First Time With Steve (Pt. 2)

As I laid there on the sofa face down with Steve on top of me trying to catch my breath, I realized Steve had his cock in my ass still. Soft now it felt just as part of my body, no discomfort just a slight fullness in my bottom. ‘well. . ‘ I said in between our pants for oxygen. Steve giggled, ‘well what?’. ‘I guess we need to up the cardio a bit’ I replied getting a belly laugh out of Steve. ‘yeah maybe, or next time we just need to pace ourselves better.’ ‘Next time? I like the sound of that’ I replied as I turned my head as far as I could to the right to look at his glistening sweaty face. He kissed my cheek missing my lips then leaned up off my back slowly pulling his cock out of my ass. It slid out with ease and a little pop sound as his head exited my hole. It still felt like he was in me. He slapped me on the ass and pulled at my hand. ‘come on. . lets get cleaned up a bit’ I moaned in disagreement at having him off of me but mostly at the idea of getting up. Some how he had drained the energy right out of me.
He pulled at my arm and helped stand me up. He held onto my hand and we walked toward the showers. Walking past the showers he led me to the hot tub. ‘go ahead and get in and I’ll go get some towels’ he instructed me. I stepped into the hot tub without protest, hot tub sounded way more interesting then a shower right now. Steve returned with a arm full of towels and switched on the jets before joining me in the hot tub. I was becoming pretty relaxed when I heard him laugh again ‘don’t fall asl**p on me, I don’t think I’m done with you yet’. I giggled now and couldn’t stop the smile from crossing my face. ‘ I was just thinking the same thing about you Stevie boy’ I smirked at him. Opening my eyes I watched him enter the hot tub. My gosh his cock was huge. ‘uhhh question Steve?’ I asked him without taking my focus off his cock. He stopped on the steps of the hot tub and followed my gaze to his cock, ‘. . . yes we saved the horse but no. . . he lost his cock’ he said. ‘seriously how big is that thing baby? Did I take all of that?’ I asked giving him no response to his cheesy joke. ‘I honestly don’t know, I haven’t measured it since I was in my 20’s. It was 9inchs.’ He stepped all the way into the hot tub and sat across from me. ‘and no you didn’t take all of it, we’ve never even fooled around before so I really didn’t know how much you can take. I actually planned on not penetrating you actually until you were comfortable with it but I got so caught up in the moment I had to give you a taste’ he said.
‘you’re a insanely honest man aren’t you steve?’ I said. ‘yeah, its works better that way’ he said winking at me. ‘I like that about you, plus your fun, plus your smoking hot’ I laughed a little. ‘not gonna lie to you when you said you were going to fuck me I got a little nervous. I’ve taken a pretty big cock before but nothing like yours. Where did you learn that thigh fucking thing? I’ve never seen that before, turned me on like crazy.’ I told him. ‘I started doing that with my ex-wife actually. She could never actually take all of me to the hilt but I have to pound to get off unless I’m jerking it. I came out of her during sex and got a few pumps into her thighs before I realized I came out of her. I just kept pounding at her like that. She got off and I got off and the rest is history. Most guys I’ve been with seem to like it so I stick with it’ he explained. ‘I liked it but I think I liked it more because it was random, surprising and just in the moment’ I replied ‘I am kind of interested as to how much of you I can take’ I said to him as I moved both my feet up between his legs spreading his knees apart. I pushed the bottoms of my feet down the inside of his thighs towards his cock. Just feeling the base of his cock with my toes I brought my feet back toward his knees massaging the inside of his thighs with my feet. Placing one of my hands behind my head slightly grabbing the back of my hair I started to stroke my cock priming it.
He closed his knees and leaned forward toward me. He spread my knees with his hands and looked down at me stroking my cock. ‘cant see you with these jets on’ Steve said. He quickly and swiftly stepped out of the hot tub, turned off the jets timer and returned spreading my knees again with his hands. He moved very light on his feet for his size. And it stood out to me for some reason. He quickly turned off the jets and made his way back to the hot tub. He returned back between my legs spreading them with his hands. I kept one hand behind my head and the other on my cock. Placing his hands on the edge of the hot tub on either side of my head he bent his neck toward my neck and started to suck at me like a vampire. I let out a small moan and grinded my pelvis against his. I could feel his massive cock past erection grinding between our bellys. The tip was past my belly ring slightly tugging at it as I grinded down up and down his cock. I pulled my hand off my cock and wrapped it around his neck gripping tight as he continued to meet me with every grind and continued to suck at my neck.
He moved his lips from my neck and kissed me hard sucking at my lower lip. Pulling from our hard kiss he said ‘its so easy to get hard for you baby!!’. I just giggled and pulled him back down into another lip sucking kiss. As we kissed he took his right hand off the edge and reached towards my ass. I could feel him searching for my hold threw the water. When he found it I broke our kiss and stared up at him into his eyes. One of his fingers started to make its way in and out of my hole. I gasped a little not breaking my gaze. He went a little deeper and deeper. He met my gaze but would look down toward my cock. I was bouncing almost floating on top of the water now as he pumped at my hole with his fingers. He pulled his lips from my neck and slid down my body toward my cock. I took both my hands and grab the edge of the hot tub. Steve slid all the way down my body running his tongue down the center of my chest, in between my abs and down over my cock engulfing the whole cock in his mouth holding it in there. I could feel the tip of my cock pulse as it barely reached his throat. I moaned low and long.
