Couples Night Out

Couples Night Out
We have a group of friends that we get together with all the time. Women are all in their 40's and the men in their early 50's. We all are in great shape and in fact I get carded when we go out. I am the one they call the Barbie because I wear very sexy clothing especially when it is warm. We have a nice club we go to that has many levels in it so lots or stairs to get and give good upskirt shots. Depending on my mood I may or may not wear panties. If I know I am going to drink a lot its best I wear them because of a little problem I have. Not that it really matters by the end of the night they usually come off anyways.Now the problem is when I drink wine I get very wet . I am not a squirter by any means but I can have a definite flow when aroused and when I am drinking it doesn't take much to get me going. I have had laser hair removal so I am as smooth as a baby and I also had vagina rejuvenation surgery that makes me look very young hehe. Two of the other 3 friends have also had the rejuvenation done and both of them look great also. How do I know you ask? well lets just say we know how to have fun lol.
Anyway's This is about one night we all decided to go to the club but one of the girls had bought all of us girls vibrating panties with wireless remotes. While getting ready I slipped them on and hit one of the patterns and to my surprised I really really liked them and new I was going to enjoy the night. I told hubby what we all did and handed him the remote. He was thrilled to know at any time he could hit the button and watch me squirm. I knew I was in trouble when II saw that devilish grin on his face. The only rule was not while I was eating I didn't want to choke or something. We all met at one of their houses for pre dinner drinks. The guys were hanging out at the friends bar while us girls were sitting around talking about having tried the panties. They seemed to have enjoyed a taste of what is to come and we were all excited. Then we looked at the guys and knew something was up. Just then I jumped up a little to a buzz between my legs. All the guys were watching my reaction and then one by one we all got a buzz so the guys can watch our reactions. We scorned them about the use of the remotes which made no difference to them. We had our drinks and headed off to the club. We had our dinner and were sitting around the table finishing our drinks. By this time I was finishing my 3rd glass of wine and feeling pretty good and then it hit me buzz buzz buzz I looked over at hubby and he was smiling ear to ear. While I was being assaulted by remote panties the private room we were in got quieter for a minute and the only sound you could hear is a vibrating sound. We found out when sitting the vibrator is louder when vibrating against the seat. That set the rest of the guys off to using their remotes and if anyone had come in would have heard a bunch of vibrating noise lol. Us girls scolded them again and they laughed as we headed towards the club. We got a table on the 2nd floor next to the railing overlooking dance floor which was the men's idea so we would have to go up and down to get to dance floor or bathrooms just so they can watch us give upskirt shots. I don't know when it happened but we found out much later that night the guys had switched the remotes so now its one of the friends controlling my panties and not hubby. we were having a great time during the night, we all got vibrated many times. I was dancing slow with hubby when all of a sudden mine started going off. I could feel myself getting very excited and kept pushing myself against hubby's leg making the sensation that much greater until I was wanting to have an orgasm then I told him to stop for a minute and that's when he told me he isn't controlling it. Now I was worried, who is controlling it and when is he going to turn it off? I wanted to scream and then it went off. I caught my breath and said I need to sit down.As we were going up the stairs I asked hubby who's he had and he said Reana. We sat down and he hit his remote and Reana jumped up and gave a stare at hubby knowing he had her's. My hubby has always had a crush on her. She was trying her best not to show she was getting aroused but hubby wanted to see her orgasm right there in her chair. We could see she was getting this panic look on her face and then she started rocking back and forth on her chair, grabbed a hold of the table closed her eyes and let out an oh yes yes yes and had an orgasm right there at our table. We all knew what just happens which made all of us horny as hell. We got more drinks and one of the guys asked me to dance. It was a fast song and we were having fun. Every now and then I felt the vibe come on which is not easy to fast dance when that happens. I still didn't know who had the remote to my panties and couldn't tell when he would turn them on. A slow song came on and I still wanted to dance so we were