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I just fucked myself

As I write this I'm in the middle of masturbating while looking at some of my friends' (on this site) pictures and videos. I decided to try doing what an online friend did while in an adult chat room. I took an old wine bottle, a condom and a bit of lube. I put the condom on the neck of the bottle and sat back and tried to slide it in my ass. After a few awkward moments I succeeded. It felt really good. Not since I was younger had I put one of my ex wife's lifelike vibrators up my ass to see what it was like have I used anything larger than my fingers. I lay back further and slid it in and out. Thanks to the many stories on here and on I knew what I was supposed to do, push out as I slid it in.
I put the bottle as far up my ass as it would go. My cock began leaking huge amounts of pre cum. I squeezed my cock and let it drip on to the back of my hand. It was cloudier than usual. It also tasted more like my cum.
As I lay watching twinks, BBW, men and women and other great videos I felt I needed more.
I looked around the room and saw an old nightstick that I used to use back when I worked for a security guard company. Looking it over I saw it was thick and rounded, almost ribbed at the handle.
What the hell. I got another condom and aimed it at my slightly spread asshole. It, with a slight bit of pain went in. It felt so good. Again pushing outward with my asshole muscles I slid it as far as I could get it.
As my tingling ass became used to the thickness and the slow sliding in and out I again felt the need to push deeper.
I fucked my own ass for about an hour. Oh the feelings. I withdrew it completely a few times and rammed it back home. My god the feelings, my cock head was tingling, oozing re cum and I was lapping it off of my hands.
I think this may become a fun past time of mine while masturbating.
Keep posting your stories, pictures and videos. Who knows, I may be thinking of fucking you while cumming all over myself.
Let me know if you like this.
Posted by Masshole 3 years ago
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2 years ago
I enjoy Nifty too and hot story!!
3 years ago
nice - hot experience, may try it ... (u def got me hard & strokin!)
3 years ago
Good story. Happy masturbations!