Steve rested my legs on the top of his shoulders as he continued to pump away at my cock with his mouth. I gripped harder on the edge of the pool the more intense his blowjob got. He returned his right hand and at least two of his fingers back to my ass pumping away in the same rhythm as his blowjob. I tilted my head back and held on as hard as I could as he continued. I gasped and moaned with the combination he was doing on me. My gripped slipped and my whole upper body went under water submerging my head. Steve never broke his rhythm with my head underwater. The feeling was surreal. I clawed my way back to the top for air and gripped the edge of the hot tub again. Breathing really heavy and gasping for air I could feel my self getting extremely close to blowing my load down Steve’s throat.
‘oh shitttt I’m fucking close Steve’ I said to him almost whimpering. He immeadiately stopped pumping at my cock with his mouth but continued a slow rhythm in my hole. He looked up at me grinning ‘damn your so much sexier wet baby’ he said to me. ‘you may be to much hun’ I laughed back at him. ‘do you think you can take all of me?’ he asked. ‘I definitely think we should try babe’ I replied. ‘I’ve got three fingers in you now’ he said. I grinned. I knew I could take his girth but the length was what I was curious about. Steve let me go completely and went for the towels. He opened three of them and layed them down on the edge of the hot tub. He guided me to my back on top of the towels with my ass hanging over the edge of the hot tub. Steve was still standing in the hot tub applying lube over my cock and hole completely lubing the inside of me as well. ‘I’m going to take that sexy ass of yours and make it mine baby’ he said with a hungry a****l look in his eyes. Aww fuck, I said to myself. Steve lifted my knees to my chest and stroked my cock with the same rhythm he was stroking his. I closed my eyes and waited for him to enter me.
The tip of my cock was so sensitive as he continued to stroke me, I could feel my cum begging to be released in my balls. I felt the head of steves cock pushed against my hole. Opening my eyes I met his, taking a deep breath I said ‘take whats yours baby’. Steve grinned, looked me over once more running his hand off my cock and up and down my glistening abs, to my chest and firmly wrapping his hand around my throat. His other hand guided his cock against my hole slightly pushing the head in. I continued my breathing and gripped both of my hands around his arm gripping my throat. He met my eyes saying ‘breathe baby breathe’. I thought I was monster dick, again speaking to myself. Again I took a deep breath and I could feel his cock pushing against my ass forcing my anus muscles to give as they opened up. I could feel about 3 inches of him slide into me as my anus relaxed. ‘there you go baby’ he said to me as he made a slow rhythm of in and out penetration on my ass, bringing his cock all the way out and back in. He wasn’t going very deep and had started slow, of which I was thankful for. ‘aww yeah baby, that’s it, a little deeper’ I whispered to him gripping his wrist and forearm tighter that was still connected to the hand around my neck.
He penetrated a lot deeper and stopped his rhythm letting me get adjusted to his size, maybe 7-8inches of him were in my ass now. ‘ohhh fuck’ I said. It had sent a little pain up my ass and into my back when he went deep. He pumped twice into me and held me tighter around my throat. Steve slightly pulled me up by my throat and met me with a deep wet kiss almost sucking the life out of me. I met him back wincing at the same time. He released his kiss and said softly ‘. . are you ok baby’. ‘very’ I replied. I moved my hips a little to take a little more of him into my bottom. Releasing my throat he placed both of his hands under my knees. I returned a hand back to my cock and the other behind my head. Steve started him rhythm again pumping his cock into me going slightly deeper with every so many pumps. ‘ahhhahhh yeahh, fuck it steve fuck it’ I cryed out in a mixture of pleasure and a little pain. I met steves eyes again, they were constantly looking up and down my muscular frame. I felt as if he was lusting after my body as he was almost balls deep into me. The lust in me boiled as the bl**d returned harding my cock to all its fullness.
I felt steves thighs slap my ass cheeks and stay there as he pulled my legs to his chest. I looked at steve with a surprised look, I suppose, as he met my look with a smirk and giggle saying ‘you’ve got all of me now baby’. I couldn’t believe it, looking down to his lower abs I could see my balls being pushed up around my cock from the f***e of him in me. ‘shit baby, pound that ass with all of you this time’ I said. He replied with pulling his cock half way out and slamming it back in. ‘hummppphh yeah, hummmpphh yes just like that’ I said to him. Everytime he went balls deep it felt like the air was being sucked out of me. He pounded me harder and faster slapping his balls against my ass as the bottoms of my thighs met his hard abdomen. Flesh to flesh slapping sounds echoed threw out the locker room. Steve was groaning now as he pumped my ass. ‘awww ahh, where do you want it baby where? I’m close’. ‘right there keep it in me, don’t stop fucking me don’t stop’ I was blowing my load as he asked me where I wanted his load ‘ahhhhh fuuuccckkk’ rope after rope came out over my stomach reaching up to my nipples. My asshole tightened squeezing steves cock milking it as I came. Steve gripped my hips and pounded at me like a bull as I squeezed the last drops out of my cock. Steady slap after slap of flesh. Steve leaned down, putting his chest to mine his arms under my back and kept pounding. I hugged his thick neck gripping the top of his shaved head. I could hear his groans closer. ‘yes baby. . . . ‘ steve still pounding and groaning, ‘fill me up baby give it to me’ I whispered into his ear. I didn’t think I could take anymore my asshole was on fire. Steve let out a loud cry like a wounded b**st as he pounded hard two times and drove his cock past the hilt into me, I could feel his cock explode and cum raging out into my insides. ‘ahhhhh. . . ‘ I cryed out as he pumped the last few ropes of cum into my ass. Steve kissed me hard sucking at my lower lip harder. He layed on top of me motionless breathing just as deep as I was.
After a moment of us catching our breaths steve said ‘no. . . no ones ever taken me like that before’ heavily panting for air. I replied ‘no ones ever given it to me like that you can believe that.’

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3 years ago
Incredable story i'm so wet form cumming all over my stomach and chest thanks
3 years ago
Damn good story.
3 years ago
So Hott and sexy