Our House In The Country Day 2

Well its 6 am Saturday morning. Wanted to get up early to get some alone time with my coffee and kindle. The sun will be coming up just as I start getting in my lounge chair by the lake. I have decided that for the rest of the summer I will not wear any panties, not that I wear them often as it is. I usually go commando. After the sights of last night I have been feeling frisky and decided I am going to be in a teasing mood this weekend. Wearing a fun light sundress I knew it was going to be a windy day and I can already feel it starting to blow. I'm sitting watching the sun rise listening to the sounds of the birds and loving the peacefulness. The wind blowing my dress up in the front exposing my pussy to the warm glow of the sun started getting me a little horny. Reaching over with my hand I started to rub across my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet with each stroke. Getting excited like this is nothing new I do this quite often by the lake but usually don't have company staying over the weekend when I do. But I knew I was going to have a very exciting time flashing. Thinking about different ways to tease and rub myself was getting me real hot. Knowing no one would be up yet, I slipped my dress off. When I went to lay it across the chair, another thought hit me to walk to a tree that was about 35 ft away and hang the dress there. Now if someone does happen to get up early I would have to go get it and be seen before I could reach it. After doing that I went back to lay on the lounge chair. I started to feel myself off pinching my nipples and sliding my hands from nipples to pussy, slide my finger in and rub my clit. I really wanted to get caught and the more I thought about it the more turned on I got . After 20 minutes of playing with myself I couldn't hold back and had a great orgasm. Still no one came out, Damn. Oh well I still had other plans. I stayed out for over an hour laying naked and no one came out. I knew hubby would be getting up soon so I put my dress back on and went to house and started making breakfast. The smell of bacon always gets everyone up and one by one they started filing in. We are kissers so as each of them entered the kitchen to say good morning they come and give me kisses. Of course when Danny comes in he always hugs and kisses. I saw he also noticed my dress and told me I looked nice. And as he was saying that, his eyes were glued to my breast that were pushing against my dress outlining my nipples. He is such a horn dog but I just love him lol. I said thank you sweety and was thinking this is going to be a fun day. He is a pretty smart boy. He knows where to sit or stand or whatever to try and get an upskirt shot or down blouse or anything from me. But I am not stupid and know all the tricks guys try lol. He sat where he could watch me and hope to get a shot and I decided to go ahead and let the teasing begin. Still cooking and looking for things I would bend over just enough to where he could see my boobs but not nipple. Do that a few times then reach up in a cabinet just enough to see I wasn't wearing panties. When he saw that, he put his napkin in his lap hehe. I was smiling to myself and thinking of what I could do through out the day. They all finished eating and I cleaned up the kitchen as they all got ready for the day. Girls in bikini's boys in swimming trunks and out the door they went. Hubby and I cleaned the bedrooms, he took the girls rooms and I the boys. I can imagine what he is doing, fondling sniffing and probably tasting their undies. After cleaning we went to join the k**s. Just as we got to the k**s, Brent's phone rang it was a friend of his named John who has been over many times wanting to know if it was ok for him to bring his 4 wheeler over to ride. He is 16 and has a pickup and is a very good k** so I said it was ok. He showed up about 30 minutes later unloaded his 4 wheeler and came racing around back to where we were. Its so funny to watch how cool they think they are lol. He came walking up to me and I said, oh your such a stud. Blushing a little he said I know and then I gave him a kiss like everyone else. He and the other boys went off on the bikes while the rest of us stayed . They were gone until lunch and they came back covered in dirt. I told them to wash off and I will make sandwiches for lunch. They went running to the pool and jumped in. The girls got out of lake and also jumped in. I made the lunch and took it to a table by the pool. As I was laying everything out forgetting for a few minutes the boys could see under my dress while they are in the pool. I turned to tell everyone come eat and Brent Danny and John were at the edge trying to peek. This dress is working better than I thought. David was with the girls. They all got out dried off and sat down to eat. I went inside the house to get drinks and Susan came in to help. As we were getting drinks she told me the boys were trying to look up my