This happened! We both wrote story in the bar late

I used to own a hotel and can just imagine you coming to stay on business. I would carry your bags up the stairs behind you and notice that under your short skirt and stockings you were wearing no panties. You look over your shoulder and notice what I am looking at. You start to walk a bit slower and bend over slightly more - I am sure I can actually smell your fanny and my cock hardens at the thought. The slower you go the better it gets and I'm having a fantasy of just taking you on the stairs!. When we get to your room you ask me if you can give me a tip - to which I think to myself that I'd rather give you the tip of my cock. You get to your knees, unzip me and start to lick my precum off my eight and a half inch cock. After a few minutes of delightful cock sucking I feel that it's time to repay the favour. I gently ease you up and slide you onto the bed. I slowly start to lick and kiss my way up to the top of your stockings and just stare in wonderment at your dripping wet pussy - I can't help myself I have to stop being slow and start to lick up and down the lips slowly opening them and then plunging my tongue deep inside to fully taste you. At the top of your lips - no longer hidden - is a beatifully ripe clit - it justs begs to be licked and sucked. I lick and lick until with a slight spasm you come right onto my tongue. I stand up and slowly roll you over and position you so that I can fuck you doggy style. I undo your shirt and bra and let your beautiful tits hang free - the nipples are so hard and engorged that you could hang a hat on them. I ease my fingers into your cunt and reopen your pussy lips - sliding just the tip of my cock in - with one hand on your left breast and my right index finger rubbing on your clit I slowly start to fuck you - pusing in another half inch with every slow thrust. After a while I decide to give you the full length and you can feel my balls slightly bumping against you. Slowly but surely I have to start fucking you harder and harder, rubbing your clit harder, tweaking your nipple. You start to spasm and I come deep inside your pussy - and all this before we've even got on kissing terms! And you have a full week left at the hotel!
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