First Time With Steve

When I met Steve it was if just meeting anyone, when I got involved with Steve
life changed drastically. A lot of the bodybuilders and guys at the gym were
either bi or gay. It wasn’t really talked about in the open and I had kind of
enjoyed that. I had been in relationships with both men and women and was
honestly just enjoying life. With males I was a versatile bottom and had always
taken that role since I started being sexual with men. Some weeks before Steve
approached me, I had fucked around with a guy about my age that also worked at
the gym. It had only been a d***ken one night stand but the word was out on me.
All kinds of different attention started coming my way and I didn’t mind cause it
was a meat market we were all in. I had seen Steve around the gym working out
mostly and behind the smoothie bar counter on occasion. Steve was an avid
bodybuilder standing at about 6'1-2 stocky 260lbs frame surrounded by bulging
muscles, shaved head, tan skin tone
and not a hair on his body like he could strip down and compete in a
heavy weight bodybuilding contest. You couldn’t tell by looking at him but he
was pushing 40 years old when we first met. I was 22 and very serious about my
body at the time eating right, lifting mostly free weights and swimming until
failure every time keeping my body hard and body fat low. I stood 5'10, 195lbs
and tan at about 9% body fat keeping me one of the smaller guys in the gym.
Except the hair on my head I never liked hair on my body except a thin bacon
strip above my shaft that I kept edged up. I had recently gotten my belly button
pierced but didn’t flaunt it for the lack of respect with being related to sissies
or twinks. Steve had always been a good help with form and new exercises to
target different muscles I had picked his brain a lot on numerous occasions.
Then he started giving me a little extra attention in the gym, always making a
point to come by with
jokes or introducing himself to the people I was with.

I began to have more than just sexual feelings for him. I had thought about what it would be like to have him on top of me and the usual sexual fantasies and occasional wank. But now I felt myself pulled toward him. I started to get to know him more. He had been married and divorced young, had a son that he didn’t have much to do with or even know do to his sexual exploits. His ex wasn’t to found of his sexual choices. Steve actually owned the smoothie bar and was a percentage owner of the gym. Steve had started touching me occasionally, a hand touch here a brush there. The first time he lightly patted my ass I beat of almost immediately in the bathroom fantasying about him. One day after finishing up my workout I got a protein smoothie from one of Steve’s employees hoping he would be there. I felt his large firm hands on my shoulders. I quickly turned to see his smirking grin, 'didn’t scare ya did I' he said. after a quick giggle I replied 'almost, might
take more than that to really scare me ''ohh really, guess that’s good that you don’t spook easily'. After some idle chit chat about plans for the weekend and how the afternoon work out went I over heard him speaking to his employee about not worrying about coming in tonight for the truck unloading, that it'll be a small load and he could handle it. Small load made me smirk a bit and he noticed. 'watch it smartass' he jokingly said to me. 'Yes sir'. I took the rest of my smoothie and walked out to my car. After arriving at my apt. I texted Steve 'take it easy with your small load around the gym, don’t want to make the floor sticky'. laughing to myself I ran up the 3flights of stairs up to my apt. stripped down and showered scrubbing the gym smell off my skin. After the steam cleared a little I applied lotion all over my body not missing an inch, paying a little extra attention to my genitals and ass. I felt my smooth bubble ass was one of my best features and
it always seemed to get a lot of attention. My cock wasn’t anything