dress. I told her I knew and all boys do that but they cant really see anything. Then she surprised me saying "but you don't have any underwear on" I asked how do you know and she told me when I am in the shade they can see through it enough to tell. Then I asked if they could see my vjj. Not really she says its just you can tell you are naked under it.Well your right I am naked under it but I didn't know you could see through it. I'll change in a little bit. No you don't have to I just wanted to tell you. Ok sweety ty we'll see. But I need you to keep an eye on them she said ok .We took the drinks out and I headed to the guest house. one of the walls is mirrored so I wanted to see how transparent this dress really is. while I stood in front of it you really cant see through except when there is a lot of light behind me you can almost see lip. But then I stood where the sun rays coming through the window and hits the floor with the floor light shining up, you can really tell which started me back to getting excited. Then the door opened and it was Susan. She saw me looking in mirror asked me if I could see. I said over here you cant really see and she was looking also and said no not really then I moved to a different place and said here I can almost see and your right you can tell I am naked. I moved again and said when I stand here, she blurts out "I see everything" I moved back a little blushed and she asked if I shaved. No sweety I had a treatment that removes hair permanently. Why? she asked, Well Jack (husband) and I agree'd when we got married that if I have the lazer treatment he would keep his shaved plus we love the way it looks and feels.But when I was your age I wanted hair. Yeah I know she said I am getting some now. Oh good for you , I know you like that. I remember when I started getting hair but then I kept getting more and more then had to use scissors to trim for my bikini .Really? so you think I will get a lot? yes I'm sure you will. She says mom has a lot you cant see her jj. I like the way yours looks better.Well when you get older you will make up your own mind. Let's go back outside. We went back to the pool to join the others. Everyone was sitting in chairs eating lunch. I went back to the house to get me a glass of tea then came back out and sat under one of the umbrella tables . The boys had jumped back in the pool and Danny yelled out to me to get in. I told him maybe in a little bit because I don't have a suit on. They went back to playing and then I remembered my husband cut the lining out of several of my bikini's because he is a perv lol. The ones with prints didn't show much but when they got wet they looked like they were painted on the way they stick to me. The white ones however did show much more. Not only did they stick, they just about became transparent. He loves showing me off and I actually like it also. But which one should I wear? I didn't want to show to much to soon so I decided one of the prints. I finished my tea and headed to the house for more and to put my suit on. It is a brazil cut with string sides and the top covered most of my breast.As I walked to the edge of the pool, everyone was watching me. Susan told me she wished she had a bikini like mine and it was pretty and looked great on me. I thanked her and told her I have a bunch of them I don't wear anymore if she wanted them since it looked like we were the same size except I'm not sure about the tops but we might be able to fix or miss match them for you. Really? I said sure we can go through them tonight. Great thank you! I sat on the edge of the pool with my legs in the water. Since it was so hot outside, the water felt a little cold. I let my legs get use to the temperature then got up and walked over to the steps to get in gradually. I was on the second step when Danny came up behind me and pushed me in gasping a little when I went in. The water felt real cold and when I stood up my nipples were hard and poking through my top. Brushing the water from my face, all eyes were staring at my nipples. I said wow the water is cold and Brent said just wait it will feel warm in a cpl minutes. I slowly walked toward the deep end until the water was up to my neck. The water did start feeling warmer but my nipples still stayed hard. I started floating on my back just relaxing when all of a sudden water was splashing all around me . The boys were attacking me wit the splashing so I attacked back. I couldn't see with all the splashing so I just kept turning and splashing back. Then I started getting too much water in my face and sucked some in and started coughing. By that time we were in the deep end and I couldn't touch bottom and had a hard time staying up. Danny and John came to my rescue. Their hands were holding me up as they swam me to the shallow end. I doubt they meant for that to happen but it sure gave them a reason to grab on me. I don't know who was doing what but I was felt up pretty good. I didn't say anything except