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Recently I was sitting home in the late evening when I hopped online and started surfing for porn. I read several stories on xhamster and nifty, watched a few videos and returned a few hot emails with friends I have met on xhamster. While watching straight and gay videos my cock expanded in my pants. I was wearing my typical "masturbation outfit", jeans with the button fly open and a just over the waist t shirt. I like to stroke for a while, get really hard then go out for a smoke. The shirt just covers my open fly but I can feel the breeze on my cock and balls. It feels great. While out smoking my cock began to deflate. I oozed a large amount of pre cum, which ran down the inside of my pant leg. I love that feeling. Rough denim against my semi hard cock and cool slippery pre cum sliding down my thigh.
It was a full moon and the clouds were moving quickly across the sky. A thought hit me, I wanted to blow my load outside. Completely naked. I hadn't gotten completely naked outside since the early fall.
I went back inside and surfed for more porn, getting my cock rock hard. I was at my fullest, 7 and a half inches long, 5 and a quarter inches thick. I needed to cum.
Wearing only my jeans and shirt I went downstairs to the basement door, stripped completely down, lit a smoke and walked out the door. It was fairly bright outside, my neighbor's houses on either side were dark. I walked around the patio, watching my thick hard throbbing cock sway. Stroking every once in a while. A cool breeze blowing through the yard, I could feel it on my body. Love that feeling. Nothing on I walked to the middle of my yard and began to stroke in earnest.
My head was swimming, leaves rustling around the yard, I moaned. Oh god, stroking my cock and moving my hips, standing for anyone who was looking out their window.
Just then the clouds moved away from the full moon and I looked over my practically glowing body, my hard cock sticking out, begging to cum, throbbing in the breeze.
I started stroking again. My fingers rubbing the head of my cut thick cock.
Pre cum flying from the head of my cock, landing on my stomach, my thighs and feet. The noise of my sticky cock being stroked by my hand was intoxicating.
Then that wonderful feeling started. From the base of my head, down my spine, the breeze flowing between my legs, over my clenched asshole. My cock began to throb in my hand, I furiously stroked it. I could feel my load racing from my balls to the head of my slick cock.
Suddenly I erupted, ropes of hot jizz flew out and all over the place. My legs, abdomen, cock and feet, all covered in my three day load.
I slowly stopped stroking, squeezing the last of my cum out, licking my fingers. I reached back, grabbed the picnic table and lay down on it. The cool wood against my hot skin.
There I lay, spread eagle, cum all over me outside in the open. It felt great.
A short time after I got up, feeling the urge to take a piss. Once as a teen I walked naked in a wooded area and pissed while walking. I remembered that feeling and wanted to experience it again.
I walked around the yard, my piss flowed out, splashing onto my legs, over my feet and all over the yard as my soft cock swayed with each step. It was great.

Hope you liked that, leave a comment or message me suggestions. I do best with true stories, but I am willing to try a made up one. (I'm working on one for a friend and hope to have it posted soon.)
Posted by Masshole 2 years ago
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4 months ago
Luv this story.
2 years ago
entire scene was really hot. wish I was your neighbot, secretly watching and ????
2 years ago
There is nothing like being out side naked and masturbating you you cum so much better. I have not done it a night but this sounds exciting
2 years ago
Fuck that story has me rock hard! Would have loved to watched you do this ;-)