good friends it would be ok. As we were dancing the vibrator started going. I was trying my hardest not to show but the longer it stayed on the more aroused I became. Being as tipsy as I was I really had no control of my actions. I pulled him in tighter and started rubbing against his leg. I could feel the huge bulge in his pants as we danced tight. I reached up to whisper in his ear, my vibe is on and cant control myself and I am going to cum right now. He held me closer with his leg out enough for me to hump it like a dog. Just as I was cumming I reached down and grabbed the bulge and squeezed. He was hard as a rock and it felt huge. I had an extreme orgasm and as I was catching my breath I told him I came on your leg and you might have a wet spot. I then told him I get very wet and before he could say anything I grabbed his hand and stuck it a little above the inside of my knee and he could feel my juices sliding down. He was completely shocked and I felt his hand sliding up the juice flow until he touched my panties. He slid his finger over the vibe and cuffed his hand over my panties feeling how wet they are. The song ended and we went back to our table. I was telling the girls what just happened and they had told me they also had orgasms tonight. I had also told Reana that when I was dancing with her husband John and my vibe was on and I was starting to orgasm , I had grabbed his bulge and hoped she wasn't pissed, she said that really turned her on. I said me too and what I could feel it was the fattest I had ever felt. She laughed and said yes it is huge but also said that my hubby seemed to have a longer one but not as thick then told me she hoped I wouldnt be pissed also saying she had put her hand in his pants and grabbed it.. Being more than tipsy at this point I told her I would love to see his. she said it was ok with her but she wanted the same from my hubby. The other cpls aren't as wild as we are so we don't let them in on things like that. I asked her if she knew who had my remote she laughed and said her hubby. He told her he has always wanted to have sex with me and since we don't do that he wanted to know he got me off with a remote lol. I told her that my hubby has wanted to have sex with her forever also. We smiled bit our lips and said no we cant do that but sure is exciting thinking about it. Just then she had a look on her face and I put my hand on her leg and could feel the vibrator going. I looked up and saw my hubby smiling watching her every reaction. I could see she was really enjoying the feeling. She started rocking and I could see the sweat around her neck knowing she is going to orgasm. Even with everyone in the club she leaned back and stuck her hand in her panties and started rubbing along with the vibrator. We all were amazed to see her have an explosive orgasm right in her chair and everyone near us could see what she was doing. when she finished everyone started clapping and cheering. That's when the others said its time to leave. So we said our goodnights and as we walked to the car we asked John and Reana (the closer fun friends) if they wanted to come over for a nightcap since they only lived a block away and they said yes. We got to our house and the guys went to make drinks while Reana and I went to my bedroom to use bathroom and talk .While we were in their I told her I was going to change into something more comfy she protested saying that's not fair she doesn't have a change of clothes. I opened my closet and pointed to a section that was all lingerie and said take your pick. I love pink so I put on a pretty pink sheer teddy where the bottom barely covers my ass and she picked out a pretty light blue sheer teddy but since she is a little taller than me her ass didn't get covered much at all.She asked if I had one a little longer but I didn't and I told her it looked perfect and when my hubby see's you walk in wearing that he will have an instant hard on. We both walked in and the guys jaws dropped. They did not expect us to be dressed like that and they came over and started hugging and kissing us. I could feel me hubby was very hard so I am sure John was also. Reana and I sat on the sofa while they brought us the drinks. We knew we were going to be able to tease the hell out of the guys and have them begging by the end of the night or so we thought. We put music on and were just sitting around chatting and during this I am slowly showing more and more even though I have the panties on I would let my teddy ride up over my hip or spread my legs a little. Reana didn't have to do much since all her ass was showing with the panties but she would also leg her legs part more and more letting my hubby drool. Then as she was spread her panties started vibrating. Since it was much quieter here than in club you could easily hear it vibrate. She closed her legs trying to control the feeling but could not stop what was going to happen. You could hear the different