thank you and then sat on the steps to catch my breath. Jessica came over and asked if I was ok and I said sure I'm fine just a little too much water. She asked if I wanted a towel and I said no I was going to get out and sit down for a minute. I got out grabbed a towel wiped my face and saw all three boys at the edge looking up at me and asking if I was ok. Yes I'm fine I told them I just need to breathe they all said they were sorry. I was drying my hair when I glanced down to check my bottoms and they were sucked to my jj. You could see every nook as it was formed to the shape. The boys were just staring but I acted as if I didn't see them as I was drying off. I dried my back as I was facing them and turned around to the table and slowly dried my tummy and wiped down each leg to my feet not bending my knees at all. They were getting a great view of my ass and I'm sure my jj with the suit clinging to me the way it was. I layed back on the lounge chair facing right at the pool. With my sunglasses on, they couldn't tell where I was looking and they moved away from the edge of the pool. I couldn't tell if any of them got hard watching me dry off so I had to wait until they got out. A few minutes later, John got out and sat on the edge of the pool to the left of me. He turned and asked me if I wanted to ride the 4 wheeler. I told him no thanks that's more for you boys. He yelled out to Brent and Danny to get out and go ride the 4 wheelers.They got out and were drying off to the right of me about 5 ft away. Now and then I could tell they were looking at my crotch ass they dried off. I decided this was a good time to adjust my bikini bottom. With both hands I slid a finger on both sides where it covered my jj and lifted it up just enough so they could see I was bald. Then lifted the top of it a little also making adjustments. Danny was quick to notice and it looked like he was getting hard but then he wrapped the towel around his waist hehe. As they were walking away I looked over at hubby and he had a big smile on his face as he watched the whole thing. He turned his chair towards me a little and he had a bulge sticking up. What he didn't know is while he was showing me his bulge,I said don't turn your head. why? he asked. Because all 3 girls are looking at it. Really? I said oh yes then he started clinching and you could see it move up and down a little. He was asking what they were doing . I told him they keep turning to each other saying things. I could tell he was loving this then he said its in a bad position and is hurting. I couldn't help myself and started laughing. He kept saying its not funny so I said then adjust it. Now? he asked I said yes . He wanted to know if they were still looking and told him yes. I said just stick your hand in and move it. So he put his hand in and fixed it where it wasn't balled up. He slid his shaft to one side and now you can see more of the length. The girls were definitely talking about it and reading their lips I could see them saying look how big it is and Jessica was using her hands showing them its like this big. He was starting to panic asking me what he should do now. I said just lay back like nothing is going on. I'll go get you a beer. As I got up the girls started playing again. By the time I got back he was back to normal. I handed him the beer and said I thought I was the bad one lol.We layed out for most the day and I had enough sun for the day. As I was walking to the house, Danny was going in also. I wrapped my arm around him as we walked and was asking if he was having fun. He said yes I just love it here but I am hot and going to take a shower. I said me too so we walked in and he went to his bathroom and I went to mine. After I showered I was trying to figure out what I was going to wear. It was just 5:30 PM so I couldn't wear what I am thinking of wearing until dark so I just slipped on a T-shirt that was long enough to cover everything. I walked in the living room and he was sitting on the couch with his back to me. I came up from behind and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek telling him I just love it when your here and your just so cute. He always turns red when I say that. I asked if he needed anything and asked for a soda. As I walked into the kitchen he followed me. Knowing he was in there with me I knew I had a great opportunity to give a little flash. The sodas were in the bottom cabinet so I bent down with my knees bent feeling my shirt riding up exposing my bare ass I reached to the back of the cabinet and could feel the bottom of my shirt at my belt line. My heart was pounding knowing he could see I wore no panties. Pulled out the soda and set it on the counter. I opened the top cabinet and turned my body so he would be able to see my frontal area as I reached to the highest shelf to get a tall glass and felt my shirt was up to my belly button. I took a little longer than needed but I wanted him to see how smooth I was. I wasn't turned