A young friend and me.

This is a true story and the names have been changed to protect the not so
innocent. If you are in a country or state that forbids you reading this,

Again, this is a true story from my youth...

I was about 17 and walking around during a warm summer night when I got the
familiar urge to touch myself. As usual I was wearing my tighty wities and
wanted to feel more "sexy" so I pulled out my pocket knife and pulled them up
and over my jeans waistband. While walking I started cutting the elastic band
and through the fabric. As I got through the waistband a car drove by the
opposite way I was walking. I'm sure the person driving got a look at me and
what I was doing. I walked down a less traveled street and began to tear at the
thin material. The ripping noise caused my boycock to slowly harden. Along with
the tension under my jeans the whole thing of tearing my underwear off in
public really made me hot. I had to cut the other side of the band and tore my
way through the rest of the underwear. I then pulled them out of the front of
my pants and felt the material rub against my straining cock. I threw the torn
remains of the underwear onto the street for someone to
find. As I walked I jammed my hand into my pocket and rubbed my still
hardening boycock.
I felt I needed more so as I continued to walk aimlessly through a poorly light
rural neighborhood I unzipped my jeans and let my cock slowly work it's way out
of the fly. After it rubbed and slid down and out of my fly I watched as it
bounced with each step I took. Now steel hard I began stroking and feeling the
underside of my cock head. A car neared and slowed as the driver watched me
play with myself. The car stopped and I ran off into a yard and through the
woods. Once a good distance away from the streetlights and yards on a well worn
path I slowed. My heart still racing I felt the need to go further. I stripped
off my shirt and showed off my 5'5" 110 lb frame off to myself in the filtered
moonlight. I ran my hands over my nipples and down to the button on my jeans.
Once at it I unbuttoned them and let them work their way down my legs as I
walked the path. I felt so free at that moment I worked them over my shoes and
continued to walk. I felt as if I could walk all
night watching my 6 1/2 inch rod bounce with each step. I came to a rock wall,
which I crouched behind, and looked around. Oddly enough I had been here
before. Still crouching and having the tall grass tickle my asshole and cock I
realized this was where a friend of mine lived. This particular friend I had an
experience or two with masturbation and mutual sex play. I straightened up,
dropped my clothing at the property line and walked across the damp dewy lawn
to the basement window where I hopped Bill would be.
I looked down at my silhouette with a thin cock sticking out from a thin frame
and I became more bold and knocked softly on his window.
Bill looked out the window to see me, naked and hard as a rock. His eyes
widened and he held up his finger to signal me to hold on. A few seconds later
he came out his basement door and crouched beside me. He looked me up and down
and said "What the fuck are you doing?"
I answered "looking for someone to have fun with". He smiled and started to
strip off his clothing.
I decided to make a game of it, telling him to put his clothes with mine over
by the wall and walk around with me. He agreed and we began our naked adventure
through the woods.
I knew of a golf course nearby where we could lay out and be undisturbed for
awhile. Hopefully unseen as well.
We made it to the manicured lawn of the course and I boldly walked out onto the
fairway. Bill was hesitant to follow but did.
Once out onto the green I reached over to his stiff cock and began to stroke
it. He moaned and closed his eyes. I then told him to lie back because I wanted
to try something. I had been always wanting to get closer and feel a boy's body
pressed up against mine.
Bill lay down on his back and I crouched over him, his cock touching my asshole
and I grasped his steel hard erection and rubbed it up and down my smooth ass
crack. Moaning he reached out and stroked my stiff rod. Getting into the
motions I knelt on top of him, his cock between my asscheeks. I reached behind
me and squeezed his hard straight uncut cock between my cheeks and began to rub up
and down using my fingers and ass. My curved cock rubbed against his flat
stomach and we both moaned louder. My rising and falling began to make his
stiff rod twitch and he writhed under me. Never before had I done anything like
this. His uncut cock was straining to cum and I was also because I was spilling
a lot of pre cum on his stomach. He was squirting a huge amount of pre cum onto
my asscrack making it slippery and loud. His hips met my thrusts as he neared
his climax. He shouted he was coming and I could feel his thrusts getting more
urgent and his cock began to throb. I felt a splash on
my lower back, then another lower and his cock became a slippery mess.
I began to lose control and my cock exploded all over Bill's stomach, chest and
face. Some even got into his hair.
I lay on him letting our cum cool on us. A few moments later we began to gather
our wits about us, remembering we were outside on a golf course and still had
to walk about a quarter mile naked back to his house.
We got up, my ass dripping with cool cum and began to walk back to his house.
On the way we dared each other to do things like ringing doorbells and running
away. Once we almost got caught.
As we neared his house I reached over and stroked his semi hard uncut cock. He
moaned and then got on his knees saying "I needed to thank you the proper way
for this one!"
He slipped his hand around my semi erect cock and wrapped his lips around my
cum covered cock. He sucked me until I felt that familiar tingle. I began to
thrust into his mouth and he kept up with my thrusts. I placed my sticky hands
onto his head and said "I'm gonna cum". He said "I want you to cum in my mouth
man" That drove me over the edge and I blew my second load of the night right
into his s*******n year old mouth. My cock jumped and twitched in his mouth and
I could feel my cum begin to seep from the corner of his lips and drip onto my
Slowly he released my cock from his incredible mouth and I sank slowly to the
damp ground. Sitting on dirt and still sticky cum on my ass I lay back and
thanked him.
Bill had to get back in, I made one more dare, for him to get back into his
house naked. He took the dare saying we need to get together again soon.
I gathered up my clothing and began to walk back through the woods wearing only
my sneakers and our jizz. My ass was all sticky along with my inner thighs. My cock, by this
time, was soft and stuck to the cum on my thighs.
I came to a road and began to walk along the road, still wearing only my
sneakers, until another passing car slowed to check me out. I ran behind a
house and back into the woods where I pulled my jeans over the sticky mess on
my lower body. I left my shirt off and my fly undone until I neared my house. I
went in and went to bed still wearing my sticky jeans and Bill's cum all over
my ass.
I was a dirty mess but I loved it.

I will write more if you all like my true stories.

Honestly I actually did all of this. I had to change names to protect other's
lifestyles and to keep up their appearances as "straight" boys.
Please write me if you liked this and would like to share more stories.
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4 months ago
wow what a turn on I was so horny that got out my dildo and fucked myself silly thanks
2 years ago
very stimulating story
2 years ago
Wow! What a wonderful story!
When I was about 15 or 16 years old I used to do some similar exciting 'sticky' and 'messy' things together with my best friends and I really enjoyed it ... thanks for that nice reminder :-)
2 years ago
Wow! What a wonderful story!
When I was 15 or 16 years old I used to do some similar 'sticky' and 'messy' things together with my best and intimate friends and I really enjoyed it ... thanks for that nice reminder :-)
2 years ago
Very Hot...I also started "young"..more please..
3 years ago
got me stroking ;)
3 years ago
fuck man, we sure got the same interests ...
3 years ago
Mmm SO hot.
4 years ago
what a good honest way to put a good honest story
4 years ago
Masshole i love ur story please give us more!
4 years ago
nice story. Very imaginable and really hot.

I just hope one day we don't need stuff like what you wrote at the bottom of your story "to keep up their appearances as "straight" boys." so we all can feel really free to unfold ourselves however we want to...
4 years ago
Got Me interested and Hard....
4 years ago
That was soo hot please write more =]
4 years ago
I liked it had me all hot and bothered thanks
4 years ago
hot! please write more