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My desire for an Xhamster member

I haven't written much about something I haven't done, but watching this guy's videos and looking over his photos has turned me on so much I felt the need to share, hope you all like it.

I traveled to the UK to sightsee and meet a guy I met on Xhamster, his screen name is sweet4lover. His chubby body is amazing, every new video he posts is better than the last. I stroked my cock many times thinking about being able to meet him and what we'd do if we ever were to meet.
There I was, walking to his house. We chatted online, talked on skype and then I flew over the Atlantic. All the while becoming more and more excited about what might happen.
I approached his house, knocked on the door and there he was, slightly stocky, glasses. He was wearing jeans and a stripped blue shirt. He looked so cute. He asked me in, walked into his living room and asked me to sit down. We talked for a while more and he noticed me looking him up and down. I asked him if I could see the room where he filed all of his videos. He said yes and off we went.
We entered the room and I recognized it immediately. I was in HIS room. I had to adjust my growing member, thinking of all the videos he's made there, I remembered seeing him laying naked in his bed, stroking his amazing cock, standing in the middle of the room, stripping off his clothes and stroking for all to see, playing with his hot ass.
I moved towards him, softly told him "I'd love to feel your body, run my fingers all over you", he looked at me through his cute glasses and adjusted his crotch. I moved closer, rubbed my hand between his thighs and felt a semi hard cock through the rough denim pants. I unbuttoned them, lifted his shirt over his head and unzipped his pants. I then slid them down, kneeling in front of him to help in removing them completely. There his cock was inches in front of my face, I c could see it swelling, growing to it's full erect state. Such a HOT uncuct cock. I HAD to have it in my hand, I let the still mostly covered tip brush against my lips as I moved my hand to take ahold of his manhood. I skinned back his foreskin, looking again at his cock, I licked the tip, looked up and saw he was enjoying my treatment of his stiff cock.
I took it all into my mouth, sucking and stroking, he moaned softly. I couldn't believe I was sucking on his cock, the cock I've been fantasizing about and stroking my own cock thinking about.
He motioned for me to stand, he helped me out of my clothing, sat me on the bed and knelt taking my 7 and a quarter inch thick cock into his hot mouth. His head bobbed up and down in my lap, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Chubby pale young guy sucking my cock and really blowing my mind. I moaned loudly and stroked his upper torso as he continued to suck.
I pulled him off of me, laid him back on the bed and lay down on top of him, in the 69 position. We both took each others' cocks into our mouths and sucked. I started slowly again, and he started where he left off. I groaned, which sounded hot with his cock deep in my mouth.
After a short while of this I licked below, towards his balls, then further, into the deep crack of his ass. I licked his rosebud, making it slick with my saliva. His moans were interrupted by my thrusting cock, in and out of his mouth.
I lay back, and he slides towards me, turning over. I run my fingers down his back, onto his amazing ass and down along the crack. With his fingers he spreads his ass cheeks wide so I can see his ass. I dive in with my tongue. His moaning gets louder. I slide one finger in, then two and three. I get almost 4 in and start sliding in and out of him.
I lift his hips up, get on my knees and slowly slide my thick cock deep inside him. The heat is incredible. I can't remember feeling like this before. I fuck his ass slowly at first, building up speed our bodies slap together, sweat, moans and the sound of sex fills the air.
I feel my cock start to twitch, he begs me to cum inside him. I tell him "I want to fill you with my hot jizz".
I love the feeling of cuming inside someone's ass. Felling my hot load filling them up, dripping out and down my balls, watching it drip down their legs. I fire several shots, thick and hot deep into his ass. I pull out to watch my load dripping down his legs, balls and onto the bed. I lay him down and suck on his cock, it's time he came.
Several minutes after I had taken his hot hard cock into my mouth I felt it twitch. I've never had a guy cum in my mouth, but I liked him so much I wanted to taste his seed. He grunted twice and his first shot filled my mouth, the second spilling out of my mouth and onto his pale soft skin. I tried to catch as much of his boiling hot seed in my mouth as possible.
As his cock softened in my mouth we lay back feeling each other and resting.

I was hoping that would not be the only fun we had during my trip.

Well, what do you think? Like, dislike, leave a comment or send a message.
Posted by Masshole 2 years ago
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1 year ago
That was a Hot ass story.
Thanks for sharing it.
2 years ago
sweet4lover, o gordinho mais perfeito que já ví, parabéns prá vc, por tê-lo ao vivo...
e, eu , por enquanto só curtindo, os vídeos dele e suas histórias!
2 years ago
that was awesome, I wish I could meet people on here in person :)
2 years ago
i m actualy going 2 meet him
2 years ago
like it very much. there are a lot of people on xhamster I would like to meet in the "flesh" so to say.