enough for a full frontal but he was definitely able to see the curvature and partial lip. Then I went to the bottom freezer to fill glass with ice and this time I didn't bend my knees as much. He wasn't directly behind me but as I was putting ice in I saw he was moving wanting to get a better view.. I turned around and handed him the glass like nothing unusual happened said here you go sweety and again slightly bent over and shut the freezer drawer. He had a shocked look on his face and couldn't say a word lol. With no time for him to turn away I saw he had a nice bulge. I went to the back door and yelled out to the girls its time to get out. They went to the guest house and got all cleaned up. Brent and John finally came in and were covered in dirt .I told them to jump in the pool to get the dirt off and take a shower. Hubby also came in to shower. I went in to tell him what I did and as I was describing it to him he was getting very hard. He was telling me that makes him horny listening to me and I lifted my shirt reached down and slid my finger over my pussy and said "you think your horny?" look how wet I am! He asked if I was going to do anything else and I said probably lol. Finally everyone was clean and winding down watching tv. As I walked in to tell them we are having pizza tonight I could feel all 3 boys eyes staring through me lol. I knew Danny had to have told them. I told everyone let me know what you want on them. I ordered around 7 PM and since we live in the country we have to go pick it up. I sent hubby to go get them. I had the k**s pick out a movie to watch while we ate. They all picked Avatar. I have seen it but didn't mind watching again. Hubby got back just about 8 PM. I put paper plates out and glasses and told them where the drinks were and to serve themselves . The boys had a sad look on their face when I said that. Little did they know the night has just begun.
Everyone was pretty much settled in eating and the movie was going. The k**s were really getting into the movie and had finished eating. I started picking up all the paper plates. We have a big L shaped couch with 2 end tables. The boys were sitting on the couch along with me at one end next to Jack's recliner and the girls were on the floor along with David in front of the huge tv mounted on the wall. There were plates on the tables and floor.As soon as I stood up, the boys were watching my every move. I leaned over to hubby and gave him a nice kiss knowing a little part of my ass would show. I didn't want to show too much too soon so I did more of a nice tease. After the kiss and still in the same position I slightly lean to pick up plates on the end table next to Jack. Then walking in front of the boys I went to the other end table with my back to them lean over and gave them another tease not really showing. Next I decided since I was in front of the tv next to the girls and facing the boys I leaned over to expose my breast as I picked up the plates. With the tv behind me they would be able to get a nice view. I went to kitchen to throw plates in the trash. While in there I decided I needed some wine. Usually Jack opens the bottles but he was enjoying the movie and watching the boys. So As I was popping the cork, I jerked a little too hard and spilled some on my shirt. That wasn't planned but worked out perfect. I asked hubby if he wanted a glass and with a yes I poured him one and handed it to him. He saw the wine on my shirt and laughed a little.The boys laughed as well. I said I'll be back I'm going to change and all of a sudden the boys were looking sad again. As I was going to my bedroom I turned off the main overhead lights but left a cpl of lamps on. It was darker but not to where you couldn't see. I was going to put on a very sexy night gown that I thought of earlier but when I looked at myself in the mirror, I decided it was way to sheer. I want to flash but I also want them to want more lol. I pulled out another one that was black and not as sexy but still very short and fairly see through. While doing that I downed my glass of wine. Wine makes me extremely wet so I wanted to get started. With the gown on I went directly to kitchen to poor another glass. You can see the kitchen from living room and when I turned on the light I looked up and everyone was looking at what I was wearing. With glass in hand I shut kitchen light off and went to sit in my place. Before I sat I saw the girls glasses were empty and asked if they wanted more juice. I stood in front of them with the tv behind me and asked them to hand me the glasses. For a second they looked in my eyes as they were handing them up and then all eyes were looking up my gown and David being the youngest pointed up to my jj saying I can see. I told him then don't look. Then went to fill the glasses up and hubby followed me to fill his glass. He couldn't believe I was brave enough to wear this gown. He also told me when I was in front of tv he could see my outline very