Decorating the Xmas tree

16 yrs ago I married my husband who had a 5 yr old boy Brent. A yr after we married we had a boy David. We live on a farm about 6 miles outside town. We have a small lake we can swim in take the row boat out or the paddle boat. It is very peaceful and I like to lay out naked when k**s go to school and early mornings on the weekends before they wake up. Lately I have enjoyed sitting out there with hubby while drinking wine in the late evenings. We usually get frisky with the wine and we get an excitement of feeling naughty in the open air even though no one can see us its the thought of it.
When Brent was 14 he had lots of friends and just about every other weekend one or 2 of them would stay overnight. One of the boys Danny would stay the most and it seemed he had a little crush on me. I am 5' 4 100 pounds and I do workout so I guess you can say I'm hot lol. Danny is a little cutie he just loves to be around me. I think he is a doll so I like having him there. But he was at times a handful, I usually wore a skirt or sun dress or short shorts and I would catch him trying to get a peek. He sure seemed interested in the female body even more than Brent.
the first time I knew they were really into women was during Xmas. I was standing on a ladder decorating the tree when Brent and Danny and David came in to help. I was wearing one of my husbands t shirts which is long on me and had panties on but no bra. They would hand be some Xmas ornaments and I would put them on the tree. All was fine until I had to get higher than their heads. That's when I first caught Danny looking up my shirt. he noticed I caught him and tried like hell not to look anymore but that wasn't going to happen. As I was trying not to let him see to much I failed to notice Brent was on the other side just staring up my shirt. since I was trying to keep Danny from seeing to much Brent was getting a good full shot and I know he has to been able to see my bare tits. Seeing them checking me out had caused my nipples to get hard and as my nipples rubbed against the shirt they became very tender. I decided it was time to stop for the evening so I got down from the ladder turned to tell Brent to put the ladder away and both of them noticed my hard nipples and couldn't look away from them. I was feeling both flattered and embarrassed but I didn't say anything and went to my bedroom. I looked in the mirror and saw what they were able to see and knew it was more than they ever had seen before. Not only could you see my nipples, the shirt was almost thin enough to see all of my tits and panties. Then I was getting turned on knowing they had seen my tits and panties. When my husband got home he was getting ready to shower while I was telling him about it and he started to get hard. I jumped in the shower with him and we had a little playing fun with each other and he said he wished he could have seen them looking. He asked if I finished the tree and I said no so he asked me if I would do it the next night. I would be way to nervous to do it now that I know they are looking so he said lets have a bottle of wine before you get back to the tree. He knows I get horny drinking wine and I also become carefree.
The next evening after dinner hubby and I sat on the back porch drinking the wine. I could see his mind going a hundred miles an hour and knew he was going to have some suggestions. He evidently had some wild thoughts because he opened another bottle so I would get d***k.He was telling me the boys were probably going to jerk off after tonight and started describing what a boy would be thinking while peeking which was getting me hot and wet. He went into the house then came back with a t shirt that was smaller than the other one and a pair of my see through panties. As I got up to go inside to put them on he stopped me and told me to do it right here. I was excited and even more so knowing I could be seen if anyone looked out the window. I took off my shirt and then my bra and was going to put on his shirt when he said not until I took off my shirts . I slid down my Sweats and gave him a slow show . He was really turned on and had his hand in his pants playing with his dick while I stripped . He then told me to take off my panties. There I was standing completely naked on the back porch just 10 feet from where the boys were watching tv. It was cold and my nipples were rock hard. He then handed me the see through panties to put on and then the shirt. I was so horny at that point all I wanted was to have his cock. I grabbed his sweats and yanked them down exposing his hardon . Bent down while he was sitting in chair and slid it into my mouth. I was really getting into it sliding my tongue all over it while rubbing my clit. I wanted to fuck him right there and then but he had to remind me of finishing the tree. So we composed ourselves enough to go back in. He went to get the ladder and while taking it to the living room he passed the boys room and asked if they wanted to help. They came in running before hubby put ladder in place. I could tell they were already noticing my shirt is shorter and they had excitement in their eyes. While we were getting things to put on tree, hubby went into the kitchen and in a position he could watch everything. As looked over at him I saw he had his camcorder and was filming which we never talked about but I cant wait to see the expressions on their faces. I got on the ladder and took a cpl of higher steps but not above their heads. They would hand me decorations and I would have to lean over a little to hang them and each time I did I could feel the bottom of my shirt ride up to where a little bit of panties showed. Each time they handed me a decoration they made me have to bend and reach and I could tell they were freaking out. Then I heard David say mom I can see your underware. I said that's ok they cover my butt and he giggled. As I started to take a cpl higher steps I lost my balance and before I fell off Danny had caught me with one hand on my ass feeling my panties and the other just below my tit. I thanked him for catching me and then they both said they wont let me fall. Danny had a look of love on his face as he pulled his hands away. As we went around the tree I kept having to get a little higher and at this point I was about even with their face and I could feel their breath hitting my ass and upper thighs as they were trying to smell my body. I could feel myself quiver knowing I am giving these boys a show. I became braver as the time past and I decided to really reach to hang an