My Lilyxxx (Part 1)

I've known Lily for a fairly long time now. We met online, exhanged stories and flirted outrageously. So much so, 'online only' became we desperately wanted to meet each other.

I met her once in 7 months, not enough and that was a fleeting encounter but we were so desperate for more to live out our online fantasies. We discussed it and I booked a hotel close to her so we could spend the whole day together.

I waited patiently, aroused, heart beating hard. Not nerves...adrenaline and sexual charge. To feel her breasts again, her soft lips, her mouth around my cock and feeling me, stroking me.

I got a text...she was here. I had just showered and was clean and fresh, my cock throbbed under the towel. There was a knock at the door. I opened the door and stood to one side as she entered, letting her walk past me so I could take a good long look at her body from top to bottom. I smiled but said nothing and closed the door.

I reached out and grabbed her arm, spinning her round and pulled her tight. She took in a deep breath, smelling my fresh still wet torso and run her hands over my chest. My cock stiffened under towel and pressed against her stomach causing her to moan. I cupped her face and gently pressed my soft lips against hers. She sighed as my moist lips parted hers, my hands stroked her hair, gently pulling her harder into my face. I pushed my tongue in her mouth to meet hers and teased it, drawing it into my mouth.

I could feel the bl**d pumping through my rock hard cock tightly pressed between our bodies. My hands flowed through her hair, our tongues worked each other's mouths like dancing serpents. Kissing her was incredibly sexy and erotic, I could feel precum seeping from the tip and her pussy heat up against my leg.

I put my hands around her throat, pulled her off me and pushed her against the wall. She gasped as she hit it and my towel fell to the floor releasing my thick throbbing meat. I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock, my hand over hers and started to stroke the solid shaft. I teased her mouth with mine before plunging my tongue in her mouth, kissing her like the dirty bitch she wanted to be. I slipped my free hand between her legs and ripped her panties off. Her juice dripped onto my hand. I slid my hand the length of her soaked slit before sliding two fingers inside her. She gasped, desperate for air. She was about to cum and I had barely started.

I took my sodden fingers from her and put them in my mouth. She looked at me as I tasted her for the first time trying to pull my cock closer to her throbbing pussy. Her juice in my mouth I resumed kissing her; she loved the taste of herself. I moved the tip of my cock to the entrance to her cunt and she ran the stiff rod up and down between the lips soaking my head, mixing our juices.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees, thrusting my cock in her open mouth deep and hard, forcing her to gag. I fucked her face against the wall, long slow deep strokes, her hand stroking the shaft, pulling out my sweet precum into her mouth. She groaned with pleasure as my cock repeatedly filled her mouth, the tip hitting her throat casuing her gag reflex. this encouraged her more. I looked down at thsi slut sucking hard on my meat, right up to my balls. I swear if should fit the whole lot in she would. I put my hand behind her head, grabbed her hair and told her to put her hands behind her back, then pulled her onto me, fucking her mouth harder and harder. Her saliva fell over her top, down between her tits. In between deep strokes I f***ed her to look up at me, my cock plowing her mouth. Such a great sight to see my slave on her knees, thick cock buried in her mouth and the look of sheer desire in her eyes, her heavy bosom bouncing underneath her wrap round top.

I picked her up by the head, cupped her neck on either side and kissed her again..i could taste my own cock in her mouth. She wanked my cock against her stomach. i couldn't stand it anymore and dragged her to the bed telling her to bend over the end and press her hands on the mattress. Still fully clothed, I lifted her dress over her back and thrust my cock inside her. She yelped as it plowed deep inside. I lay over her, pressing my hands on hers, my chest applying pressure to her back, my mouth teasing, biting and licking her neck as i rammed my cock in her over and over. after a few minutes hard fucking I screamed, withdrew my meat and shot my load hard onto her ass and up her back. Lily groaned as shot after shot splashed on her, she took a hand off the bed and started playing with my seed, rubbing it into herself.

Still bent over, I sank to my knees and starting at her feet began to lick up her legs towards her throbbing soaked pussy, opened up and destroyed by my thick cock. My seed dripped onto my face from her ass and ran down her legs..i was impressed by my own heavy load. I finally reached her cunt and plunged my tongue inside. I licked her ferociously, inside and out. I gripped her butt cheeks holding her in place as my mouth worked her. I could feel her body tense fighting not to cum but I wanted her to. I wanted to feel her warm gush over my face. I wetted my fingers on the cum on her ass then pushed a finger into her asshole. Lily groaned as I pushed it in then started to slowly finger fuck her ass as my tongue licked the inside of her pussy. Her hand that was free reached under her body and she started to rub her clit and push my head into her slit. Lily suddenly stiffened and legs trembled before she let out a satisfying cry of 'yessssss' as she came hard over me. OMG she tasted soo good. I held on to her for dear life as she rode her orgasm.

I moved from under her and stood up. I turned her around and sat beside her on the edge of the bed. i stroked her hair and gently kissed her. As I did, I began to remove her clothing. Each new area of flesh exposed met my mouth, i loved the feel and taste of her soft skin. Finally, I exposed her ample breasts, cupping them in my hands, kissing and teasing her nipples to erection before engulfing one then the other in my mouth.

Finally naked, i took her hand and led her into bed....foreplay was time to fuck my slave....

part 2 to come

By Rabid Jack (Master2lilyxxx)
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