well even the shape of my pussy. Really? oh yes you can see through it. With this kitchen light on I an see your hard nipples then he reached out and pinched them. I gave a soft moan. I grabbed his hand and slid it to my pussy and he said "damn your wet as shit". Now you know why I opened the wine hehe. So what are you going to do now he asked. I am going to sit and watch the movie. That's it? No I am going to drink more wine and you know how I get when I am tipsy. He smiled and said don't go too far like you do with our friends. What he meant by that is I become real flirty and sometimes even grab crotches feeling for hard cock. I said I wont do that, just going to flash. I sat on the couch with my knees tucked in not revealing anything except you can see my nipples were hard. Every movement I made, the boys would look to see if anything was showing. I made many movements just to keep them alert. Half way through the movie I got up and poured my third or maybe fourth glass of wine. I was feeling real good and started loosing count. When I sat back down I sat long ways with my feet almost touching Danny.I sat that way for a good 15 minutes then rolled on my left side facing the tv. I could feel a little breeze on my ass so I figured a little bit was showing. There was a light on behind Danny and John that was helping them be able to see up my gown. I would glance now and then to see if any bulges were present. It was a little hard to tell but It looked like Danny had a little bulge but couldn't tell with John since he was on the other side of Danny. Then Danny got up and went to bathroom and that gave John a better view. Knowing he wasn't getting as good a look as Danny I bent my right knee up for a different position. I know at this point I was showing most of my bare ass. Then I reached to get my glass and felt my gown slide to my waist. Took a drink then set it back down. When I turned to look,John was staring at my ass and he saw me looking at him. I looked down to my ass and said oops then slid my gown back down to cover. Then looked at his crotch and he definitely had a hard on. He saw me looking so I just smiled and turned to watch movie. Danny returned and sat down but he was a little closer and my foot could touch his leg. As he got comfortable he laid his arm across my ankle. Another thought came over me, I asked him to rub my feet. Knowing he looks for any opportunity to touch me, he would love to.He turned a little reached out and started touching my right foot. The feeling of his hands were getting me turned on. He looked like he was in an uncomfortable position so I layed on my back facing him and slid down a little. My gown rode up but I didn't want to show him too much yet so I reached down and pulled it back down to cover my pussy. Although its covered now, he already got a clear view for a cpl of seconds. He was doing a great job rubbing my foot as I looked at him I noticed something was different, he no longer had just a bulge, I remembered he went to bathroom. He was wearing the same shorts but now I could tell he took his undies off and was commando. My head was spinning knowing he wanted me to be able to see him with a hard on. I could see John and he also was hard. Brent was on the other part of the couch and could see what was going on so he slid over closer to John . The girls and David were into the movie and didn't know anything was happening behind them. I layed back on my left side watching tv knowing some of my ass was visible.As time flew by I noticed the movie was almost over and I had just a cpl minutes left to flash. I pulled my right leg up toward my chest feeling my gown sliding past my hips. I know I was completely showing everything including my pussy from a rear view. I stayed that way for at least 3 minutes then I could feel a little of my juices slide down my left ass cheek as I clinched my legs together. Still watching the movie I reached down with my right hand to wipe it from my cheek then I touched myself feeling how wet I was. I wasn't watching them but knew they were watching me as I took my wet finger and touched my thumb and swirled allowing them to see my finger was wet. I wanted to do more but the movie ended. I was ready for a good fucking from hubby by now and then Susan asked about the bikini's. Damn I forgot I told her we could go through them tonight. I Told her I will get them together and take them to the guest house. The girls went to the guest house as I gathered all the bikini's. When I entered the living room, there was no one in there. I headed to the guest house and could see all the k**s were there on the bottom floor playing pool and foosball. Just before I entered I heard a hiss, looked over and saw hubby naked holding his cock saying he has something for me. We went around the corner out of sight . I leaned over and took it in my mouth getting it all nice and wet then turned around and he slid into me with ease because I was so wet. You could hear the suction