to brag about. fully erect now from the extra attention it was average length at 6 inches but thicker than usual. My balls also seemed a little larger than most but not that noticeable. flipping open the wood jewelry case on the sink I picked threw the few belly rings I had. Being tan I loved the way the small pink chain dangled over my belly button. after securing the pink chain I head my phone vibrate. It was from Steve 'lol ur cute, only large loads making anything sticky around here tonight :)' I replied 'is that right? having a friend or two over for some naughty time in the gym ;) u should come have a drink w/me when ur done playboy'. checking my other texts id missed while in the shower I found out the bar were me and a friend were going to meet up at. I texted the location to Steve. He replied ' I'm not sure where that is, would u mind letting me follow u there? Ill be done here at 10pm'. thinking about it I let my mind trail off on his arms and bulging abs
and wondering how big his cock was. I responded 'yeah that’s fine' arriving at the gym at 10pm I called him he picked up 'hey you' 'hey I’m here' 'u want to come in for a sec I’m almost finished' 'sure'. Steve opened the front door wearing nothing but tennis shoes and black sweat pants, his bare chest glistening with sweat. I felt bl**d flow in my cock. maintain I said to myself as he gave me a quick hug. 'Hey thanks for coming by I hate going out by myself' as he broke the hug his hands slid down my back glancing over the top of my ass lingering there. He stood there close looking slightly down at me. I noticed that he noticed I was oggling him 'yeah no problem I feel the same way' slightly stuttering. he grinned 'I just finished just need to shower off quick' 'did u just lift to or is that sweat from the load?' He smiled big and let out a low growl 'hmm' that seemed to belly up in him giving me some serious goose bumps. He stared what seemed threw me with a look that intimidated me like I've never felt. He bent his head leaning towards me slightly pushing his lips together but not all the way in. I looked up a bit and met his lips with mine. his lips were unusually soft and tasted slightly salty. the first kiss was soft then he buried in again this time engulfing my lips breathing into me pulling me closer slightly picking me up around my lower back. I wrapped my arms around his neck matching his firmness around my waist. I could feel his smile threw the kiss. Still sucking the life out of each other his hands found the skin on my lower back under my shirt and ran up behind my shoulder blades and back down to my jean cover ass grasping both cheeks roughly. we both started to laugh out of the pleasure.
'so' he said pulling away from my lips 'who all would miss us tonight if we were a no show' I giggled a bit 'uhh hmm' I pulled his neck closer for another deep kiss putting my hands on the side of his clean shaven face slightly biting his lower lip. with this his
hands found the bottom of my ass, gripped and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his hard midsection grinding my erection thru my jeans against his hard bubbly abs. I felt so light in his arms and the realization of this plus his warm tongue burying deep in my ear brought a small moan out of my lips. with my legs still wrapped around his waist he pushed me up against the glass wall next to the door I just walked threw. he slid me up still grasping my ass, a little more bringing one of my nipples into his mouth sucking hard teething it threw my shirt. my hands began to rove around his back of what I could reach and behind his head. he had me winching and moaning with the work he was doing on my nipples. 'wait' he said slightly panting, surprised and taken aback I said 'wait why??' he released one of my ass cheeks causing me to slide down the glass placing my feet on the ground. I was breathing heavier than I realized. Steve wrapped his large arm
around my waist and locked the front door with the other. my brain processed what was going on. this is happening, 'he’s all over u, I don’t think we will be leaving any time soon, I should have taken a couple of shots of whiskey before I left my apt' I thought to myself. running both my hands threw my almost shoulder length hair I took in a deep breath. Looking at me Steve said 'are u ok?' 'ohh yeah' 'come with me' Steve turned around flicking off the lobby light switch I glanced down and for the first time catching a glimpse of his large thick cock with matching balls sagging low. I must have slid his sweats down when I was grinding into him. I followed behind him watching his back muscles ripple as he would check doors and turn off lights. my gosh what a specimen we walked into the men’s locker room to the sofa in the large waiting like room in front of the lockers that followed to the hot tub, sauna, steam room, restrooms and showers. It actually smelt fresh like fresh laundry. I had never made it to the locker room
until it had already been used most of the day. kicking off our shoes Steve sat on the sofa rubbing on his b**st of a cock. he slapped his hand on his thigh 'come here and have a seat' walking over his legs I sat slowly high on his thighs inching my way down his thighs anticipating my cock grinding on his. he pulled at my belt loosing it and unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my fly. reaching in he unleashed my cock and the unrestrained penis felt great. I leaned back a little putting both my hands on the tops of his knees spreading them slightly. he pulled me down by my cock till the bases of our shafts were touching lining up our cocks together. Mine looked so much smaller compared to his but soon lost any interest in my insecurities as he started to stroke both our cocks pressed together with both his hands. I moved my pelvis in rhythm with his strokes groaning. one of his hands ran up under my shirt over my hard abdomen up to my chest, tugging at
