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backyard on a warm end of summer night.

In New England fall comes along quickly. This story takes place about a week and a half ago at my home.
I awoke around 230 am and couldn't get back to sl**p. I wandered around my place for a while, just wearing my t shirt and basketball shorts with no underwear. The night was warm, a kind of night that I like to play around outside. My cock swelled slightly as the soft light fabric from the shorts rubbed my 7.5 in cock.
I went out the front door and walked around outside for a few minutes, taking in the night air. Knowing only one layer of clothing was between me and the night air made me s... Continue»
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[Story] Rest stop

A few days ago I was at work. My building has no AC so I sat in my office on my computer sweating to death. The end of the day finally arrived and I took off for my 45 minute ride home. The hot summer day was holding into a hot summer evening. I drove along a rural route in Southern MA. Passing several state forests. My cock was stirring in my shorts, I hadn't cum in a few days and felt the urge starting to cloud my better judgement.
I wanted to stop into one of the turnoffs on the winding road and walk into the forest, strip down and walk around the woods in the nude, stroking my cock, and ... Continue»
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Recently outside

Recently I was sitting home in the late evening when I hopped online and started surfing for porn. I read several stories on xhamster and nifty, watched a few videos and returned a few hot emails with friends I have met on xhamster. While watching straight and gay videos my cock expanded in my pants. I was wearing my typical "masturbation outfit", jeans with the button fly open and a just over the waist t shirt. I like to stroke for a while, get really hard then go out for a smoke. The shirt just covers my open fly but I can feel the breeze on my cock and balls. It feels great. While out smoki... Continue»
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[Story] My first blow job from a guy

This was many years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a winter evening and I was around 17 or so, my friend, who was around 19 or 20, got a new car. I begged him to drive it and he smirked. We cruised around and I kept bugging him to drive. We drove into a housing development that was under construction, I thought AT LAST he's going to let me drive. He stopped on a dead end and looked at me. He said, "I'll let you drive if you let me suck your cock." I was FLOORED. Hadn't ever thought of that before. I laughed and he said "seriously, let me suck your cock and you can drive". The... Continue»
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My desire for an Xhamster member

I haven't written much about something I haven't done, but watching this guy's videos and looking over his photos has turned me on so much I felt the need to share, hope you all like it.

I traveled to the UK to sightsee and meet a guy I met on Xhamster, his screen name is sweet4lover. His chubby body is amazing, every new video he posts is better than the last. I stroked my cock many times thinking about being able to meet him and what we'd do if we ever were to meet.
There I was, walking to his house. We chatted online, talked on skype and then I flew over the Atlantic. All the while bec... Continue»
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[Story] My casino pool adventure

This is a TRUE story. I am having a difficult time believing it actually happened to me.

Just recently I went on a weekend trip to a casino in the New England area. After several hours of drinking and gambling, losing mostly, I decided to go to the pool. I've been to this particular place several times and never ventured out of the casino or the hotel halls. I got changed and started on my way.
I arrived and saw a decent sized pool with families and couples all swimming around. I decided to go to the pool bar and have a few more beers.
I got a lounge chair and put my belongings down, st... Continue»
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I just fucked myself

As I write this I'm in the middle of masturbating while looking at some of my friends' (on this site) pictures and videos. I decided to try doing what an online friend did while in an adult chat room. I took an old wine bottle, a condom and a bit of lube. I put the condom on the neck of the bottle and sat back and tried to slide it in my ass. After a few awkward moments I succeeded. It felt really good. Not since I was younger had I put one of my ex wife's lifelike vibrators up my ass to see what it was like have I used anything larger than my fingers. I lay back further and slid it in and ou... Continue»
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What I'd like to do with a friend.

Recently I have "met" a person on this site. We've been communicating through the messenger service here and I've grown to want to meet him in real life. The way he talks and what we talk about makes me really want to go to his place and play.
Our conversations started out with me coming by to take a few photographs of him so he could post them on xhamster for all to enjoy. It's grown to talk of play, which really sounds fun.
My vision of what might happen is as follows:

I go to his place sometime during the day. We arrange for this scenario to take place.
I'd knock on his door, he'd ... Continue»
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[Story] Another walk in the rain.

I have always loved walking around with my fly undone and seeing how long
before my cock flops out of my pants and into the cool air. This is just a
small story about my recent masturbatory adventures.

I'm around 37 years old, a white guy with an average body, I hope, and a
penchant for rubbing my cock while thinking about cuming all over the
place. As I write this right now my thick cut 7.25 in cock is sticking out
from my button flys and I'm stroking every once in a while.

Recently after reading through a few submissions on xhamster I decided to
go for a walk in the rain. It was... Continue»
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[Story] A young friend and me.

This is a true story and the names have been changed to protect the not so
innocent. If you are in a country or state that forbids you reading this,

Again, this is a true story from my youth...

I was about 17 and walking around during a warm summer night when I got the
familiar urge to touch myself. As usual I was wearing my tighty wities and
wanted to feel more "sexy" so I pulled out my pocket knife and pulled them up
and over my jeans waistband. While walking I started cutting the elastic band
and through the fabric. As I got through the waistband a car drove by the
o... Continue»
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[Story] A midsummer's eve walk

Does anyone else enjoy walking around naked outdoors?

This is a true story and all the disclaimers apply.

Let me start out by describing myself now: early 30's with short blondish
hair, a 6 1/2 in cut cock that, when hard, has a downward curve. I weigh
around 155 and am slim. I look, so I've been told, around 25. Ok, now
that that's outta the way on with my recent adventures.

Summer in the North East can be warm. I sat in my place wanting to jerk
off, looked through some porn sites and thought about the times that I
have gone around the area and jacked off outside.
I got into ... Continue»
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[Story] The photographer

This story is a true story and if you shouldn't be
reading this then DONT! If you like it, tell me!

I was hanging around the local strip mall sometime in
my 17th year around summertime. It was after closing
time and I was alone. I began to feel a twinge between
my legs and felt the need to jerk off. At this time I
was so horny I felt as if I could do anything
I began to walk towards a dark corner of the lot when
a classic Mustang convertable began to circle the lot.
Inside the car was an older man who was just driving
aimlessly. He stopped near me and I said "Nice car"... Continue»
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[Story] True masturbation

This is a collection of real stories about what I have
done in my youth. These REALLY happened.
If you are u******ed or not supposed to be reading
these stories DON'T!

On a late summer afternoon I was getting ready to
leave for a walk in the woods when I deceided to go
"commando". I stripped off my tighty whities and put
my loose running shorts back on. I then got on my bike
and rode off in the direction of a large wooded area I
was familiar with. On the ride I could feel my soft
cock sliding back and forth in the leg of my shorts.
As that happened I felt it begin to swell sli... Continue»
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[Story] Cuming in my car.

This is a true story.

I just got back from one of the best drives I've had in quite some time. I was feeling a bit horny when I decided to wear only button fly jeans and a sweatshirt. I got into my car and started to drive aimlessly. I picked a fairly secluded road and started to unbutton my fly. I rubbed my fingers against my growing member as the road bumps made me feel more daring. On a spur of the moment decision I decided "what the fuck" and whipped my pants down around my ankles. This made the drive even more exhilarating. My 7.25 in steel hard cock stood at full attent... Continue»
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