Thee BBWs and a guy

Brian and his b*****r Jeff was pulling up to brian's new home. It was a
large barn style home located a quarter of a mile off a main road just back
in the woods. The nearest town was Fairbanks Alaska ten miles away. At first
Brian thought his b*****r was nuts for suggestingmoving to Alaska to hide
from his wife six months ago. Now here he was ready to start a new life and disappear from his old one.
Brian never thought that he would ever leave his wife Karen. She was his
c***dhood sweet-heart and true love. They met in the sixth grade and had been
together through high school and college. Their marriage started out loving and strong like most. Then three years it just went down hill.
It all started out innocent enough. Karen went to a couple of bachelorette
parties at a club with male dancers. She got d***k had sex with a black dancer
with a cock bigger than his. She turned that into a affair. Soon all she cared about was blck cock not her husband. To her Brian was a means to support her
lifestyle and her new bull. When Brian tried to get their marriage back to nor-
mal all he got was a beating from Mr. Bull and a ass r****g. Which made Brian
wonder if her bull was closet gay. By the way Brian was f***ed to suck cock or
get ass fucked. When Karen didn't want to. He was made to clean her pussy with
Mr. Bull's cum inside which tasted nasty most of time. The last two years Brian was placed in chastity. She was draining their bank account like crazy and
humiliated him every chance she got. Brian lost most of his friends and even f****y started being distant.
When the chance came up to escape he took it. It took six months to change
addresses to get his stuff that he wanted to keep out of the house without her knowing. There was taking his name off the mortgage and getting her as the primary name on their credit cards. Lucky brian's f****y helped him on that.
Now Brian was here in Alaska he wanted to get the cock cage removed first
thing. But Jeff said Brian's new roommates would take care of that. So a few
more hours would not would not be a problem after almost two years. Jeff also
said Brian's new friends would show Karen that she made a big mistake and beg-
ging to get him back was not possible. Jeff also wouldn't give any details
about Brian's new roommates. Just the next time Brian saw Jeff. Brian would thank him profusely.
Brian watched his b*****r drive away then used the key he was given to
enter the house.He walked into a nicely furnished room with live plants.
Then started looking around and called out if anybody was home. But no answer
As Jeff was going down the driven a police cruise passed him. He gave the thumbs up sign to the passing car.
Brian had just finished using the downstairs bathroom when he heard a firm
commanding saying " Freeze. Hands above your head." coming from behind him.
" I'm suppose to be living here." Brian trying to explain. Not looking
" Hands above your head and down on your knees." commanded the voice.
Then followed by a very distinct click sound. Brian knew the sound from TV
and movies of a gun cocking. So Brian followed the commands.
" In this state it is lawful to shoot intruders for breaking and entering."
informed the voice. Brian was now thinking of various ways. to kill his b*o-
ther when he saw him agian. As he felt A firm hand pull his arms behind his
back the sound of handcuffs didn't help either.
" I'm suppose to be here." Brian repeated frantically
" Yeah. Likely story. I've heard it all before." the voice said. As Brian
was lifted to his feet. He was then spun hard into a near by wall. All he saw
was a curly reddish brown hair and mirrored sun glasses. He had a hand squeezing his thoat and his attackers weight pressing him to the wall. Brian
gasped for air to breathe. As his mouth opened to get some air in his lungs.
Brian's attacker stuck their tongue deep in his mouth for a deep hard kiss.
Brian tried to wiggle free to breath but it was no use. He was starting to en-
joy the experience.
Then just as quick the hand let go of his thoat. The kiss continued a lit-
tle longer. The weight of his attacker was all that was holding him against the wall.
After a few minutes his attacker let up from their kiss." Yes. Lover I
know who you are and you're suppose to be here." replied a woman's sexy voice.
As she stepped back to give Brian a little breathing room.
" Maybe he'd like a more romantic approach?" asked another voice.
Brianturned is head to see a burnette with long hair and brown eyes holding
a video camera." Let me try him out." she said. She then handed the camera over to the girl eith reddish-brown hair. Who lifted her mirrored glasses to reveal
her green eyes. Brian tried to look the new girl up and down. but she reached
out and put a finger under his chin. As he tried to look into her massive cleavage in encased in what looked like nurses scrubs." Eyes up here." she said
" You'll have plenty of time to look at the girls later. if not worship them
to your hearts content."
With that she had Brian up against the wall. With both hands on either side of his head. She started kissing him slowly with just lips nice and easy. She then started to add her tongue to his exploring mouth. As she kissed Brian she started unbuttoning his shirt then pulled up his under shirt up over his head. Exposing his chest to her. " Mmmm nice body, flat tummy. A few push up,
some crunches, a good weight routine and we'll have a winner."
Brian was getting a little confused. His wife nver complained about his body. He agreed he could use a little toning up, maybe some bulking. His wife's bull was all buffed out. He just didn't want to go overbroad with it. It just wasn't his thing.
Just as he was about to say something. The front door opened and in walked-in a blonde with long hair pass her shoulders." He's here and you guys started
without me." she said as she walked over to him." Mmm I like what I see so far.
What have you beeen doing to him? " she continued
" Just making out. Do you want to finish unwrapping him." replied the bur-
" Do I." answered the blonde excitedly
With that the blonde walked over to Brian. She rubbed a hand up and down
his chest and stomach. She then started running her tongue over his right nipple and sucking on it. After alittle bit she did the same with his left nip-
ple. When When she was satisfied with his nipples she ran tongue up the center
of his chest." I'm Nancy. " the blonde introduced herself as she started kiss-
ing him as she fondled his crotch. The cock cage was getting unbearably tight on his cock from the attention of the ladies. More than he was use to in along

(I'm still working on it tell me what you think so far )

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2 years ago
please keep going
3 years ago
good start.. 1 guy 3 girls in can only get better
3 years ago
Good start. Keep going