John & Sharon's New Toy

Sharon Cayle walked in to her kitchento see her favorite sight. Her
husband John was cooking as he always didi on the weekends. Wearing just
his favorite dark blue apron, chef's hat and a black jock strap. Every
man should cook like this on the weekendsshe thought to herself. At least mine does.
Her husband was average height about 5'10", dark hair blue eyes with a
swimmers lean build. His looks were average but John always had smile on his face.
"What are you looking at?" he asked as he noticed her standing in the doorway.
"You. Can I help it if I enjoy the view." she replied
" Of course I can always say the same of you." as he looked her up and down. Sharon was her usual weekend morning self. A short black satin robe that was open. showing off her tan toned body with her double DD breasts., flat tummy
and bare pussy. He could see parts of her gold chains she always wore.
" So what's for breakfast ?" she asked smelling what was cooking on the stove.
" Well your having morning mash. I'm debating on morning mash or some more of you."
"How about me later and food now. And yes I insist" she replied. One thing she loved about him was he could do it with her at just about anytime.
With that said all John could do was a playful pout as he got the plates
and forks.
As they were finishing their meal John asked what was up for today. Sharon reply was a day of wondering around downtown and checking out the shops. She also wanted to look in hers and his favorite adult stores Fantasyland and
Spartacus. John said he had no problems with that as he was one of very very
few men that liked to go shopping anyway.
John was finishing the last of his juice when Sharon said," Honey I was thinking." John was greatful he had ate before she spoke. Because like mostmen when a spouse says ' Honey I was thinking ' it means RED ALERT RED ALERT time.
So John just looked at his wife waiting for the rest.
She went on " It's not that bad, this time. No as I thinking. How about us gettting a live-in third to play with? I mean getting a decent threesome here
lately as been a real pain."
" Ok ??? " John replied hesitantly
" And don't get me started on the club, bar and on-line scene."
" Don't worry I won't." John knew short answers were the best answers." Did
you have any particular guy in mind."
" Please you dork." she replied as she playfully slapshim upside the head.
" Not unless there is something you need to tell me after all these years."
" Nope just checking." John and Sharon both knew the only dick in their bed was his. All 6 1/2 inches of it and his alone.
" No I was thinking of a little play toy twat for both of us. Like that Jill you and Don were playingwith at the hotel. I wish we could contact her. She'd be perfect."
John knew exactly who she spoke of. Jill was a young girl looking to make a few bucks to get back home. Sharon had seen the video that was made of John and his friend Don with her a couple of months ago. Not that John didn't tell
Sharon about the whole story as well. Everything was well within the rules of their relationship.
"I know but it seems like she was telling the truth about wanting to get
home back east. I've cruised through area just to if she still there but no
" Pity." sharon answered and got up to go get dressed.

As with most cities downtown sidewalks were quite full on saturdays with shoppers and people out and about. John and Sharon had lunch at a sidewalk cafe and browsing various shops. They saved Fantasyland for last for two reasons A)
carrying their shopping bags attracted attention. B) Sometimes it just took a
while, sometimes a long while.
John had parked in a parking lot acroos the street from Fantasyland."Now
is this going to be a eqully shared third or a 30-70 type with you getting the
70." John asked
" More like 20-80 but yes very equally, dear."she replied
As they got nearer to the store Sharon saw two people at the corner of the building a older black man and a young white girl. The closer they got Sharon
reconized the young girl as Jill from the video she had watched and masturbated several times times to. Jill's appearencewas dirty and she had what looked like a fading right black eye.
" I hope you're not the one who gave her the shiner for your sake." Sharon
said in a firm commanding tone as they approached.
" And what if I did. Bitch." the black man shouted as he turned to face the
couple and therevolver aimed at his chest.
It was at that moment John reconized the girl was Jill.
" Look pal my wife is very protective of her friends and she will shoot you
, believe me she will. The last two lost half an ear and one was left with 3 inches of his dick. So just walk away." John said for then. With that the black
man just left mumbling about crazy white bitches.
Jill look at couple who just stepped in to help her. She remembered the man whose name started with the letter J but not the woman he was with."Thank you." she said
" Don't mention it." Sharon said sticking out her hand " I'm Sharon and
you remember my husband John."
Jill had a bit of a puzzled look on her face. This woman Sharon must have
found out about what her John did a couple of months ago at a hotel. But was not upset with her.
" In fact we're glad to find you." Sharon went on." We were just talking about you this morning over breakfast."
" You were?" Jill replied a bit stunted " Then you know."
" Why yes. I even have the whole thing on video."
" Video? " Jill's faced started to ashen. Then looked over at John.
" Don't worry Jill no one has seen it other myself and John. Not even Don knows of the video. What I want to know is did you really go back home."
" Yes I did, but things where no better back there so I came back here
far away from my ex-boyfriend and f****y as far as I could." Jill answered
" Did your ex give you the eye shiner ?" Sharon asked.
" Yes " Jill replied sadden at the thought.
" Well the let's move on to a brighter subject. Me and John are looking
for a third tonight to play with so what do you say. Are you interested in some naughty fun. Or are you going to pan handle and let pimps try and recruit you?"
Sharon asked
" I'm not some street whore and I've never really been with a girl before
" Well Jill I'm not a girl. I'm a woman. The choice is yours just like the
last time. It's up to you after all. I'll even throw in an extra three hundred
plus a sexy new outfit with shoes. But if we walk away your loss. Is that clear
." warned Sharon
Jill thought about it for a few seconds. She had no place to speak of, no
money and life on the streetswas not for her either. " Can we stop to get something for me to eat ?" Jill asked
" First let's go in here to maybe get you cleaned up and changed into
something sexy. John will take your stuff to the car then meet us inside. Oh
and turn on your blue tooth aswell." Sharon instructed
John put Jill's things in the trunk then wentback to Fantasyland to
look for his wife and Jill. John got his first instruction for clean wipes.
John knew what Sharon was wanting they were baby wipes for adults. He picked
up four of his and Sharons favorite scent. Two packages were for now two for
later. His next list of things a black pairof heels,sheer black stockings and
a pair of red fishnet with large squares, a small pleated skirt with a black
tank top. John also picked up other items to keep stocked up on items for home.

Will continue later please comment it so far it' just getting started

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3 years ago
I like this beginning better than the other
3 years ago
i think this is gonna get very hot!!