patterns as my hubby controlled it. As he turned it up we could here the sloshing of her juices with the vibrations. Having no control she layed back spread her legs and started rubbing herself in front of all of us. I looked over at hubby and he had his pants unbuttoned and his hand in his pants playing with his dick. I motioned him closer and yanked his pants down allowing his dick to spring up. Reana couldn't take her eyes off of it she said its so long. That's all it took and hubby was naked in a second and stood right in front of her with remote in one hand and his dick in the other as she was masturbating. I could tell John was very hard and told him to come closer. As he came up to me I spread my legs and said I liked the way he got me off in the club and with that he turned on the remote. I was already very sensitive so it didn't take long for me to get going. I couldn't wait any longer and I reached up undid his pants and pulled them down. I leaned back up and found myself face to face with the thickest dick I have ever seen. It wasn't as long as hubby but my gosh it had to be 3 inches thick. I was so turned on watching John watch me getting off while I watched him jerking at me and watching Reana masturbating for my hubby as he was stroking for her. Without any warning Reana reached out and took my hubby's dick in her hands. She was talking dirty to him while she stroked on his shaft pulling it ever closer to her. She looked over at me and said she wanted to suck him and if it was ok. Of course I said and she pulled him close and engulfed all of him in one take. Now he has her vibe on max and you an hear her moan while slurping on my hubby's dick. Meanwhile I am flowing out and I know I will be making a mess soon so I told john to stop the remote a sec and went to get towels to sit on. while I was away I took my teddy and panties off and headed back in knowing John has never seen me naked only panty peeks. I walk in and John couldn't believe his eyes. I walked right back to the sofa he was still standing in front of where I was sitting. I leaned over to lay the towel down with my legs apart giving him the rear shot of a lifetime. Then handed Reana a towel and she sat up stripped completely nude. She layed the towel down on the floor and layed on her back with her legs wide open and started rubbing herself for my hubby while taking dirty to him. I heard her say she is thinking of a number and a second later my hubby was on top of her in a 69 eating her out like it was his last supper lol. I was now so turned on I couldn't stop my juices flowing and I wanted John's dick but I didn't want to stop watching my hubby and Reana. So I layed my towel down on floor at Reana's feet layed on my back and turned my head to watch my hubby's tongue slipping in and out of her. I grabbed my knees pulled them up to my chest and told John to start licking. He said he couldn't believe how wet I was and I told him to keep licking and I will show him a close up of me cumming. He was giving me a tonguing like I have never had before and I knew I was going to cum soon so I stopped him and told him to 69 me with me on top. I am finally going to touch him. He lays down and I straddle his face and could feel his tongue sliding around my clit. I reached down and put my hands around his thick shaft. I still cant believe how thick it is and wonder how does she take it in. I start stroking him feeling the heat of his shaft in my hands. I am mesmerized at it. I keep stroking feeling it pulsate and then seeing pre cum start. The more I stroked the more pre cum which was lubricating my hand. I couldn't handle it any longer and slid my lips over the head of his dick and started sucking out his pre cum. My hips were digging into his face sliding my pussy all over his lips and tongue. I knew I was going to start flowing and I tried my hardest to get his cock deep in my mouth but I could hardly open that wide and only managed to get almost a 3rd of it in. I started to cum and could hear John trying to gulp it all down. I was sucking him like a maniac and with no warning at all he exploded in my mouth. Spurt after spurt shot in my mouth filling my mouth so much I had to swallow some just to breath. I saw my hubby and Reana stop and watched as most of John's cum came sliding out of my mouth and down his shaft. My hubby was so excited watching someone else's cum in my mouth he reached over kissing me wanting to taste it also. Reana wanted some too so I leaned down and sucked off what was left on John which was a good mouthful and I kissed Reana pushing it in her mouth for her to swallow the rest. Hubby seemed to enjoy seeing that a lot and then he tensed up and started filling Reana's mouth. She sucked and sucked until he was empty then she opened her mouth to show all the cum and swallowed it in one gulp. We knew after this that we were going to have a lot more fun in the future.

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