How I helped my daughter learn

I had noticed that over the last few days that my daughter Susan had not been her normal self. She seemed withdrawn and distant. Therefore I wasn’t too surprised when she came into the lounge that Saturday night, and wearing her night shirt, sat on the couch beside me and said “Mom can I ask you something?”
I had just been sort of curled up wearing just my bath robe and relaxing but I’ve always got the time for my daughter if she upset or worried.
“Sure Angel” I said “What’s the matter?”

She sighed and then started to speak but stopped. She did this a couple of times finally saying “Please Mom don’t be mad with me”
I shook my head “Why should I be mad with you?” I asked. Sue shrugged “I don’t know I just think you might be”
I leant into her and put my arm round her and cuddled her. “C’mon sweety, out with it”. I stroked her long blonde hair away from her face and looked at her.
“Well mom I think I might be gay” She looked at me for a response.
“And?” I said “Where’s the problem in that sweetheart. You know I’d not have any problem with that”
“Well yes, I guess so but…” She stopped
“But what?” I asked
“Well” she started “I’m really not sure if I am or not”

I shrugged “Maybe you’re bisexual angel. If you like guys and are attracted to women too, then I’d say you’re bisexual.” I smiled and added “The best of both worlds” I smiled.
She smiled back.
“Thanks mom but I just feel confused. It’s because Becky made a pass at me last weekend at her house.”
I nodded. “Oh yes I remember when that happened to me many years ago. I got real confused. Made me feel I was bizarre in some way”
Sue brightened up “Yes Mom. That’s it exactly. I always thought that it was other people that it happened to but not me”
“Oh no” I said “like I say it happened to me and I learned to enjoy it”
Susan sat upright, her eyes wide “You learned to enjoy it? Mom, I never knew you were bisexual once”
I laughed “More than once! I still am bisexual. My best friend Rita, well she’s more than just a drinking buddy!”
Sue just said “Wow! I never guessed”

“And why should you have? We’re perfectly normal people. No extra head or anything. We’re just a couple of 40 something moms without a man in their life who enjoy being physical with each other.”
Susan was really amazed by my revelation but it had obviously set her mind at rest a great deal.
“So it’s ok to want to hold another woman’s body and touch her and kiss her then?” she asked.
“Well it is as far as I am concerned” I replied and added “Did you enjoy your time with Becky?”
Sue blushed. “Well all we did was kiss although she did squeeze my breast a bit. I so wanted her to do more but I think I was frightened because she would know it was my first time.”
I gave my daughter a hug. “Yes I can remember those feelings. Did you want to touch her too?”
“Oh yes” Sue replied “Very, very much. I wanted to squeeze her breasts and I really wanted to suck on her nipples and have her suck on mine. I was feeling really horny from the kissing alone and just wanted more. But I pulled away and she stopped. I’ve been thinking about it ever since”
I looked at my daughter and made a snap decision. I hoped she’d understand why.

“Tell me Angel, have you ever touched a woman’s breasts other than your own?”
She shook her head “No, never”
“But you’d like to then?” I asked.
She smiled and nodded “Oh yes, very much”
“Ok my love, then please don’t get this the wrong way but you can feel my breasts if you’d like” as I said this I pulled my robe open and revealed my naked breasts to my daughter’s wide eyed gaze.
“But you’re my Mom” she said
“I know but I am still a woman and a woman who you feel safe with don’t you?”
She nodded and asked “Are you sure mom?”
I smiled, reached for her hand and placed it on my left breast.
I felt her trembling as she gently squeezed me, felt my nipple hardening under her touch and pressing into her hand.

“Oh wow” was all she said as she began to softly squeeze and mould my breasts, first one then the other, taking my nipples between her fingers and rolling them back and forth.
I moaned softly at my daughter’s touch. Her hands and fingers were soft and arm against my breasts as she unknowingly started a fire in my pussy by her touching.
Then she leant forward and I knew she was going to suck them. I pushed my chest forward to meet her lips as they closed onto my right nipple while with her hand she still played with my left breast.
I moaned again “So lovely angel, so lovely”

Instinctively, forgetting that this was Susan my daughter sucking me, I reached under her and felt for her breasts. The hardness of her nipple pressed through her shirt into my palm. I shuddered as I squeezed her and heard her emit a low moan.
She sucked harder and my pussy twitched as she did.
I shrugged my robe off my shoulders and slipped my arms free so that I was sitting naked now, with my daughter sucking like a babe on my titty.
I reached for the hem of her night shirt and slipped my hand underneath onto the bare flesh of her stomach. I stroked upward with the tips of my fingers until I was at the outward curve of her breasts. Then I cupped my hand around one and squeezed it gently.
She sighed again.