as he pumped in and out and in no time at all I was cumming. I wanted him to wait until a little later before he shot his load but he was as horny as me and rammed in hard shooting deep in me filling my pussy. As we caught our breath I could feel globs of his cum sliding out landing on the inside of my legs and on the ground. I squatted down to let his cum fall out and to pee,at the same time I licked his cock clean. I love the way pussy taste but unfortunately I don't get to be with other women often so most times I am tasting my own juices. Not that I am complaining lol. Anyway's, most of his cum fell out so I told him I was going to see if Susan and the other girls wanted to try on these bikini's. He said you know where I will be and I am staying naked while I watch yall just so you know. I walked in with my arms full of bikini's and told the girls lets go upstairs to your room. The spiral stairs are near the foosball table and Susan and Brianna ran up before me leaving Jessica the last one up. As I was halfway up I could see the boys gathered around it getting a peek. As I looked down I saw Jessica watching the boys looking up and also looking up to see what they were seeing as she started to follow. I could hear John telling Brent he is so fucking lucky to have a step mom like me hehe. When I entered the room I threw the bikini's on a bed and Jessica shut the door behind her. They all started going through the bikini's and matched the tops with bottoms. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for me to sit on in case of accidental seepage. I layed it on the other bed and sat on it with my legs crossed as they were picking out suits they wanted to try. Susan took one and ran to the bathroom to try it on. I thought they would try them on in here but I guess they were a little shy. They all put one on and we were looking them over. Susan had a nice one on but the top was still too big and Brianna had the same problem but Jessica had on one that fit very nice. She is a little more filled out so most of the suits would work for her. Seeing I brought one of my favorite ones I went over to pick it up telling them this one has always been one of my favorites. Susan asked me to put it on. I was thinking here is my chance to show them its ok to change in front of each other and hoped they will be less shy. Without hesitation, I pulled the straps from my shoulders and let the gown fall to the floor. My nipples were hard and could feel my pussy was excited as I stood naked watching their eyes looking at every part of me. I reached down and grabbed the bottoms and slid them on making slight adjustments. Then picked up the top and slid it over my breast tucking them in after tying the back. I walked over too the full length mirror on the back of the door made final adjustments and asked them how it looks. They all said it looks great on me and Susan asked why I want to give it away. I just told her I have so many more I don't need all of them. I looked over at the bikini's on the bed and said you know I don't always wear the matching set. They were asking what I meant so as I slid the bottoms down I could feel it was a little sticky so I looked inside them before I set it back on the bed and more of Jack's cum had come out. I should have kept them but I started wondering if any of them will notice as I place them on the bed then grabbed a different bottom but instead of putting it on I held it in place just to show what I meant. I then removed the top and set it on the bed. Now that I am naked I started miss matching the suits on the bed and picked a nice one out with a smaller top for Susan. I held up the top and slightly pushed it up against her breast and said yes this one will fit. I said take that suit off and try this one. She grabbed it and was going to the bathroom and I told her its ok to change in here we are all girls.to my surprise she set the bikini on the bed and took off the one she had on. Finally one of them was standing naked next to me. I asked her to let me look her over because she had a beautiful body. She took a cpl of steps away from me. Knowing hubby was watching us through the huge window without blinds I asked her to turn around so I could see everything. Her breast were nice small A cup with precious little pink nipples that were hard but didn't stick out very far. She has a perfect shaped body with a perfect young ass that sticks out. Her pussy was smooth with a few small hairs beginning to show. Her lips are small with a slight hint of her clit. After she turned I told her she had a beautiful body and she should be proud. She thanked me for saying that and reached for the bikini to try on. I walked to the bed and sat on the towel still naked with my legs over the edge and my arms behind me holding me up.Just as I got comfortable, Jessica and Brianna were taking their bikini's off. Brianna had gotten naked first and her body was almost identical to Susan but you could see more hair on her