips.
" Ladies I think I'm going to cum again." Brain called out from under Lynn-
's pussy. Holding out best he could.
Hearing that Teri got off Brian and got the bag over his dick for his second
cumming. Which seamed a little better.
" And we fade to black." announced Nancy from behind the camera." Now when do I get some of him?" she continued
" Tonight. He's sl**ping with you. Remember you drew high card." answered
Lynn as she got off Brian's face.
" It looked so hot with your two asses rubbing together." remarked Nancy
" Umm. Ladies can I get up now. My arms are hurting like hell." asked Brian
looking up at the ladies.
" Oops. Sorry Brian darling." replied Teri
" Can I ask a couple of questions?" asked Brian as he was sitting up.
" Sure." answered Lynn
" A: Could you tell what the HELL is going on. B: Can I get these cuffs off.
" I think we better introduce ourselves first." replied Teri. as she got the
cuffs keys and helped Brian up.

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