Daughter discovers mom's dildo

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in early October. Sandy was awoken by the sounds of her shades being opened. Slowly she opened her eyes to she her mother in her room walking toward her. Sandy was 18 years old, a senior in high school and the only c***d to a single mother. She was a very pretty girl with long brown hair and soft, fair skin. She was about 5'6" tall, weighed 122 lbs and loved to play sports which kept her body in great shape.

"Wake up dear. Don't waste a beautiful day like today sl**ping all morning"

"Aw mom It's Sunday"

"I'm going to church and then do some shopping. Do you want to come?"

"No thanks. I have some things to do around here"

"Okay honey, I'll see you later on. Don't go back to sl**p"

"I won't, Bye mom"

Sandy's mom went downstairs leaving the bedroom door open. Sandy got up and headed for the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth. As she exited the bathroom she could hear the garage door opening. From the window in the hallway Sandy watched as her mom backed down the driveway and head off down the street.

Sandy headed back into her room and reached into the top drawer of her bureau for a pair of panties. Next she found a comfortable pair of pants and a tee shirt. As she climbed out of her pajamas Sandy looked at her naked body in the mirror. She watched herself as she touched her right breast. Her breasts were only a small B cup and she hoped some day to get them enlarged. Her mom was always telling her that they were fine, but she wanted them bigger. She did like rest of her body, however, the way her waist flowed into the curves on her hips and the firmness of her young stomach. She also noticed that she had neglected her pussy the last several days and tiny hairs were again visible.

Sandy hated hair on her body anywhere except on her head. She decided to take a shower and shave her body before getting dressed. With her mom gone for a good part of the day Sandy didn't bother getting dressed as she headed back down the hall to the bathroom. She filled the tub slightly with warm water and sat on the edge and began shaving her legs. It was only necessary to shave up to her knees because her hair was so light. Next she shaved under her arms before finally lathering up her pussy. With soft gentle strokes of the razor she removed the stubble from below her pussy then up next to her outer labia before finally removing any signs of hair from the rest of her tender young mound.

Satisfied that she was once again hair free she drained the water from the tub and started the shower. As the warm water rained down she washed her body from head to toe. As her hands ran over her body she began to relax and become slightly aroused. She touched her nipples and watched as the stiffened from the feel of her own fingers. Soon her fingers wandered down between her legs and over the smooth mound of her pussy. She could feel her pussy moisten as she slid a finger between the soft outer lips of her snatch.

As if from their own free will her legs began to drift apart allowing for her fingers to reach deeper inside herself. Her moans rang softly in the shower as she explored the depths of her pussy. Two fingers were soon gliding between the smooth damp lips of her inner vagina. With two of fingers sliding in and out of her increasingly wet pussy she began to massage her clit with her other hand. It had been a week since she had last cum and she was ready to explode.

As her orgasm approached Sandy couldn't control passion and her moaning became faster and louder. Finally she felt as if she would burst as her body clenched with the anticipation of its oncoming release. Her body hunched over slightly as she began to cum. Her pussy quivered and her juices flowed as she vigorously wiggled her fingers about deep inside her cunt. Her breathing was heavy as the rush of her climax raced though her insides.

When her body had recovered Sandy pulled her two fingers from their resting place deep inside her pussy. Without any forethought she brought the digits up into her mouth and slowly sucked them. She had never tasted herself before and she really didn't know why she decided to on this day, but one thing was for certain, she liked it. She sucked her fingers until she could no longer taste the creamy flavor of her pussy.

Sandy shut off the water and climbed from the tub. She couldn't help but to smile as she dried off her slender body. Sandy was typically in a good mood, but today she felt fantastic. She left the bathroom still completely nude and headed down to the kitchen to get something to drink. She loved the feeling of walking around the house with no cloths and frequently did so when her mother was not around. Her mother had caught her several times and it always felt rather embarrassing for her, but she continued the habit telling herself she would be more careful next time.

Sandy scanned the fridge for a snack and something to drink. As she bent over she could feel the cool air against her asshole. She reached back and slid a finger across its rim. Her friends all that anal sex was nasty, but Sandy had often fantasized about it, but was afraid with her slender frame it would hurt too much. Finally settling on a glass of juice and some g****s she headed into the living room. She channel surfed for a while as she popped g****s into her mouth.

When a commercial for some random product showed some scantily clad woman walking the beach Sandy felt slightly aroused once again. She spread her legs and looked down at her glistening pink inner pussy lips. She held a g**** between her thumb and forefinger and circled around her clit. The cool smooth skin of the g**** caused a sudden rush of pleasure. Her clit stiffened and poked out from its protective hood. She eased the g**** down through the moist folds of her pussy and back up again before popping the g**** into her mouth. She gently sucked her pussy juice from the outside of the g**** before biting into it.

Sandy was feeling extremely horny again, but wanted something more satisfying than her fingers. She headed back up stairs to her room to use her standard toy which was basically the handle of her hair brush. As she sauntered up the stairs she thought about her mom's vibrator. She had always been afraid of using it; her thought was that it was gross for two people to use such an object. Perhaps if she cleaned it first it would be okay, she thought to herself. She quickly made up her mind and headed into her mother's room. She checked the drawer of her mom's bureau where she had accidentally found it a few months go, but it wasn't there.