my nipple. precum started to ozz from the tips of our cocks. his hand found its way down to my belly button feeling my piercing slightly tugging at it. 'ahh that’s so fucking hot' he whispered. both his hands pulled my shirt over my head quickly, placing one arm around my waist he spun me around placing me on my back on the sofa. he put his hands at my sides gripping the top of my jeans, pulling my briefs and jeans off at the same time slowly tossing them to the ground, placing my hands above my head I let him just look me over which he did with a great smile. 'damn I’ve wanted you since I first saw you' he said. I leaned forward and slid his sweats down to his ankles looking up at his cock I gripped it without pause with both hands and sucked hard on the head. 'slurp pop' the sound made as I worked his cock 'oh go. . . ' he didn’t finish as he groaned deep. I pumped his shaft in the same rhythm as I sucked on the head of his cock. he took a fist full of my head and let me work at my own speed. he started to pump my head
a little faster and deeper onto his cock. sucking hard every time my lips touched his head he would moan. I knew I couldn’t take all of him in my throat but I tried, gripping both his asscheeks half of his cock was down my throat. I stopped suddenly and left him in my throat for what felt like 10 mins. 'ohhh shitttt ahhh' his cock pulsed but didn’t cum. gripping my hair he pulled me off his cock, he pulled me off the sofa by my hair, getting a gasp from me from the unsuspected pain, and up to his lips fiercely kissing my lips sucking on my tongue. he completely released me, I dropped onto the sofa panting. Steve walked quickly behind the wall toward the lockers, I heard a locker open and slam shut. Steve returned with a small bottle of baby oil, his cock and balls already lathered up he squirted the baby oil onto my chest and started to rub it into my chest, belly and down to my shaft. 'stroke it for me baby' he instructed as he stood up and oiled up his
enormous chest. I did so, even working a finger in my ass. Steve noticed and winked at me. stoking my cock I pump hard and fast for a second then long slow strokes never loosing focus off Steves eyes, Steve was watching my hands on my cock. my cock pulsed and I knew I was close, I removed my hands from my cock and started to rub the oil into my chest more. 'I want to see that ass of yours that I've had to sneak peeks at' I rolled over knees on the edge of the cushions and bent over the back of the sofa arching my back popping my smooth bubble butt out in all its glory. I looked back at him and blew a kiss, reaching up in between my legs I buried a finger deep into my soft hole. taking it out I put the finger in my mouth, gaining eye contact back with Steve I slowly sucked my moist finger. his mouth dropped a little. it tasted sweet from the honey enema and salty from the sweat. Steve applied amply oil all over my ass caressing it and slowly stroking my cock from behind. he buried his tongue deep in my ass 'aahhoww' I
quietly moaned gripping the sofa. Steve stood up and laid his large cock on the top of my ass sliding up my crack slowly grinding him into me from behind. feeling his thighs against mine his balls slapped against my hole. both his hands grasped on my hips, moving me forward and f***efully slammed me back into his muscular legs his cock sliding up and down my crack, balls slamming hard once again into my hole. he pumped me like this humping hard making a loud slapping sounds echoing threw the locker room, with each pound I met it with a 'oohmmpff' forcing the air out of me. then he did something I’ve never experienced, he quit pounding and pushed my thighs and knees together still bent over the couch. I turned and looked at him, he fisted his cock in one hand and grabbed me around my neck with the other. he rubbed the head of his cock over my hole teasing it softly 'keep those legs together baby, I’m going to fuck that sexy ass' seeing the fear on my
face of what was to come he smiled out of the side of his mouth.

pushing the head of his cock in my ass slightly I winced deeply but not protesting. he withdrew then popped the head in my ass again. wincing in pain I closed my eyes as he left the head in for a minute as my hole stretched around it. he then with drew placed the head under my hole were the top of my thighs met and drove his full length in between my legs to the hilt. his cock popped out ramming into my balls forcing them to lie on top of his cock. I looked down seeing his cock in between my legs tucked under my balls, almost sending me over the top. Steve began to pound the shit outta me both of us panting and screaming close to orgasm. 'are u close' 'oh man close' he gripped my cock pumping it hard I leaned back pushing my back against his chest and kissed him hard. with one of his arms around my neck forcing his lips to mine, other hand on my cock and his cock pounding away between my legs I exploded. rope after rope I shot onto the sofa screaming threw
his lips I came harder than I ever have. after squeezing the last drop out of my cock he pulled he’s cock from between my legs, pushed the head into my ass and pumped his shaft hard and fast. he growled deep into my ear as I felt he head swell and explode into me. feeling every pulse it felt like he shot it into my stomach. half way threw his orgasm I pushed my ass a couple inches onto his cock sending him over the edge. Collapsing on top of me onto the sofa he panted into my ear and kissed my neck

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