pussy but she was also dark haired. Susan and Jessica are both blondes. Jessica stripped and she had nice breast. They were still A cup but much more formed They were very perky and she also had pretty pink nipples but stuck out more than Susan. She was about 2 inches taller than the other 2 and had the perfect cheerleader body. She had more hair on her pussy than the others but being blonde you could see her smooth lips and beautiful clit that looks a little swollen. Looking at them was getting me very wet. I slid back on the bed with my knees bent and my legs open so when they look they will see I am wet and maybe will ask questions. As they were moving around I watched them as they looked at my pussy. Susan seemed to be the less shy one so I just waited to see if she would ask anything. Every time they were looking away I would quickly rub my clit making me extremely horny and wetter. I could feel my juices sliding to my ass crack and I would reach down and smear it around my pussy so it would shine. Jessica was standing closest to me and each time she turned to ask what I thought of the bikini's she tried, she would look hard at my pussy. Since they all can see I am wet I reached down and parted open my lips showing my pink inside. The next time Susan looked, she froze just staring at it and looking me in the eyes and back to my pussy. Jessica saw Susan looking and she turned around and also saw my lips were open and saw I was flowing out some juices just as she was pulling up the bottoms I had on and a cpl of seconds later she felt they were wet. She had a strange look as she was taking them off. Then I watched her looking in them and touching. Then she touched herself feeling the slick from the bottoms. Little did she know it was Jack's cum. So now I get to tell him Jessica had his come on her pussy. She evidently knows what an orgasm is and she straight out asked if I was having an orgasm. Brianna turned and looked as soon as she heard that. I leaned up and looked at my pussy and saw not only was I flowing a little ,Jack's cum was also coming out. I told her I was having a little one . The wine I had makes me get wet. She told me she gets wet only when she rubs it. As they were all looking between my legs I told Jessica I get real wet when I rub and that's when I have a big orgasm. Then Brianna asked me if I started rubbing it now I would have an orgasm? I said yes I could. Then Susan asked what happens when you have one? I just told her its one of the best feelings a girl can have. When I have one my toes curl I tense up and feel wave after wave of super tingles in my body and then my juices flow out of me. Really? oh yes really! I asked them if they have ever had a real good feeling on their jj while sl**ping and it woke them up. All 3 said yes and I told them that was an orgasm that happens sometimes when you are asl**p and you are rubbing with your hand or sometimes just rubbing the sheets will do it. Jessica said she rubs herself and has them but she looked at my pussy and said it doesn't come out like that. I told her some girls just get wet and some like me get super wet and it will come out. At this point I knew I could easily go too far so I stood back up and told them they can keep any bikini's they wanted and walked over and put my gown back on. I told them I am going back to the house. Walking out of their room I closed the door went to the edge of the balcony to see where the boys were. They were playing pool then looked up and saw I was about to go back down. As I started down the stairs I heard one of the cue balls rolling on the floor and saw John going to pick it up as it rolled towards the stairs. My feet were about even with his head as he got the ball and looked up. I stayed there as I told them to be careful not to hit the balls so hard because it could break a window. That gave John plenty of time to get a good upskirt shot and also made my nipples hard. When I got down I went to the pool table to ask what they were going to do knowing the light would allow them to see my nipples. Their eyes looking hard at my breast was exciting and I started getting horny. I have no idea what they were saying because I was picturing myself laying naked on the table with their hand rubbing all over me. Ok back to reality, I told them not to stay up too late and headed to house. Hubby was in the living room waiting for me. He told me that was beautiful the way I got the girls to get naked together. I told him he had no idea how hot I was getting looking at their beautiful bodies. Told him I was wet as hell and Jessica even asked if I was having an orgasm. No Way! I said yes she did and then they asked about orgasms and Jessica said she rubs herself. And to top it off, that bikini you saw me put on leaked your cum into the bottoms and Jessica put them on not knowing so she has your cum on her pussy. She even touched her pussy feeling it. He got an instant hardon listening to me and then asked if I thought they