My casino pool adventure

This is a TRUE story. I am having a difficult time believing it actually happened to me.

Just recently I went on a weekend trip to a casino in the New England area. After several hours of drinking and gambling, losing mostly, I decided to go to the pool. I've been to this particular place several times and never ventured out of the casino or the hotel halls. I got changed and started on my way.
I arrived and saw a decent sized pool with families and couples all swimming around. I decided to go to the pool bar and have a few more beers.
I got a lounge chair and put my belongings down, stripped off my shirt and walked towards the large cold pool. I eased in, still carrying my ice cold beer and chose a spot in the corner where there weren't many people.
After a half hour of wading I noticed the hot whirlpool was empty, I got out, got another beer and eased myself into the whirlpool. It was quite hot.
10 or so minutes later I saw three women walk in, several families left and it started to get a bit darker. One of the women took off her shirt and went for the cold pool. She got to her knees and shouted how cold it was. There weren't many others in the area and we all had a good laugh. She quickly got out and came to the pool I was relaxing in. She asked if I minded and I said no, please come right in. The company was welcome. She retrieved her drink and we sat together talking and joking. A short while later her friends wanted to leave, she said she wanted to have one more drink and she's be right up.
We sat and talked and decided to get another drink. I bought and we sat at the tables.
Looking at her I found her mildly attractive with short hair, over all average looking.
Talk drifted among several topics and moved on to sex. She said it had been a long time since she had a guy. I gave a lop sided smile and told her I love to eat pussy.
She laughed and said not many guys want to do that, or can do it well. I told her I was a professional.
Laughing we got back into the hot tub. The talk became more graphic and she asked if I had a big cock.
I answered that I have been told by a few people that I am quite large and thick.
She slid closer and put her hand on my thigh and asked if I were hard now. I said not completely. Her hand then slid up to the leg hole of my shorts and then under. She grabbed a hold of my thickening member and cooed "mmm I'd love to try this on for size."
I was taken completely by surprise. She began stroking my cock, I reached over and fondled her breasts through her bathing suit material.
I moved down her body to her crotch where I rubbed her clit through the thin material.
She moaned and whispered in my ear that she wanted my cock buried deep inside her. I sat back and nodded, still a bit taken aback and said I would love to jam my cock into your wet pussy.
She said let's do it right here. Looking around there weren't too many people around, mostly people swimming and the wait staff.
She yanked my trunks off of me, there I sat with no clothes on in a public place, a rock hard cock being stroked and a beer in my hand. How can life get better.
She whispered in my ear that she wanted my cock in her mouth, took a breath and went under. There she sucked on my cock for a moment, came back up and sat on my lap. Feeling around the front of her I felt she had pulled her bathing suit aside and I felt her soft folds in my fingers. She grabbed my cock and tried to jam it inside her. My cock head got inside and a f****y arrived. (plus the water was too hot and not conducive to sex.)
We decided to not go any further in the pool. We got out, dried off and she grabbed me and said we should go into the bathrooms and fuck like crazy.
Knowing how security works in a place like that I was sure that I'd get kicked out. I told her I had a room and we could go there.
We gathered our stuff and made for the elevators.
Once in the elevator she grabbed at my cock again. Feeling pretty d***k and still shocked that this was happening I unlocked the hotel room door. Once in we threw our stuff down, I took off my shirt, with her help, and she asked me to unzip her suit. I obliged and yanked it off of her. She groaned and sid how badly she wanted me.
I walked her to the bed and threw her down and began to eat her out. She grabbed my head and shoved my face deeper. All the while she shouted FUCK ME and Faster.
After a few minutes she shoved me away, sat up and yanked my shorts off. She began to suck my throbbing cock and moaning. My head was spinning. She pushed me back onto the bed and went to town. As she sucked I demanded she get on top of my face with her pussy. She moved and we got into the 69 position. She went back to sucking my cock while I pawed at her hot hairy pussy. I started licking all around and my tongue made it to her asshole, she sat up a bit, moaned and said "oh you like that do you?" I pushed her off of me and she demanded that I fuck her. We started off with me on top of her, her guiding my hard cock into her dripping pussy and I began fucking like a piston. She was so damned tight. Guess what she had said was true about not being with anyone for a long time.
I rolled off of her and grabbed her thin waist and pulled her off of the bed and onto her feet. I pushed her to the window, bent her over and rammed my raging hard on into her soaking wet pussy from behind. She screamed she loved it. I withdrew my cock and knelt behind her, there I started licking her pussy and moved up to her ass, almost if being told she leaned her head against the window and spread her ass cheeks so I could get better access with my licking. She moaned and told me to "fuck my ass hard!"
Not being shy at this point I grabbed on to her ass, slid my cock along her asscrack and slid the tip of my pre cum drooling cock inside her ass.
It was SO hot and tight. She screamed for me to fuck her, I started moving, slowly at first and then with all of my energy I grabbed the back of her neck and went to town. All I could hear was her moaning and shouting incoherently as I fucked her ass as hard as I could.
I pulled my cock out, grabbed her hips and threw her onto the bed. She screamed "MAKE ME CUM YOU FUCKER"
I turned her over, took her pussy from behind and fucked for all I was worth.
A few minutes later she screamed and came, her pussy walls contracted, I felt her squirting and squeezing as she came, dropping to the mattress and then groaning.
I was nearing my climax when i asked her where she wanted me to cum, she said all over her ass. I pulled out and aimed my throbbing cock at her ass, she spread her ass cheeks wide and I blew my load all over her ass and her asshole.
Ropes after ropes of thick cum spewed out and over her. I slid my still throbbing cock against her asshole and then popped it inside her. I fell on top of her in exhaustion. Still inside her I squeezed the last bit of cum into her ass.
For a while we sat in my mess. My cock softened and slid out of her tight ass. We got comfortable for a few minutes.
She got up, asked where the bathroom was and ran for it.
I relaxed on the bed and wondered what to say next.
She came out of the bathroom fully dressed and said she'd be back soon and that she had to check in with her friends.
I waited about an hour and a half and realized she wasn't coming back.
The oddest thing was,

I didn't even know her name.
100% (9/0)
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great story!!
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Great man,,luved it