Bar Pick Up (bbw)

(Short story I've got a longer one in the works I wrote
this back 2001 )

Gary Badcock was feeling a little drained from all the seminars,
he was attending the last three days. Now that he was finished with the
last one. He thought he'd stop in the hotel lounge for quick drink before
going home. Gary was lucky that all these seminars were in being held in his
home city.
It took a few minutes for his eyes to ajust to th darkness of the place.
He saw a few pleople in the place. As he sat down at the bar he glanced over
to dark hair lady a few stools down. He ordered a drink and took another look
at her.
She smiled at him then went back to her own drink. She occassionly looked
and smiled at him too.
While Gary sipped his drink he'd watch her wave off couple of guys trying to pick her up. To which he couldn't blame them. She had on a short black dress
with a deep plunging neck line. That held two massive breasts, her figure was in the queen size range her thick shapely legs which were encased in a pair of
sheer black stockings. Gary found her face quite pleasant to look at.
Gary had just started his second drink when she has gotten up from her seat to come to sit next to him.
" Is this seat taken or are you waiting for someone?" she asked
" No. Help yourself. " he replied. Taking in her lovely face and deep
" Thanks."
" You seem to need a bigger stick."
" Seems that way. Are you going to get in line too."
" Maybe ? " he replied
" You don't seem like a out-of-towner are you a local."
" yep. Just here to unwind before going home."
" I could make it worth your while to help you unwind." she offered with
a smile.
" you didn't really strike me as a working girl." he paused " But just
to be curious how much ?"
" I don't do this to often so how about $200."
Gary looked over his shoulder to the ATM machine by the door. Then he looked her up and down." Do I get a refund if you're not worth it." he asked
" We'll see." she smiled
With that said gary got up from his stool and paid for the drinks, then
went to the ATM.
She picked up her purse then followed him. She catch up with him just
as he was getting the cash from the machine. "I have a room here in the hotel."
she said
" I could have guess that. How do you know I'm not a cop."
" You're to cute to be one."
" By the way I'm Gary Badcock."
" I'm Sheri." she said. As she introduced herself. AS she gently but
firmly groping his crotch.
Together they walked over to the elevators. On the way up to her floor
she fondle his cock through his pants. To which it grew increasingly longer and thicker.
" Why don't you sit over there on sofa. I think I've something to drink
in the mini-frig." she said shortly after they enter the room.
Gary declined on the drink as he sat in the middle of the sofa. He then
took the cash from the ATM and placed it on the end table. Gary watched Sheri
as she turned on a small boom box. Just after the music started she did a sexy street strut over to him.
She then turned her back to him and wiggled her thick ass at him as she
raised up her short tight skirt. She then did a sexy turn facing him and strip-
ped off short jacket throwing it aside. She then straddled his lap pulling his
head into her deep cleavage. Gary took the opportunity to stick out his tongue to lick between her tits.
She whispered hotly in his ear" This will be the best unwinding you'll
ever had." With that she ruubbed both sides of his face with her tits. Sheri
then got down and started doing a sexy strip tease much to Gary's harden de-
After a while of sexy dancing Sheri had stripped to just her stockings
and was highly turned on to fuck. She straddled his lap again facing him and
took his face in both hands. Sheri proceded to savagely kiss him. Her tongue
forcing it's way into his mouth. As she did Sheri ground her sopping wet crotch
on the bulge in his trousers. She did this to help bring herself off but to no
Gary with a bit of struggle managed to break her kiss for air.
" Are you going to fuck me or what ?" asked Sheri as still ground her
pussy into his bulge. As they both got up from the sofa. They made their way to the rooms large bed.
" looks like someone's dry cleaners is going to be pisssed." she said
as she saw the large wet spot covering thr crotch.
When they reached the bed she squatted down to undo his belt then using her teeth to unzip his trousers. Deeply inhaling her sweet mustyness on his
While Gary finished undressing he watched Sheri crawl up on the bed.
She then rolled on to her back then spreading her legs into a V. Then started
rubbing her shaved pussy and swollen clit.
Gary guided his hard swollen cock in her very wet pussy. He started his
rythm slow and deep. Once he was sure of his pace he held both of her ankles
apart with her legs still in the air. Gary varied his rythm from guick and swallow to slow and deep. He brought her close to a couple of orgasms but did-
n't let her cum.
After a bit Sheri finally came with such a overly powerful f***e causing
her whole body to shake. Her pussy clenched his cock tightly as she regained her breath.
For a break the two swithched to a 69 postion with Gary on top. He licked
on her pussy slow and easy to keep her juices flowing. As he did Gary used one
of his fingers to gently probe Sheri's butthole. Her overflowing pussy provided
ample supply of slick lube for a finger then two then three.
Sheri enjoyed Gary's fingers probing her ass. So she returned the pleasure
with her mouth by varying her cock sucking to match him. Besides he was renting
her for fun why not enjoy it.
Once their strength was recovered Sheri got on her hands and knees for
some doggie style action, her favorite.
As she did Gary got a condom from his pants beside the bed and slipped
it on. He used her pussy to lube his condom covered cock. Gary used his thumbs
to spread her ass wide open to expose her asshole.
" Let's see how tight this hole is." he said
Hearing that statement Sheri relaxed her ass so Gary could slowly slide
in more easily. Sheri liked how he slowly built up his thrusts. She also liked
his cock filled her butt without a lot of discomfort.
Gary throughly fucked her ass after he came he flipped her over on her back. Her then poured the cum filled rubber in her mouth.
It was getting late so the two fell in a well deserved sl**p.
The ringing of Gary's cell phone woke him as did the sun streaming
through the windows of the hotel room.
He answered his phone " Yes " he paused " no we didn't forget" an-
other pause " Ok. See you in a couple of hours, bye." he closed the phone.
" Who was that dear?" asked Sheri in a sl**py voice. Gary's wife and
the playful hooker from last night.
" Your mother reminding us of our daughters birthday party at 1 p.m."
" I swear my mother needs a good fucking to lighten her up."
" No comment." he replied
With that Sheri crawl up onto her husband to rub herself on him before
getting into the shower.

( please leave comments . Now to finish writting about a guy in Alaska )

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great story
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loved the story