My first blow job from a guy

This was many years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a winter evening and I was around 17 or so, my friend, who was around 19 or 20, got a new car. I begged him to drive it and he smirked. We cruised around and I kept bugging him to drive. We drove into a housing development that was under construction, I thought AT LAST he's going to let me drive. He stopped on a dead end and looked at me. He said, "I'll let you drive if you let me suck your cock." I was FLOORED. Hadn't ever thought of that before. I laughed and he said "seriously, let me suck your cock and you can drive". The car was cool and all. He told me if I closed my eyes I could pretend he was a girl. After a few minutes I said what the hell. He helped me unzip and unbutton my pants. I pulled my cock over the top of my underwear and He took ahold of it. I have never had another guy do this.
He leaned over and I closed my eyes. He started stroking and licking my slowly growing cock. I got to my full length of 7 and a quarter inches and he told me to lift my hips. I did and he pulled my pants to my knees and told me to relax again. I sat back down on the cold vinyl seats and shivered as his hot mouth surrounded my cock again. I could feel his stubble when he took my cock deep inside his mouth. I had never experienced a guy doing this, especially a friend!
I opened my eyes and watched as his head bobbed up and down in my lap. I knew this was my friend and he was sucking my cock and it all felt so strange. I wondered if he had done this with any of our other friends.
He sucked me for quite some time. When I felt that amazing tingling feeling that starts between my ass and my balls my cock started twitching. He looked up at me and popped my cock out of his mouth and told me not to cum in his mouth. He sucked some more and my hips rose up and down on the car seat. When I was about to cum I told him, without taking my cock out of his mouth he opened the door and motioned outside, but where he could watch me.
The only light was from the car interior and I could see my throbbing cock's shadow on the ground. I grunted and furiously jerked off and began shooting ropes of steaming cum. (it was winter and kinda cold)
He groaned and continued to watch me cum all over the ground. The nose of my jizz hitting the cold pavement is a noise I'll never forget. I looked at him as he licked his lips staring at my cock, I slowly stroked it squeezing out the rest of the load I had just shot all over the ground.
That was the first time.
91% (38/4)
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1 year ago
2 years ago
I need a friend like that
2 years ago
2 years ago
Was that the only time?
2 years ago
More please ;D
2 years ago
Well Done....And was there another?