I began to softly manipulate her firm young breasts as her tongue danced around my nipples.
She sat up, gripped the bottom of her night shirt and pulled it off. Then she stood up and slipped her panties off. I watched her in rapt attention. She smiled “There Mom, I want us both to be naked”. She sat down again, put her arms round me and puled me to her, her lips finding mine and we began kissing. She shyly slipped her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. She giggled.
I reached for her breasts again as she reached for mine, mother and daughter exploring each other’s sexuality and sensuality together.
I was wondering who would reach for the others pussy first when Sue answered that question. He hand slipped onto my thigh where she gently stroked me before moving down between my legs which I instinctively parted to allow her access to my already dripping pussy.

I closed my eyes as I felt her finger push between my pussy lips, sliding in my juice before she pressed it all the way into me. I groaned and what’s more I came. Instantly, there and then. As my daughter started to finger fuck me, my pussy gripped her questing finger tightly and almost sucked her inside of me.
“Oh mom, did you cum?” She asked “Uh huh!” was all I could reply.
She giggled again and began pushing another finger into me and then another until eventually she was driving four fingers in and out of my soaking cunt. The squelching was loud and so horny as she drove deeper and deeper into me.

Then, with her hand pressing hard at my cunt I spread my legs as far as I could and suddenly here whole hand was in me. Again I came, and came as her hand sunk into me right up to her wrist.
My eyes sprang open and Susan was staring at how far her arm had sunk into her mother’s cunt.
“Oh god! Oh God. Fuck me Sue, fuck me with your arm. Make me come again”
Slowly at first she drew her arm back and almost out and then thrust it forward. I shuddered as she did it again and again, starting a high speed fist fuck of my gushing pussy.
Every back and forth motion was met with a wet, wet sound of drenched cumming pussy.
Suddenly she jerked her hand from me. I arched upward as a tremendous wave of orgasm shot through me and then he head was between my legs, her tongue pressed deep between my soaked pussy lips, driving into me like a snake’s.

Her tongue felt so good that it was only a brief moment before another wave of orgasms hit me.
I reached down and pushed her clear, my body couldn’t take another rush like that.
She looked up, her lower face, mouth and lips glistening in my cum. She licked her fingers and said “Yum” which made me laugh out loud.
I reached for her shoulders and pushed her down on the couch. Getting to the floor, I knelt before her and gently pushed her legs apart.

I looked at her pussy. Like mine it was smooth and clean shaven. Also like mine it was wet with juice. I reached forward with one hand and slipped two fingers into her, twisting them from side to side as I began pushing them in and out. She moaned loudly and then louder still as I started buzzing her clit with my thumb. He clit was hard, like a small nut and she squirmed every time I sc****d my finger nail across it. Then in a matter of what seemed like mere seconds she arched her back from the couch and shuddered to a violent orgasm. As she did a hot jet of cum squirted from her pussy and she screamed out “Oh my god Mom, oh my god!”

I kept flicking her clit with the fingers of one hand as I fucked her hard with my other, slamming my knuckles into her pussy. She was so tiny that there was no way I was going to be able to return the favour of a fist fuck but I knew where my tongue was going to have to go.
So I leant forward and licked the length of her pussy with my tongue, swishing it back and forth and eventually pressing it between her lips, jabbing it back and forth inside her hot cunt. She was so, so wet and tasted so sweet yet musky. I was in heaven between my daughter’s thighs and, listening to her, she was in heaven on her mother’s tongue.
Then as she came one more time she sat up, pulling her pussy away from my face.

“Please mom, no more! I am totally wiped out” She smiled.
I smiled back “Enjoy?”
She nodded “Oh yes, very, very much”
I frowned briefly “Do you mind that your mom made you cum?”
She smiled again. “Oh no, I hope that’s something my Mom’s going to do to me more than once.”
She held out her hand. I took it and stood up.
“I hope so too my angel” and with that I led her from the lounge, clicked off the light and the pair of us went off to bed, now lovers instead of just mom and daughter.

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Hi Martinehotred, that is a very sensual and erotic story...reading it has turned me on. It reminds me of the wonderful times that I had with my Mom and Aunt! Thanks for posting it. Tris
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