John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt. 4 )

( Ok here we go sorry for the delay in posting. continued from chpt. 3
Yes I it's not exactly a chapter that's just were I left off )

" What do you have in mind? " he asked
" Well if we're going to double snack her we need to shave her."
As the couple was talking Jill's mouth was still filled with cock. They
then helped Jill to feet were they had her spread eagle up against a shower wall. Jill tried to ask what they were talking about but all she got was a hard smack on the ass. Sharon also intructed her to be still and just relax.
Jill held her breath a little when she felt therazors on the backs on her
legs. Both John and Sharon were each shaving her legs. John was kissing the leg he was doing to check to see if he got all the hair. Sharon's approach was to lick Jill's leg and she also shaved Jill's ass. When the backs of Jill's legs were completely hairless. They turned Jill around and had her put her arms up.
John shaved her under arms and helped with her legs. Sharon took careful with Jill's pussy.
When Jill's body was throughly shaved and rinsed Sharon started licking
Jill's pussy. John used his thumbs to part Jill's ass cheeks to lick her lit-
tle star bud. When Jill start to squim a little to much for him. John stopped
stood up behind her to give her a couple of hard smacks on her ass. Forcing
Jill's pussy onto his wife's tongue.
" How does she taste? " John asked looking down to his wife.
" You can find out for yourself in a bit." the wife replied. She might
be my favor new snack Sharonthought to herself.
" Be still. " he intructed. He kissed the back of Jill's neck then worked
his way down he spine to where he started again. Jill soon felt a finger slide into her pussy touching her G-spot. Soon the finger was joined by a second
and a third. Between the fingers and Sharon's mouth on her clit Jill was about to climax. Thankfully the fingers stopped before Jill came. Sharon pulled her
fingers from Jill and passed the under Jill to John. John sucked hungerly on the offered digits just as he was on Jill's ass.
As much as Jill was enjoying the attention from the couple. The steam
from the shower was getting a bit much for her. She was used to a shower run-
ning out of hot water." Can we get out of here it's a little to warm in here
for me." asked Jill
" Of course Jill. It does get to be a bit much at first. You girls dry
off while I do a quick shave." answered John
As the ladies got out of the shower John used a razor on his cock and balls. Jill took her eyes from him tolook for a towel to dry with but couldn't find one. Seeings Jill's puzzled face Sharon guided Jill to a aclove along a
wall." Arms up and turn slowly," Sharon intructed. Then she pressed a button.
Jill was engulfed in a blast of warm air. Then Sharon followed suit.
Sharon e****ted Jill to the master bedroom were she had Jill get on the
bed. Sharon the went and got a couple of bottled waters from the mini-frig in
the closet. Jill was finishing a few sips of water when she asked herself.' Who
has a refrigrator in their bedroom closet?'
John joined the girls just as they were starting a sexy make-out session.
" There is nothing more erotic than to see two sexy women kissing." he stated
enjoying the view.
" How about you coming over here and we give you some double head." Sharon said. Jill gave Sharon a funny look.
" Honeycakes sometimes you just need to give the little brain some att-
ention." she added
When John got on the bed Sharon reached out for his balls. Then made a
ring with her index finger and thumb pulling the skin tight. This made his
balls look like a small version of a human brain.
" You suck on this like before. While I suck on these." Sharon said to Jill
offering John's cock to her.
Sharon took a sip of water from the bottle which was still cold.
The two different sensations hit John's groin at once. Jill's warm wet
mouth on the head of his dick and his wife's cool wet tongue and lipson his balls. Hie eyes were closed in enjoyment of heavan of earth. John reached down
to both girls with his hands and rubbed the spot at the base of their heads.
He used steady pressure but was not controling their actions.
Sharon was wholeheartedly enjoying her husbands balls as she licked and sucked on them. She rancircles with the tip of her tongue. Then sucked lightly
or hard followed with more licking.
Jill swirled her tongue over the head of john's cock. She then started sucking not taking as much as she did in the shower. Jill also used her top
teeth to sc**** the head very lightly.

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