John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt.5 )

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After John had his fun the girls got into the 69 position with Jill on
top. Jill voiced her concern with lack of experience in eating a woman's
pussy. Sharon just said for her to relax and go with the flow. John whispered
in her ear ' just repeat what Sharon had done to her earlier until she felt more comfortable.' While the girls were busy with each other John got some
condoms, lube and a couple of vibrators. John joined the action by again ream-
ing out Jill's ass only this time he added vibe for a little help. When he was sure Jill could take the vibes size of a quarter in diameter. Jill let out a
little groan as the vibe tried to enter her ass causing it to go even tighter.
" I'm sorry " she said starting to tear up. " my ex was really rough on my ass ."
" It's ok Sweetie "John replied
" Honey let's change this up a bit." Sharon suggested
" Sure. What would you like. " John asked
" Cream pie and you can have my ass. If you can go the distants." Sharon
" It's your ass. Oh, wait I own it."
" Are we going to to have pie in bed ?" asked Jill
" In a way." answered Sharon with a big smile. " Seeeings how your pussy
is so tastey at least in my opion and at this moment it's my opinion that counts
anyway. Seeing how my loving darling hubby hasn't cum yet to day. He's got to have a nice thick load just begging to get out. So here's how this works Hon-
eycakes. John is going to give you a a hard mind blowing fucking filling your
pussy pie with his cream filling. Then I'm going to eat you out clean. While he
pounds my ass. I'm thinking of making you ala mode for the pure pleasure of it.
" she explained
" This is crazy. " said Jill
" Crazy is what makes life enjoyable. Crazy makes sex fun. Crazy sometime
just makes the mst sense." answered Sharon as she started kissing Jill again.
John got up to get a pint of ice cream the keep on hand. The mini-frig in
the bedroom closet was out so he went to the kitchen frig. He came back with
some french vanilla and a spoon.
When he got back Sharon broke off her kissing Jill without say a word.
She took the ice cream from her husband. Sharon opened the container while
looking at Jill's face when she mashed the ice cream into Jill's small right
breast.Then twisted the containr. The look on Jill's face was of sheer shock from the act and the cold sensation all at once. The ice cream covered almost all of the breast.Then Sharon removed the container to replce it with her warm
mouth. Her tongue quickly flickering over Jill's hard nipple. Sharon then just
as quickly did the same to the left nipple. After a few times of switching back
and forth between the breasts.
Sharon was using the to mix the ice cream in the cup to soften it a bit more. The ice cream was a soft kind and was very light and creamy more of a home
" Stick out your tongue and keep it out." Sharon instructed to Jill. As
she mixing the ice cream. Sharon took a spoon of ice cream and sc****d it off on Jill's out stretched tongue. Then Sharon sucked on Jill's tongue. The girls
shared the ice cream in this fashion between them. Sharon dribbled more french
down between Jill's breasts then licking it back up.
Sharon paused for a second to ask her husband " You ready to fill her up
? "
" Always." he replied
They moved to the corner of the bed and put Jill in reverse cowgirl fac-
ing away from John. Jill started out slowly the increased her pace. Sharon
used her tongue on both Jill's clit and her husband's cock shaft.
" Jesus ! Fuuucckk meee !" Jill screamed
" Jesus can have sloppy seconds." remarked Sharon " Right now that's my
John then flipped Jill on her back with legs spread high in the air.
His hands held her by the backs of the knees. Drilling her with long and deep strokes at a very quick steady pace. Both Jill and John couln't hold out any longer " ooohhh fuuucckk " was John's response as his body spasmed pumping his
thick ropes of cum into Jill's gripping pussy. Jill's mind was reeling body
shaking with a pussy pulsing like a racing heart beat.Her breathless gasped reply was " Wwhat jjust hit me.?" Not believing what was delivered by the size
of John's average 6.5 inch cock. " I think my brain just got scrambled." she added
" No Sweatie. Just a G-sot orgasm. Now just hold in that filling."
Sharon cooed softly. As she traced Jill's lips with some of ice cream on her
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3 years ago
I agree with Sharon "sometimes carazy is the only thing that makes sense"
3 years ago