would try to rub tonight. I have no idea and guess its possible. Oh and I left the towel I was sitting on,with my cum and yours on the bed. He couldn't stand it and started back outside just as the Danny was coming in. I asked where the other 2 were and he told me still playing pool. Then asked if he was ok which he said yes he wanted to watch tv and how he couldn't hear the tv in the pool room because they were loud. I said ok sweety and went to kitchen to finish off the wine. I yelled out to him asking if he wanted a drink and he said yes. He didn't come in the kitchen as he usually does so I made the drink and when I went into the living room, he was sitting on the floor with his back against the couch. I stood in front of him handing him his drink as I watched his eyes looking up my gown. I let him get a good view as I asked if he needed anything else and he said no. I went back to the kitchen to get my drink and thinking of another way to flash. I just figured I would sit on the couch and get in different positions. Went to set my glass on the end table and bent over with my ass towards him. As I was going to sit down I saw the girls left their glasses on the floor from earlier. I was thinking now is a good time to try to give him a view of my breast. Thinking the front of my gown would hang low enough to show I bent over and pickup one of the glasses and looked down seeing that it wasn't hanging low enough. So I knew I would have to think of something else later. I reached down for the second glass and felt my gown sliding on my ass but I was facing him so he couldn't see anything but gave me an idea. standing sideways I bent way over to pick up the third glass and sure enough my gown slid all the way to my neck exposing my breast completely. while I was exposed I reached over for the last glass left by David giving Danny a longer view. When I stood back up the lace at the bottom of my gown caught on my hair clip leaving me exposed. With my hands holding the glasses I was helpless. I went back to the kitchen set the glasses down and fixed my gown. When I went back to the couch I told Danny I am so sorry that happened and he said its ok. He had his legs straight as he sat and I could see his dick sticking up pushing on the shorts. When I sat down he stood up to go to the bathroom allowing me to see he was rock hard as he walked away. I was smiling at myself thinking I did good. while he was gone I layed back on the couch put a little hand towel that was on the end table under me. My heart was racing as I pulled my gown up over my chest and started playing with my nipples and running my hands down my body to my pussy. I knew I would be able to hear when he comes in so I rubbed myself thinking of his hard cock. I hoped I would be able to get in a good orgasm before he returned. I was going at myself fast and furious while keeping my eye on the hallway he would come out of. As I started bucking just before the peak of orgasm I heard the door opening and he was going to walk around the corner in a second. I pushed my gown down but was already having an orgasm and let out a loud OHHHH as he came in . I got up went to my room and thought about what I just did. I know I'm loosing control and have to slow down. I went out the back door and met up with hubby on the hill. I told him what happened and his hard cock from watching the girls was getting bigger. He told me he saw al 3 of them looking hard at that towel, sniffed it and put their finger on it to feel the slickness and then wiped it off. I said "so that means they were playing with your cum baby" he couldn't take anymore stood up and stuck his cock in my mouth pumping in and out as he held the back of my head. I felt the first wave hitting the back of my throat then filling my mouth and finished off cumming on my face. I looked up at him and pushed some out with my tongue letting it slide down my face and neck and swallowed the rest. He put his shorts back on and helped me to my feet and I gave him a good cum covered french kiss. We walked to the front of the guest house and in the light you can see the cum on my face and my black gown where it dripped off my face. Jack opened the door and told the boys not to stay up too much longer. As he shut the door, I pushed it open . I wanted to tell the girls its late so I walked over close to the boys so they could see my face and gown covered in cum as I yelled up to the girls. They knew what it was and had stunned looks. I smiled at them licked my lips and said good night.
Day 3 soon!

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2 years ago
Ooooh, these devious voyueristic parents, their sons and daughter and the kid's friends, make for some volatile experiences, especially wih the parents leading, cajoling, exposing and flaunting!
2 years ago
This was so awesome thinking of this sexy hot time it would have been for me
2 years ago
What perverts! Loved aevery line you wrote! Part 3 please!!!!
2 years ago
3 years ago