ornament, I took one of my legs off and stuck it straight out like a ballerina exposing a full open view of my panties I heard a whispered wow. That just about put me over the edge and I lost balance again but Brent grabbed me and as I twisted to plant my foot down, his face ended up planted in my crotch and I heard him sniff in deep. I thanked him for catching me. I had to get down for a few minutes so I went into kitchen and hubby was jerking himself telling me that's the best show he has ever seen . He handed me another glass of wine and told me about the looks on the k**s faces and he is the luckiest guy in the world to have me as his wife. Awww he is a sweety . As we drank we asked the k**s to start stringing the lights on the tree. So they went ahead and put them on and all that was left is a few more ornaments and some icicles and the star at top. I shouldn't have been climbing a ladder after 2 bottles of wine but at this point I didn't have a care in the world. As I started back up my foot missed the 3rd step and I fell to the floor on my back and was laughing hysterically. Not paying attention my knees were bent and legs apart as I was laughing the shirt was to my waist and my bald pussy was in full view through my wet see through panties. I couldn't stop laughing and each time I looked up I saw the boys eyes glued to my crotch. I felt so naughty but was d***k enough to not care . While they were helping me back up They both were staring down the front of my shirt getting a full view of my slightly sagging 34b tits which made my nipples harden. David said maybe I shouldn't get on the ladder but then Brent was telling David to shut up and he then reassured me he would catch me . So I started back up and was standing higher than their head. Brent plugged the lights in and it was like shining a flood light up my ass. I don't know what kind of view they had before but I bet they could see everything in detail now. I finally finished all except the star and icicles. I had to pee so I went to bathroom and noticed my panties were soaked and then had a thought. These panties aren't really covering anything anyway's so I slipped them off peed and went to kitchen. I told hubby I was going to do icicles and lifted my shirt showing I was naked.He kept saying thank you thank you. So I knew he was ok with the show I was about to give. My pussy wet and shining, I went back to the ladder grabbed some icicles went up to the step that had my ass just above eye view. When I bent over they both gasped,David had a curious look on his face as he saw I didn't have panty's on and couldn't stop looking. I stuck my ass out far enough to where they could have stuck their tongue out and licked my pussy from front to rear. I was giving them the shot of their life and each time I moved you could hear my sticky juices. I know they could definitely smell my juices because I could. I was then so horny I couldn't wait much longer. I made one last turn on the ladder with one leg on the high step and one on the lower step facing the boys and asked for the star.In that position they were getting a great frontal view of my lasered hairless pussy that had slightly opened in that position showing my pinkness. I could feel a bead of my juices slowly running down my leg. I looked down and saw they both had raging hardons as I was facing them . I was handed the star and I told them to hold on the ladder I turned towards the tree reached up as high as I could and leaning towards barely reaching the top when I fell into the top of the tree. I was in a position I could not get out of without help .I was holding on to the top of the tree and my legs were twisted on the ladder. I told them to move the ladder hold my legs and bring me down. As they slowly let me down my shirt was hung on a branch which was exposing my breast. They kept lowering me and I could feel hands between my legs and could feel them touching my pussy I was so turned on I accidentally moaned out loud . By the time the got me down my shirt was over my head and I was standing there completely nude with both of them feeling as much as they can . Again David says mom your naked ,I turn to him and said I know honey the tree caught my shirt its ok its just an accident. Finally it was over Brent got my shirt down handed it to me while his eyes were roaming all over me as if he were taking a mental picture. With shirt in my hand I went up to Brent gave him a hug allowing my breast to push against his chest he squeezed me a little closer and pushed his bulge on to my upper thigh .I gave him a kiss on the lips as I have always done except this time just slightly longer than the usual peck. I then turned to Danny and easily noticed his shorts had more than just a bulge, he must have pulled his dick out of his undies because it was stretching the front of his shorts about 6 inches and I could see the outline of his head with a little wet spot right at the tip. He didn't much wait for me to go hug him, he was walking toward me with open arms. As we hugged he pushed his hardon as close as he could to my pussy just able to feel it slide across my lips. It felt hot and I squeezed my legs together just to get a better feel. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer I was hot and sweat was gathering around my lips I reached out to kiss Danny the same way I did Brent and he surprised me by sticking his tongue in my mouth. I accidentally moaned as I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. It was only 3 seconds but wow I was ready to explode. Thank goodness David was more interested in the presents for the tree than what I was doing because I no more than took a cpl of steps towards my bedroom when I tensed up and started having an orgasm . As I walked away I tried holding back my moans but I know they had to have heard me and then started feeling my juices running down and saturating between my pussy and ass . I yelled to my husband saying bedroom NOW.
That was the beginning of our fun times .I do have some summer time adventures just waiting to be told.

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2 years ago
Take a HOT, horny momma, add a couple young virile, mid-teen males with raging hard-ons, and add an umpiring father, and you have a set-up for incestual love!! STEAMY!
3 years ago
Very naughty story indeed
We love it
3 years ago
Excellent story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Great Story
3 years ago
Awsome story
3 years ago
You naughty girl!
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
great story....i wish you are my wife....