John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt. 2)

( Picking up were I left off. And Their New Toy was start and a right so John and Sharon's new toy will be new title.)

Sharon lead Jill to the of the store to the video booths. She told John
what number they were in. Lucky there was no guys milling around to inter-
rupt them. First thing sharon did was to give Jill some breath spray and four mints life savers." Ok Honeycakes let's get you tidied upfirst." at that statement there was a knock at the door. Sharon opened it just enough to let two packages pass though. Sharon opened on of the packages and snifted "Mmm
french vanilla spice. Apparently my husband wants you to be our little dessert."
Little dessert was a fitting term for Jill seeing she was 5'1" in height.
Sharon started with wiping Jill's face carefully avoiding her right eye area
Jill liked the scent from the wipes. Sharon stopped then pulled a plastic bag from her purse." Ok Honeycakes put the items from your pockets into the bag. IF
I don't like it it goes in the trash. Your clothes will not be leaving with you
.Those rags will go in the trash."
" Am I just going to walk out of here naked?" Jill asked
" No silly John is getting you a sexy new outfit as I said we would. Now
let's get you stripped and finish wiping you down. Although if it was early
in the morning say fourish a.m. in middle of summer that might be fun. If
things work out we might try it."
Sharon pulled off Jill's top and bra both went into the trash. After Sharon
wiped Jill with the wipes she kissed and licked her. Then Sharon kiss and
sucked then lightly bit Jill's nipples. In Sharon's mind she made a mental note
to get Jill in their when they got home. Jill' legs, pussy, and under arms
were in desperate need of a shave before putting Jill in Sharon and John's
When Sharon started undoing Jill's pants she started to get a little sk**dish. Sharon told her to relax everything would be fine just go with the
flow as she has up til now. Sharon wanted to see Jill's pretty ass in the flesh
as she seen in the video a number of times. When she pulled down Jill's pants
and saw fading bruises all over Jill's pretty shaped ass and thighs." Don't
tell me let me guess something from your ex-boyfreind." asked Sharon
" Yes "
" Tell me honestly when you were with John and he spanked you spanked you.
How did it make you feel." Sharon asked
" Honestly I felt safe. My ass was red as hell but I felt at peace and safe.
" Jill answered
" We'll keep you safe I promise." Sharon said as she gently cleaned the
rest of Jill's body. Sharon squatted behind Jill to kiss and lick her ass,
legs and lower back.
" Is there any chance I can watch?" ask john who was in the next booth.
Sharon activated the viewing window on their side so he could see them.
Jill was saddling Sharon's lap facing her as they were sitting in a chair.
Sharon was kissing Jill's neck working her way down to Jill's breasts They kept putting on a show for John until time ran out. Before the girls finally came
out Sharon put some her make-up she had on Jill and dressed in the sexy black
clothes John got for Jill.
On the way home they stopped at a drive -thru to get some food. The girls
were in the back seat with Jill laying up against Sharon. Sharon instisted on feeding Jill herself and was fingering Jill's pussy at the same time.
When they got home they all headed for the masterbath shower. Sharon
wanted to shave Jill's pussy so Sharon could eat Jill out royally.
Jill was a little speachless by the masterbath suite and masterbed room.
" Honey how about you stri her while I get the shower going." intructed

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Great :)
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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cant wait to hear more of this tale ;)