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What I'd like to do with a friend.

Recently I have "met" a person on this site. We've been communicating through the messenger service here and I've grown to want to meet him in real life. The way he talks and what we talk about makes me really want to go to his place and play.
Our conversations started out with me coming by to take a few photographs of him so he could post them on xhamster for all to enjoy. It's grown to talk of play, which really sounds fun.
My vision of what might happen is as follows:

I go to his place sometime during the day. We arrange for this scenario to take place.
I'd knock on his door, he'd open it, I'd step in and tell him to get up against the wall and spread his legs. Then I'd frisk him, paying special attention to a "concealed weapon" in the front of his pants. I'd unfasten his pants and slide my hand inside, feeling around for whatever I may find. To my surprise I find a stiff, yet soft and warm fleshy thick cock that throbs with my squeezes. I'd then yank down his pants completely and admire his ass and legs. I'd then remove his shirt and tell him to turn around and keep his hands on his head. As he faced me I'd start to stroke his cock again. I'd ask him "What are you going to do to get out of the trouble you're in now?" As he shrugged I'd unfasten my fly and start to work my hardening member out. He would be staring and it looked as if there were a thousand thoughts flowing through his mind. I'd continue to stroke my now hard 7.25 in thick hard cock. I'd then place my hands on his shoulders and push him down and stick my cock in his face and demand he suck it. He would comply, his tongue rolling around my cock, slurping noises coming from his mouth and moans from mine. I'd lightly face fuck him for a while, then tell him to bring me further inside his house. Once his pants were completely off I'd lick my index finger and slide it in his ass, after bending him over a chair. A gasp escaped his lips as I did this, I asked him what he wanted me to do. At this point he couldn't ask, so I pushed him into the chair, got between his knees and sucked his hard throbbing cock. It tasted so good. I then got up, straddled the chair and shoved my cock back inside his warm wet mouth. I fucked his face again until I felt that warm tingling feeling, I told him I was going to cum, he asked me to cum all over his face and chest. I hadn't cum in over a week so I knew my load was going to be big. I stroked furiously and then shot my hot ropes of cum into his face and onto his chest. He moaned in pleasure as my orgasm lessened. Still dripping cum from my semi hard cock I moved away and knelt again between his legs. I started sucking and stroking in earnest. His moans and incoherent talking filed the room. I felt his cock throb, he grunted and I pulled away just in time to watch his jizz shoot up and all over his chest, mixing with mine. Still throbbing and spewing cum all over the both of us I sucked on the head of his cock and caught some of his hot sperm in my mouth. I imagine it will taste great.

This is as far as I had thought out. Wish he hadn't left this site, I was about to ask him where he lived and when we could get together.

Anyone know a young guy who would be interested in that?
Posted by Masshole 3 years ago
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1 year ago
I know an older guy that is willing.
2 years ago
thats was HOT!!