Sandy checked the other drawers with out any luck and began to wonder if her mom had gotten rid of it. She climbed onto the bed and slid over to the far side of her mom's king size bed to where she could reach the drawer of the night stand. There it was, a big pink, cock shaped vibrating dildo. It had to be 8 inches long, Sandy thought as she lifted it from the drawer. She slid her hands down the rubber shaft feeling the imitation veins along its length. Sandy was moving to go and wash it in the sink when she noticed the strong aroma coming from the dildo. She brought it closer to her nose and inhaled the pungent scent. Instead of being disgusted by the odor Sandy felt even more aroused. She wondered when her mom had used it last. She wondered if her mom tasted the same as herself. Her curiosity was too much and Sandy took the head of the cock between her lips and with her eyes closed she licked around the tip of it with her tongue.

The taste was a little different than her own, but equally as addicting. Sandy took what she could of the cock into her mouth and sucked the flavor of her mom from its shaft. She opened her eyes and saw herself in the mirror hanging on the closet door as she sucked her mom's cum off the plastic cock. Sandy became increasingly horny and was ready to fuck. She stopped sucking on the cock and lay back with her head on the pillows. With her knees up and her legs spread she positioned the erect cock at the entrance to her snatch. She pressed the head of the cock toward her tight little hole. She watched as her slender pink lips began to open and swallow the head of the big hard cock.

It hurt her a little as she pushed the thick member inside herself. It took a bit of time to get the cock in so far as she could no longer see any details of the head. At that point she rested a moment so that her young pussy could become accustomed to such a large object. Then slowly she worked it back and forth just a little. The sight of her pussy being fucked was more arousing to her than the actual feeling of it.

Eventually her pussy relaxed and she was able to push in a little more with each stroke. The cock filled her pussy walls like never before. She knew she would come soon and hadn't even turned on the vibration yet. Sandy had nearly three fourths of the dildo sliding into her cunt when she felt her body begin to shutter. She pushed the cock in as deep as she could as her orgasm hit her like tidal wave of pleasure. Her hips thrust in the air and her screams echoed through the house as a violent climax shook her body. Her body was shaking and her heart was pounding as her pussy clenched onto the cock inside her.

Sandy held the cock inside her as her climax wound down. Even before she fully recovered she started to fuck herself again. She reached for the base of the cock and turned the knob slightly to the right until she felt the cock begin to vibrate. It was like nothing she had ever felt. Her cunt was overly wet and she could feel her cum dripping down her inner thighs onto the sheets below. Sandy didn't care, the only thing she cared about at the moment was making herself get off. Her pussy had control over her entire body, telling her hands to keep shoving that big cock into it.

Again she reached for the knob and increased the level of vibration. Her pussy responded by sending a flood of juice down the inner walls of her cunt. As she pumped the cock in and out of her pussy the cum slowly leaked past and drained onto the sheets and mattress below. Once more Sandy increased the vibration to maximum. It felt like her entire inside was quivering. Nearly the entire length of the cock disappeared inside her snatch each time she pushed it in.

Sandy reached the point of no return for the third time that morning as the cock bottomed against the back wall of her pussy. It's vibrations reaching areas of her cunt she didn't know even existed. Her muscles tightened as she readied herself for a massive release. Her body tensed as her orgasm over took her. It felt as though her pussy was going to rupture. She pulled the hard cock from her pussy and as it plopped from her tight hole a stream of cum shot from her pussy and as she convulsed another wave of cum flew from her pussy. She quickly slid a hand over cunt to contain her cum. She rubbed her pussy with her hand as her orgasm continued. It lasted nearly a minute completely soaking her hand, the sheets and down into the mattress.

Sandy lay in shock over what had just happened to her. She had heard of women who squirted when they came, but she certainly had never had that happen to her. Slowly her breathing recovered and she pulled her hand from her pussy. Her pussy hung open still stretched from the massive fucking she had given herself. She watched as a tiny trickle of cum ran from her pussy. She brought her hand up to her mouth and one by one she sucked her juices from each finger.

Once cleaned, she ran her hand back to her wet pussy and slid her fingers through her sensitive and tender cunt lips. Her fingers damp once again made their way to her ass where she teased her rim with them. She gently swirled her moistened fingers around the outside of her ass. It felt nice and helped her take her focus from her well abused pussy.

As her mind came into focus she realized that the dildo was still buzzing. She leaned forward and grabbed it and as she turned it off she heard a set of keys land on the kitchen table downstairs and what sure to be her mom's foot steps on the linoleum floor.

"Oh shit" Sandy whispered as she threw the still wet cock back into the drawer. She jumped from the bed and as she headed for the door she heard foot steps coming up the stairs.

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Hot story, it was like reading the pages of my diary .
I'd love to chat if you would like to.
Jay xx
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wow... HOT story. Love a girl (and watching) who likes to give herself intense orgasms
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It's a long time since you wrote this, I think the next chapter is past due.
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great stuff, more please
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A terrific story!
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very sexy......is it a true experiance
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Fantastic story - I hope there is a part two and more .......
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great story!

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