Only in Georgia

This story is true and you probably will not believe it.
I was working at my friends new house and it was one of those days where almost everything went wrong. It was late and I was tired and feeling low. I decieded to stop off on my way home at my favorite bar and have a few drinks. I sat at the bar and ordered my regular Wild Turkey & coke. As I was finishing my first beverage a old employee of mine sat down beside me and asked If I could give her a ride home because her roommate stood her up. Sally was one of my best bartenders when a owned my one club. She is blonde, cute, young, 5 foot 3 and a super figure. We were just friends when she worked for me and I never made any advances to her.
As I was driving her home she commented that I was always a gentleman and felt safe being with me. She asked me why I never tried to hit on her. I replied that it is never a good idea to dip your pen in company ink because it always turns out bad news. When we got to her house she asked if I wanted to come in for a drink. I said sure, because I only got 1 drink at the bar and needed a couple more. She made us a couple of drinks and sat down to watch TV. She hands me the remote and said find what you like while I go change my clothes. I found Taxi Cab confessions on HBO and was alone for at least 15 - 20 minutes. She comes out wearing a short silk bathrobe, smelling fresh and sweet. I could not help to notice that all she was wearing was just the robe and nothing else underneath. She sits down across from me and puts her feet up on the coffee table and shows me a perfectly shaved pussy. I grabbed the TV remote and turned it off. She asked me if I saw any station I liked, and I replied I looking at the best show I have ever seen. I needed another drink and she wanted one also. When I came back she had the bathrobe untied with a tit showing and she is playing with herself. I sat back down in my chair and continued to watch. Then she asked me to come sit beside her, which I did in a heart beat. She grabbed my hand and used my hand to finger her pussy. She got very wet and wanted me to rub the inside of her legs. I got between her legs and doing exactly what she wanted. As she was getting ready to peak I told her she was not to Cum and to hold off as best she could. This got her even more aroused. I grabbed both of her hands and went down on that super sweet pussy of hers. Just as she was about to pop I stuck my finger up her ass and she came for about 3 to 4 minutes hard. I was so hard and excited myself I almost blew my wad in my jeans. After she wiped herself clean she told me that was the best orgasm she ever had. She said it's your turn and pulls my pants down to my knees and wants me to play with myself.
I'm already hard and ready to pop when she grabs both of my hands and goes down on me and sucks me dry. (yes it was the best blow job I ever had). Then after all this and we had another drink and she says she was a bad girl. Of course I said she was a very good girl. She lays across my lap and wants to be spanked. So I lightly spank her and she cums again and gets my jeans very wet. Wish I had pictures and a video because stuff like this seldoms happen, but I'll never forget.
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