Three BBWS and a guy ( chpt. 2)

After some making out like with the other girls did with Brian. Nancy star-
ted kissing her way down his chest stopping to lick and suck on his nipples
again. She then squatted down to undo his pants and she untied his shoes as-
well. Brian looked at the lady behind the camera questionly. All he got was her putting her index finger to her lips. To be quite and her hand signaling to do a rolling motion. The burnette was unfolding the futon couch into a bed.
Nancy retrieved some towels and a silver grey plastic case with the name DREMEL on it.with a pair of pliers. The girls laid Brian on the futon bed. Spr-
eading his legs to give Nancy better access to his cock cage. " Well Brian dar-
ling I hate to say this but your girlie pink cock cage there has got to go.
our pink pussies need your cock more." Nancy said as she covered him with the towels and opened the case. She got an extention cord and a pair of sunglasses.
" Lynn could you shield him while I take care of this." said Nancy pointing to the cock cage.
As they were talking the camera lady moved to get a better view. The one Brian now knew as Lynn took off her scrub top and bra She then put a towel over her shoulder. " Looks like your going to be worshippingmy 40DDs a little sooner
than you thought." she said. As she leaner over Brian's upper torse. Lynn then
put a nipple in Brian's mouth. Which he started sucking on greedily." Mmmm.
That's our good boy."
Nancy plugged in the DREMEL with a cutting wheel already attached. She
used the pliers to grip the small lock. "Well little Master lock meet Master
key DREMEL. You'll be going back to that bitch in pieces."said Nancy as she
put the spinning cuutting wheel to the lock. It took a few seconds a few flying
sparks and it was soon free." Let the weak be strong. Let the guilty pay. It's
indepence day." Nancy sang a part of a Tina McBride classic as she removed Brian's cock prison.
When Nancy finished cutting the lock she carefully removed the cage. Then
placed it in a plastic bag were shen then spit into the bag. The other two girls
also spit into the bag aswell.
Now that Nancy was done she took over camera duty. " Okay, Brian darling
we need to drain out your ex-bitches cum. So we can enjoy a fresh supply for
oursleves. I'm going to give you a little hand and mouth action. when was the last time you came honey?" asked Lynn. As she gently fondled Brian's cock and
balls. When she took over Nancy's place.
" Last December." he said almost whimpering " she only let me out for 24
minutes saying ' It was the only present I deserved just barely.' I had to cum in a few minutes because I was a worthless little dick premature ejaculater in
her eyes." he continued
Well we'll change that. I want you to try and hold out longer than you
normally do if you can. but our friend Teri here isn't going to make it any easier for you either." Lynn said. While she jestered over to the girl with
reddish brown hair.
Lynn then went down on Brian taking his whole limp penis and balls in her mouth. Her mouth was full she barely had room to move her tongue around. To
Brian it was the most wonderful feeling in a long time. His cock started grow-
ing quickly in her mouth causing her to gag from it growing so quick. As it did
she started licking and sucking up and down the shaft. When it was fully erect
his cock was 6 1/2 inches by Lynn's guessing.
" A grower not a shower as we thought." remarked Lynn
As Lynn sucked on Brian. Teri rubbed her large breasts over Brian's face
and chest.
" If you liked her DDs then you'll love my 40Es just as much." whispered
Teri in his ear. With every chance Brian licked or sucked on both of Teri's
nipples as they came near his mouth. Teri enjoyed slowly rubbing her tits over
Brian's face.
From all the attention Brian was getting he started squirmming under the girls. He took one of the nipples from his mouth." I'm cumming." he said in a heavy pant.
" Ok. Honey just a second." said Lynn as she quickly got the bag and pla-
ced it over the head of Brian's cock. When the bag was placed over his cock
Brian pumped what cum there was into it. It was clearish and thin.

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